Sweet Surrender [Maggie/Delos]

Summary: Maggie could never be called a quitter, but she was positive there was a big difference between a 'quitter' and a 'sweet, erotic surrender'

Spoilers/Disclaimers/Warnings: All characters belong to LJ Smith. There will be swearing with somewhat detailed sexual content in chapters three and four.

Note: I tried to keep Maggie and Delos as in character as possible, but honestly I haven't read the book in years and wanted to write more than I wanted to reread it so hopefully I didn't butcher them too much.

I'd also like to point out that following Mary-Lynnette/Ash, Thierry/Hannah, and Quinn/Rashel Maggie and Delos are number four on my list. For some reason this one came out a little sweeter than anticipated. There is a lot of FLUFF!

Series order:

First: A Day in the Life of Thierry Descouedres[Thierry/Hannah]
Second: Blood and Chocolate [Rashel/Quinn]
Third: Pink [Poppy/James]
Fourth: Sweet Surrender [Delos/Maggie]
Fifth: Animal Instincts [Keller/Galen]
Sixth: Jezebel [Jez/Morgead]
Seventh: The Magic in You [Thea/Eric]
Eight: Witchin [Gillian/David]
Ninth: Come Together [Ash/Mare]

Chapter One:

"Delos, why don't you do anything more than kiss me?" Maggie spoke softly to the side of his face, watching him as he meticulously arranged the magazines in front of him.

He paused, never turning towards her, though she could tell he was examining her, before answering. "Why do you ask?"

"Don't answer a question with a question. Do you know how irritating that is?" She sighed heavily, then as quickly as humanly possible, she moved, pushing him back into the couch straddling his lap.

His hands went up instantly as if to ward her off. "Maggie, Thierry's living room is not the place for this."

"You're so uptight," she growled with frustration. "I want you to go crazy. I want you to touch me and not worry because I most definitely will not break. I-I-" she leaned forward, getting so close that her lips brushed against his with each word. "I want you."

Her eyes searched his face, looking for any sign that he was going to break. With her eyes open she kissed his lips firmly assessing his reaction. She leaned over repeating the process only this time kissing the side of his mouth.

"Maggie." His tone was warning her off, but she heard the slight tremble. It wasn't enough though. It was never enough for him to actually do anything. He hadn't even felt her up and it was a first actually sitting in his lap.

Maggie pushed her ass forward so that it was snugger against him, her groin now flush with his abdomen. His hands immediately went to her hips, clenching slightly, successfully stopping her from her next movement, but not before she noticed his eyes widen a little.

"Delos," Maggie tried to whisper seductively.

Her hips were no longer free, but he couldn't stop her mouth or her arms, so she wrapped them around his neck, pulling his upper body flush against her breasts. He pulled his head back as much as he could with her arms snug between his neck and shoulder blades, once again giving her that blank expression. She bit the side of his jaw, gently suckling at the same time before letting her teeth slide to the right where she continued to nip and lick until she got to his earlobe engulfing it in her mouth.

Delos sighed heavily, trying to carefully pull away. "This really isn't the place," he spoke softly.

"Then let's go to my room."

He let her hips go to wrap her in a hug and then he whispered in her ear. "No."

It hurt for him to deny her, but he'd been doing it so frequently she expected it. Now with her lower half free though she could move. She started a very slow up and down circular motion with her hips and she slowly bent her head backwards and to the side, exposing her neck. The hug ended pretty soon after that as his hands went back down to her waist, surprisingly not stopping her sensual gyrations.

"You can bite me if you want," Maggie suggested, her breathing only just starting to become irregular.

That was too far. He quickly jerked her back to the edge of his blue jean clad knees. She was still straddling his lap, but so for away she couldn't do anything. Luckily one of his knees was right up against her crotch and she was able to use it to her advantage.

"You want to watch then?" she panted slightly, before shifting her hips.

She was extremely glad she'd chosen a black skirt as the pleasure jolted through her causing a small whimper to escape her lips. If she had been really ballsy she'd have gone without panties, but the skirt was already pushing it, she was definitely more of a hoodie and jeans type of girl.

Maggie didn't know what to do with her hands so she fisted them in the material of her short cotton skirt, unintentionally pulling the fabric up, exposing her thighs. The shocks zipping through her were no longer gentle and just before she closed her eyes she noticed his mouth was partially open and how his eyes were glued to her.

He was careful not to dig his fingers too hard into her hips, but she could've sworn they tightened around her, even started coaxing her hips back and forth. Delos had never been so bold, so it was probably wishful thinking.

"Kiss me," she demanded.

Not waiting for his response she darted forward capturing his lips, but he refused to open his mouth. She knew she'd imagined his interaction and perhaps she was going a little too fast for him. So she slowed down and coaxed gently, wishing he'd open his mouth as the volts of the soul mate connection caused her to shudder with anticipation, but once again he refused. Carefully, he took her by the shoulders and pushed her away, gently lifting her to plop her down next to him.

"We'll talk about this another time." The breathiness she'd noticed before in his voice was gone and she could hear the anger in his voice.

She panted trying to catch her breath. "Oh please Delos," she whimpered, sliding closer to him so that she could clutch his side. "Are you worried that you'll hurt me? Don't be."

He dropped his gaze to the coffee table in front of him and it was then Maggie noticed the slight red tinge to his cheeks. "That's part of it."

"What's the other part?"

He shook his head and extracted her hands from him. "Stop it Maggie. It's just not going to happen, at least not right now."

Clearly their rolls were reversed and she was the guy of the relationship craving the sex. She was tempted to pull the line 'if you love me you'll do it' on him. Maggie could feel he wanted to, she'd probably feel more if he wasn't trying to block her out.

She scowled angrily, trying to contain the sobs due to frustration and weeks of unresolved sexual tension. Now it was on. It was war. She was going to do everything she could to get him to lose control. Short shorts, shorter skirts, see through t-shirts, and maybe even an accidental cut. He turned her down for the last time.

To be continued…

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