Chapter One-Lies

Katara yawns as she walks into the living room of her hut. Sokka sit at a desk in the corner scribbling something on a piece of parchment, probably for Suki. Katara plops down on the couch still trying to fully wake. As she tucks her feet under her, she stretches with a grown. "Would you be quite? I'm trying to focus." Sokka snaps at his younger sister.

Katara rolls her eyes. "Sokka, you haven't seen Suki in over three years. How do you know that you guys are still a solid couple?" Katara asks, cringing as her brother turns to her with a furious look on his face.

"For your information Suki and I are as strong as ever." He says as his voice cracks.

Katara lets out a single laugh, "Oh really, then why haven't you proposed yet? I mean you are way over age, being twenty one and all." Katara states smugly, priding herself on her witty comeback.

Sokka just looks at her dumbfounded, and trying to come up with something better to say. "I-I just haven't found the time to ask her yet!" Sokka exclaims higher than usual. He turns around to face the parchment again, this time in a huff.

Just then Toph comes stomping in. She just woke up, and when she wakes up she is not pleasant. "How are you this morning?" Katara asks, trying to get Toph in a good mood.

However Katara's friendly gesture makes the seventeen year old Earthbender even grumpier. "Oh shush up Sugar Queen, nothing good ever happens in the morning." She says with her eyes fixed on Sokka, a slight frown shaping her lips.

"Ohhh, I see now." Katara states with a smile then turns her eyes to her nails. She's secretly known about Toph's liking for her brother for two years.

Toph flips her head towards Katara's general direction. "What's that supposed to mean?" Toph snaps as she places her hands her her hips.

"Oh nothing." Katara states then looks back up at Toph with a small smile.

Sokka then all of a sudden pops up out of his seat. His eyes lock with Katara's before he runs out of the room. Toph trails closely behind quickly, looking as if she had forgotten something. Katara's eyes knit in confusion. "Alright, that was odd." She says before she grabs a book from the floor and opens it to a marked page and begins to read.

"Surprise! Happy Twentieth Birthday Katara!" Voices beyond her book shout in unison. Katara is taken totally by surprise and screams. She jump and falls of the couch in a heap, her book falling open onto her face.

Katara retracts her leg that still lay on the cushions off the couch. She pulls the book off of her face and turns her head to the cluster of feet on her ground. Her gaze follows up and meets the eyes of all of her friends. Sokka and her father hold a banner that wishes her a happy birthday. Toph stands with a neutral look on her face. Zuko stand with his arm around Mia both smiling. Katara's eyes meet with silvery grey eyes. She smirks and feels herself blush slightly until her gaze is focused on the woman next to Aang, with her arms around his waist.

Katara balls up her fists, what is she doing here, I don't want her here. Katara thinks to herself She hates Aang's girlfriend. The girls dark hair is draped over her back. A fitting robe shows her form and a smug smile slips onto her face as she sees Katara's staring eyes. While she has Katara's attention, she goes up on her tiptoes and gives Aang a kiss on the cheek. Aang seems unfazed by it however; he is too captivated by Katara.

Slowly Katara rises taking all attention away from the happy couple not wanting to see any of it. Her face forms into a smile as she locks eyes with a sincere Sokka. His smile grows bigger. Then she shifts her eyes over to her father also recognizing that his smile reached both ears. She smiled back just as enthusiastically. "Well, this is quite ironic." Katara states bluntly.

Toph lets a small laugh escape her throat. "What do you mean?"

Katara can't help but giggle as she answered. "I didn't even remember my own birthday," She giggled. "Maybe I am getting to old." She said loudly, followed by a chorus of laughs by her close friends.

The only one who did not laugh was Kyla, Aang's girlfriend. She only followed with a fax-joking tone. "Ya, maybe you are getting to old." She says getting another round of laughter from everyone, everyone except Toph and Katara. They did not however see her glare daggers at Katara. Katara knew that that was not a joke, it was far from one.

Everyone settled in and began to chatter, not even noticing Katara leaving the room to change from her pajamas. She disappeared around the corner and Toph started after her, feeling where she was headed.

Once Katara gets into her room she shuts the door, only to have it open when she was pulling the shirt off her shoulders. Quickly she turns around hurriedly pulling the gown back onto her exposed shoulders. "What the! Don't you knock?" She snaps at Toph as she closes the door behind her.

