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Chapter 8-Forever and Always

Katara let out a nervous sigh as she stared into the mirror placed in front of her. Half of her hair was now pined high on her head, a metal Water Tribe emblem holding it up. The rest of her mahogany hair let down so it brushed her shoulder blades and two pieces brought forward onto her chest both tied of with a metal emblem such as the one on top of her head. She wore no makeup, knowing Aang hated when she wore it. Katara turned numerous times just so she could occupy herself. She couldn't help but wonder if she looked as beautiful in the dress as her mother must have. "Just ten more minutes." She mutters to herself. Or was it less, she couldn't remember that last time Sokka or Toph came in with a update on the time.

Being away from Aang this long and the wedding jitters were taking their toll on the young Waterbender. Slowly Katara closes her eyes and breathes in deeply. Everything was weighing heavy on her brain, only because Aang's handsome face wasn't there to wipe away her worries. Katara spins again surveying her bare back over her shoulder. Katara can see through the mirror that her door is creaking open. Toph's head appears through it. "Hope you're ready Sugar Queen, because everyone is ready." Toph states standing in the same dress she wore to Aang's almost wedding six months ago.

Katara exhales happily knowing she's only moment away from being with her true love. Katara smiles and steps off the platform that had her raised off the ground, "I'm ready." She states, no doubt in her voice. She couldn't wait to see Aang.

Quickly Katara grabs her Moon Lily bouquet off a vanity and walks out the door, holding her dress up slightly with her right hand. She steps outside and sees the small wooden door off to her right. Aang and her were getting married in the Spiritual Oasis. They both agreed it seemed fitting for their marriage, and it was always so gorgeous inside. What made it even better was that only a select few are able to witness their marriage. Only their closest friends could witness the moment about to come. The only ones inside are her father, Sokka, Zuko and Mia, Huru, Teo, Suki, Bumi, and of course Iroh. Soon Toph will join them as well. Toph slowly opens the small door, and steps in past the guards. Katara was to follow twenty seconds after.

Every second she had to count was agony. She wanted to be in there now. Finally she hits the number twenty and slowly opens the small circular door and peers through it. She meets Aang's eyes and climbs down slowly, with the help of a guard on the other side. Once Katara's bare feet his the warm grass she has to fight the urge to run into Aang's arms.

Slowly Katara starts walking in sooth steps. No music plays through the closed off space, only the steady water running in the pond that hold Yin and Yang. Katara takes in a deep breath as she sees all eyes on her. Every single eye, but one holds the gaze with more intensity than anyone else, Aang. Katara locks eyes with him and forgets about the nine people staring at her, she's only focused on one gaze.

Once Katara is five feet away from the bridge to her right she quickens her step. All the guest sit on the side of the pond closest to the door and Aang stands with High Chief, or as some say a preacher, at the gates of the Spirit World on the other side of the pond.

Aang grins widely at Katara as she finally makes it to him. Instantly they intertwine their hands, glad to be with each other again. Katara looks at Aang with a loving gaze, and he returns it gladly.

Both barely hear a word the High Chief speaks. They're both just caught in each other's gazes. They both hold each other's eyes and study them. Aang loved to look into Katara's ocean blue eyes. They could change with every single emotion. Her eyes would sparkle when she felt content or happy. They could hold a hard gaze when she was determined to get something. Firm, they could be firm when using her motherly ways to tell someone not to do something. Both held such love for others, but every time she looked into Aang's eyes she held a very special loving gaze just for him. When she was fixated on something or intrigued her eyes followed every move with concentration shining out. Passion showed through at so many different times, they would flicker with focus as she would express the passionate feelings. Love, the one that Aang loved the most, she always gave children that look of love. Emotionally stranded people, helpless people, sad, lonely, hungry, poor, all got that look from her. Once she would show those pearly whites and look at them with pure love Aang could always see their sad, glazed over futures lighten and a smile form on their lips. But when Katara showed her sadness, it ripped Aang heart out because he knew how much she really was upset. When her eyes glaze over with tears and hurt shows in her eyes Aang can't help but feel the need to cry with her. Her agony brings so much pain to him. Then Katara's eyes could boil with anger, hard angry eyes could show her pure hatred for someone just by one glance. Her eyes would boil up and her eyes narrow into slits, no emotion except anger and hatred. Aang had only seen Katara like that once, when she set out to find her mother's killer. Her eyes could show such fear it could be painful, when her eyes would plead and beg for freedom from her growing fear. Sometimes she would show so much agony and fear Aang couldn't look at her any longer without giving into her same fears. She could tell a story with her eyes… and she does every time she looks at Aang.

Katara was amazed at how long she could actually bask in Aang stare. His silver grey eyes meeting her blue ones. His eyes held so much in them. She could always tell what was on Aang's mind just by staring into his eyes. She has seen so much through his eyes, it could be almost frightening. Katara could recall the fun loving gaze he first gave Sokka and her when he first was broken out of the iceberg. His smile topped it all off, letting her know he care free. All that came crashing down when his eyes showed anger and hurt at the Southern Air Temple were he fell into the Avatar state. His eyes with so much agony and sadness, masked with anger had scared Katara, and still it sends shivers down her spine. But she know Aang can also be very affectionate. His eyes showed so much love and compassion to kids, he loved kids so much. To this day he will still play with them from a lack of his childhood and Katara loved it. He will make a great father because of the love in his eyes. She knew when his mind was set on something because his gaze was determined and strong, and not willing to back down. Confusion used to be a command emotion playing across his eyes. When he couldn't quite fathom something or he just didn't know what to do. Katara loved his grey eyes; they showed everything that was Aang.

Katara smiled at Aang as she came out of her trance, loving every minute of this. As the preacher spoke the words that Katara had fretted she tightened her grip on Aang's hands, worry casting her eyes. Aang raised both eyebrows in confusion at Katara's sudden clench. "If anyone object, speak now or forever hold your peace." The preacher calls out.

Katara closes her eyes praying no one would reenact what she had done only months before at Aang's previous wedding. Katara opens her eyes to meet Aang's reassuring gaze with a worry filled, fearful stare. Both didn't look into the crowd, they only listened to the stark silence covering the room. After a few agonizing minutes of this the High Chief begins to talk again. "Will you Avatar Aang take Master Katara to be your wife, to be forever united, in sickness and in health, and forever and always?" The High Chief asks Aang.

Aang smiles widely, "I will, forever and always." Aang states not even looking towards the High Chief, just keeping his eyes locked on Katara's.

"Master Katara will you take Avatar Aang to be your husband, to be forever united, in sickness and in health, and forever and always?" The High Chief then asks Katara.

Katara grins widely, "I will. Forever and Always." She states strongly holding Aang's gaze.

The Chief smiles, "You may kiss the bride." He informs Aang.

Aang didn't need to be told twice, instantly he pulls in by the waist and plants a passionate kiss on her lips. Katara smiles against his lips as she kisses him back, glad no one stood up to Speak Now...

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