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Ferro Rete went on to be the mentor for the male District One Tributes starting the year after this, for the 100th Hunger Games (4th Quarter Quell). He led quite a few to victory and retired thirty years later, right before the 128th Hunger Games, at the age of 45, but was never really liked in District One after the events of the 98th Games. He married a girl from a wealthy family named Mia, perhaps in an attempt to gain popular approval, who died a year after their marriage under mysterious circumstances. Ferro was twenty-one when he married. Mia had no children. No charges were brought against him, though popular opinion in District One held that Ferro was somehow involved in Mia's death, if not directly responsible for it.

Anya's little sister Irulan was Reaped two years later, in the 100th Hunger Games (4th Quarter Quell). Her other two sisters, Chani and Alia, were never Reaped and went on to marry and have children. Their infirm aunt, Anirul, died peacefully in her sleep three years after Anya did.

Jack's brother eventually married Julie, one of the orphans that he and Jack lived with.

Tinder's body was brought back to D12 and he was buried with his parents and little brother Sereph. His adoptive parents lived for about fifteen more years, then died within two months of each other.

Kyla's little brother Bentley was taken from his father, who was arrested on charges of rape and assault of a minor, and adopted by the mayor of District Nine.

Romulus' little sister, Astris, was Reaped for the same Games as Irulan (4th QQ).

No one else really had interesting lives...

From the files of Archer Blyss, head Gamemaker of Panem: [annotated by androidilenya]

The 98th Hunger Games

Length: nine days

Winner: Ferro Rete of District One (age 15)

Arena Identification: Maze Incarnation 5.4 + program ID 'Hunters' + change program 19 (code name 'Firestorm') + weapons range #4: standard range + supplementary supply event ['feast'] #103- personalized

Further records of this Game, including camera records from all Gamemaker meetings and footage for all surveillance cameras in arena, can be found in the Capitol computer records under category '98th Hunger Games'.


Ferro Rete- #1 [by FireLamp]

Lily Trintia- #14 (killed by Ferro) [by me!]

Andrew Clanculum- #5 (killed in firestorm) [by VA842867]

Saffron Jelikson- #16 (killed by Tinder) [by me!]

Servic (Sparky) Gearwhir- #7 (killed by Ferro) [by Son of the Specter 992]

Millienna (Millie) Roberts- #6 (killed by Ferro) [by Alyssa Narcissa Malfoy]

Rydel Dewleaf- #15 (killed by Tinder) [by Can't-Live-Without-Camping]

Averi (Avi) Mireault- #18 (killed by Rydel) [by musicluvr157]

Leonard (Leo) Cryonars- #21 (killed by Ferro) [by Ilenya Lestrange]

Julia Rikerson- #24 (killed by Ferro) [by Ilenya Lestrange]

Jack Everain- #3 (killed by Ferro) [by raiden221]

Zana Listal- #8 (killed by Anya) [by Jenna S.]

Walter Redwoods- #17 (killed by hunters) [by VA842867]

Fiore Arcase- #11 (killed by Zana) [by Cronomon]

Fleece Winnower- #10 (suicide) [by Steel-Enigma]

Cristina Valentina- #22 (killed by Tinder) [by me!]

Romulus Pace- #12 (killed by Ferro) [by Cronomon]

Kyla Sprit- #9 (killed by Andrew) [by Can't-Live-Without-Camping]

Lysander Hastings- #19 (killed by Rydel) [by x-butterflykisses-x]

Eve Epstein- #20 (killed by Ferro) [by bullriding lover]

Driania (Anya) Deelastani- #2 (killed by Ferro) [by DanceEagle892]

Nikolaus Hendricks- #23 (killed by Leo) [by me!]