"Don't get your panties in a twist, Sugar Queen," Toph tells her while she rolls her blind eyes. "It's not like I can see you."

Katara pointlessly glares at the blind girl, "What do you want, Toph?" she asks folding her arms one side of her dress falling from her shoulder.

"What was with that, with Fan girl?" she asks knowing exactly what Kyla was meaning. Fan girl was her nick name for Kyla.

Katara bows her head, "I don't know. All I know is that I don't like her." Katara mutters to herself hoping Toph wouldn't hear.

Toph did hear though, and a smile slips onto her face. She had wanted Katara to confess her feelings for Aang for years. "And why is that?" she asks smugly.

Katara's stomach drops, crap, she thinks. She begins to stare at her feet as if they were the most interesting thing in the world. "Uh, no reason, she just doesn't seem like the kind of girl Aang would go for." Katara speaks up.

The smile on Toph's face stretches to enormous lengths. She places her hands on her hips and shifts her weight from her right leg to her left. Her pale green eyes focus just beyond Katara's shoulder. "Then who is the right type of girl for Twinkle Toes then?" Toph asks, tasting the victory that is soon to come. She and Sokka have a bet ever since they won the war of who would say it out loud first to them. Sokka had tried to trick her countless times only to get a hard punch and a 'That was for trying to lie to me'.

ME! Katara thought to herself. "Uh, I don't know maybe, me" Katara said before utters the last word barely audible.

She took a small glance at Toph just as she was rolling her eyes. "I can't here you." Toph says, a smug smile plastered to her face as she leans her head in and cups a hand around her ear.

"Ty Lee, I think he would be good with Ty Lee!" Katara blurts out quickly, in a panic mode. The taste of the words is like placing her tough on one of Sokka's dirty socks.

Toph can't help but snort, "Oh really," she asks with all sarcasm pinching her words. "Come on Sugar Queen, admit it, you are in love with Twinkle Toes." Toph says with a wide grin.

Katara's eyes shoot up at Toph's in complete and utter horror. She has been discovered. Katara is well aware that Toph can keep secrets like none other, but she still didn't want her to find out. "What! No, that's-that's crazy. Your-you're crazy." Katara said defensively.

If it was possible for Toph's grin to widen it would have, "Liar." She says straight up.

Katara could feel the heat rush to her face in a violent blush. She balls her fists in anger, "Fine! Alright fine, I like Aang." She says bowing her head in defeat.

Toph throws her hands into the air and shouts. "Yes, just wait till I tell Sokka! Seal jerky here I come!" she exclaims.

However she could feel the sadness in Katara's vibrations. Instantly she walks closer, "Don't worry, I'm sure if you were to tell Twinkle Toes how you felt he would dump that bra stuffing chick and go for you." She says, almost sweetly.

Katara smiles, but is also shocked at how sweetly Toph managed to say what she said. Katara nod and lifts her head wiping away the tears. "You really think so?" Katara asks softly .

Toph snorts and turns towards the door. "Sugar Queen, I know so." And with that she left, closing the door behind her.

From the hall Katara can hear her shout. "Don't take forever; I want to get my hands on that cake your dad made! Mmmm, Sokka made it sound delicious!"

Once Katara had opened her presents and everyone got a slice of the seaweed cake her father made they all sat around talking about their lives.

Everyone's chatter slowly came to a stop as Aang and Kyla stood up. Aang locked eyes with Katara with nervousness covering those stormy irises. He exhales slowly and Kyla looks at him giddy. "I would like to make a announcement while everyone is here," everyone looked at Aang with excitement. He broke eye contact with Katara, sadness in his eyes. "Kyla and I are getting married." He announces no smile on his face, but one defiantly on Kyla's.

Everyone looks at him in shock; no one is particularly fond of Kyla. Zuko's eyes widen in shock, "Congratulations, I guess." He says slowly.

Aang lets a small smile form on his lips, but it looked forced. Sokka stands by Toph with his mouth hanging open, not able speak. Katara bites hard down on her bottom lip determined not cry and show her best friend that she was happy for him, even if it is a lie. "I'm so happy for you, Aang." She exclaims excusing herself from the room, letting a tear run down her cheek. She gets into her room and shuts the door behind her and collapses onto the bed and cries into her pillow. Aang just gave me the worst birthday present ever. Katara thinks trying to calm down her wild thoughts.