Jennifer's Body

Chapter Eight: The Overture

Jennifer sat atop Needy's bed, not moving a single muscle. "You know I didn't want to do it," she said, her voice sad but lacking in any real comfort. "I'm weak when I'm hungry. I would never do something like this to hurt you."

" you wouldn't," Anita gave in, looking down at the floor. "You're my best friend, Jen. It's just...I think I loved him...we had so much to settle...and he died right in front of me." Outside, the blue hour had passed, making way for the dark of night. "Do you have his ring?" Jennifer nodded weakly, then handed over the gem. Gazing into the diamond, seeing a reflection of herself and Chip together, Needy clenched it within her trembling fist, then threw it out an open window. Silence filled the air for what felt like an eternity. "...I thought you said you could stop," the blond girl finally managed to say. "...I thought we could find a way...But you don't care about getting better, do you, Jen?" Jennifer glared at her friend, saying nothing.

"Do you think it's right?" the raven-haired young woman answered. "What happened to me? What I became? There's no reason why I should have to suffer because of what those idiots tried to do."

"But what did they do to deserve this?" Needy snapped, her voice turning into a scream. "You killed innocent broke promises, you used me...And that's nothing new. Even when we were kids, you teased me, stole my toys...I could never have anything when you were there. Now I think I'm questioning whether or not we were ever friends."

"Take that back," Jennifer snarled, her eyes starting to burn. "I was always there for you! I loved you!"

"If you really loved me, none of this would've happened!" Anita hollered. "You could've told me! We could have kept all those people from dying! I knew you were ruthless, Jen...but you've just saved yourself a spot in hell."

"I was helping you!" the dark-haired girl screamed. "I didn't have control...I still don't. I'd never hurt you." Jennifer reached out her hands, overpowering Anita's struggles, and stroked her cheek. "You're the only friend I have...Please believe me...I'm sorry." Jennifer placed her other hand on her friend's cheek, gently stroking her blond hair. Anita was furious; wanted to fight; but she couldn't. This felt different. Different from the dreams. Slowly moving in closer, the raven-haired young woman pressed her lips into Anita's. Feeling her heart speed up, the blond girl closed her eyes and gave in.

Jennifer pulled back, causing Needy to lean forward in a last-ditch attempt to stay in the warm embrace of passion. Smiling an almost sinister smile, the black-haired girl shoved her friend onto the bed, then sat down on top of her. The two gazed into each others eyes; Anita's were scared, watering. Jennifer's were glowing their demonic yellow color. Sliding her hands up Needy's shirt, the monster revealed her friend's bra and plump cleavage. Licking her lips, Jennifer took in a gasp, then unbuttoned Needy's pants, ripping them down to her ankles. Needy began gasping; locked inside the forbidden lust. Smothering her face with wet, passionate kisses, the raven-haired creature gazed at Anita's look of surrender. "Forget about Chip," Jennifer whispered, kissing down her friend's neck, then breasts. "All you need...all you's me." Sticking her tongue out, the dark-haired girl lowered herself down towards Anita. Suddenly, a sharp, icy, penetrating pain course through her chest. Throwing herself backwards onto the ground, Jennifer began hyperventilating. "What the...what did you..."

"...What I had to," Needy answered, throwing down the bloodied blade. "I'm sorry, and I wish I could pretend you died the girl who was my friend...but I can't." Her face molding into a monstrous scowl, Jennifer produced a feral screeching sound, then lunged at her so-called friend. However, the wound was too deep for the underfed demon to fight. "Ah, ah..." the raven-haired young woman gasped, clenching her chest and writhing around on the floor like a starving dog. Looking away, hiding her remorse and sorrow, Anita pulled out a mirror, and put it in front of Jennifer's face.

"No!" Jennifer hollered with all of her might, fear, pain, and hatred. "No, I don't wanna see myself!"

"Look into your eyes," the blond girl shot back. "Look at everything you've done...all the people you hurt. Look at yourself!" The raven-haired young woman's eyes began to well up with tears. Trying in vein to turn away from her beloved friend, the young woman began to sob. "That's holy water you're feeling...I'm sorry, Jennifer. This was the last thing I ever wanted to do...friends should never have to part; not like this."

"...Oh," Jennifer gasped out, clenching her wound; feeling the blood seeping out of her collapsing heart. "I'm...I'm sorry." Then, the lights went out, and Anita was alone. Bowing on her knees, the blond girl pressed her lips into her friend's. They were already cold. "I'm sorry," Anita whispered with a swollen, bleeding lump lodged in her throat. I'm so sorry..."

Blood poured down the walls, but the girl once called Needy didn't care. Her breath rapid, the young woman held her breath. "You're never going to leave me, Jennifer...And maybe I can look on you as you were." A violent hunger ravaging her body, Anita dug her finger nails into Jen's dead body, slivered out a chunk of smooth, blood-stained flesh, and consumed it. Her fingers slowly turning to claws, her eyes glowing a wicked yellow color, and her mouth stretching out like a python, the girl continued to feed, drinking any blood that was still hot. "I guess when you died...I got that part of you...Thanks for sharing with me."

With that, the night fell silent. The town was eternally hushed, Anita never returned to her mother or the school. A break-in homicide was coined to be the cause of the grizzly murder of Jennifer Check and the disappearance of Anita Lesnicki. Some claimed to see a young blond woman walking down the streets at night. However, no one ever reported their findings; most didn't survive her glance. Those who managed to escape could report nothing but glowing feline eyes.

So, this is how it happy shining dreams come closure...just loss. My name is Anita Lesnicki...friend, lover, daughter, monster. The hunger began to burn so badly.