Rosemarie (Rosa) Mariosta- #13 (killed by Tinder) [by DanceEagle892]

Tinder Sedenworth- #4 (killed by Ferro) [by Steel-Enigma]


Ferro- Julia, Leo, Eve, Lily, Romulus, Millie, Servic, Jack, Anya (10)

Tinder- Cristina, Saffron, Rydel, Rosa (4)

Rydel- Lysander, Avi (2)

Zana- Fiore (1)

Anya- Zana (1)

Andrew- Kyla (1)

Leo- Nikolaus (1)


Average: 15.125

Mode: 15 (Ferro, Andrew, Saffron, Avi, Julia, Zana, Romulus)

Median: 15

Maximum: 18 (Tinder)

Minimum: 12 (Cristina, Kyla)


Volunteers: Ferro, Lily, Andrew, Saffron, Rydel, Jack, Anya, Tinder (8)

Reaped: Servic, Millie, Avi, Leo, Julia, Zana, Walter, Fiore, Fleece, Cristina, Romulus, Kyla, Lysander, Eve, Nikolaus, Rosa (16)


Day One: Julia/Nikolaus/Cristina/Leo

Day Two: Eve

Day Three: Lysander/Avi

Day Four: Walter

Day Five: Saffron/Rydel/Lily

Day Six: Rosa/Romulus/Fiore

Day Seven: Kyla/Fleece

Day Eight: Zana/Millie/Servic/Andrew/Tinder/Jack

Day Nine: Anya

TRIBUTE FAMILIES: SIBLINGS [if not stated in character profile, I made names up]

0 siblings: Ferro, Lily, Fleece, Fiore, Julia, Nikolaus, Cristina, Servic

1 sibling: Romulus (younger sister Astris), Rosa (older sister Anneliese), Kyla (younger brother Bentley), Avi (older sister Fallyn), Eve (dead older brother Cole), Jack (older brother Cole), Saffron (younger sister Star), Tinder (dead younger brother Marc)

2 siblings: Andrew (older brothers Jacob and Isaac), Rydel (younger brother Leighton, younger sister Delilah), Zana (older brothers Demetrius and Julius), Lysander (older brothers Jonathan and Richard), Walter (younger brothers Archer and Jonathan)

3 siblings: Anya (younger sisters Alia, Irulan, and Chani), Leo (older brother James, younger brother TIberius, dead younger sister Janice)

4 siblings: Millie (older brothers Grant, Mikael, William, and Jean)


The predicted top five were given a 'robot killing rod' (Ferro, Tinder, Anya, Fleece, and Andrew)

Two people received poison (Zana and Fiore)

One person received a bow and a quiver of arrows (Millie)

Everyone else received a knife (and I don't feel like listing all the names, so ha!)

Interesting Notes Not Included

-Rydel Dewleaf has a birthmark shaped like the old country 'America' on his right ankle. His mother, Striolania Dewleaf, suffers from seizures and bipolar disorder due to a medical accident immediately following the birth of Rydel's twin younger siblings Delilah and Leighton. She (the mother) is in a mental hospital and apparently occasionally escapes and threatens her family.

-Eve Epstein is the daughter of the mayor of District Ten. Her older brother Cole died two Games ago (in the 96th Hunger Games) and both she and her brother were trained for the Games. So she's technically a Career, but she hates them.

-Zana's Token was a marble that was originally part of a set that her grandmother owned (and died with in her hand). Zana kept one and sucks on it when she is afraid/emotional.

A note on the chapter titles:

From Chapter Eight onwards till the end (including this one!), there was a theme. They were all Star Trek t.v. series episode titles! If you got that, good job. If not, I didn't expect you to.

I really had an amazing time writing this story. Thanks to all who submitted and reviewed and supported me! I'm planning on doing another SYOT at some point, I'll contact y'all if you want to submit a Tribute. I'll miss these characters...

My personal favorites were Ferro, Fiore, Anya, Zana, Romulus, Servic, Tinder, and Kyla. It was the most fun to write Ferro's lines but my favorite p.o.v. to do was either Fiore's or Anya's. I didn't like Eve or Avi, they were total Mary Sues. My favorite pairing was Zana/Fiore. I would've totally shipped Ferro/Romulus, Fiore/Kyla, Anya/Jack, Tinder/Saffron... yeah. Don't judge. My favorite alliance was either the Careers or the Zana/Fiore one, it was fun to write for both.

I had fun writing all the death scenes. But I liked Anya's, Jack's, Avi's, and Fiore's. Romulus' last line was kinda epic... 'Ah... well, it's not as though someone like me could've won anyways'. Haha. Kyla's backstory was really interesting, hope I did an okay job with that. Writing all the Jack and Anya arguments was fun, and I liked most of Ferro's scenes, too.

Thank you to everyone, again.