Forbidden Fondness

Chapter 11

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In my fics, Flame Princess's first name is Incandessa, like how Bubblegum's first name is Bonnibel.

Flame Prince and Water Princess were spending another night together, wandering through the woods.

"I can't believe how long we've been doing this," Water Princess said giddily, "and nobody knows a thing."

"Except for Flame Princess," Flame Prince said, "but I wouldn't worry too much about it..."

They suddenly heard some loud disturbance not to far away.

"That's coming from the beach." Water Princess said.

When they made their way out of the forest and to beach, the sight before them was hard to believe.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" Water Princess shrieked.

They saw Flame Princess in a larger form, furiously firing large amounts of her flames into the ocean.

"No!" Water Princess expressed anxiously, "Oh, those poor defenseless sea creatures!"

Flame Prince saw how troubled Water Princess was, then looked sharply at the raging Flame Princess.

Flame Princess continued propelling her flames profusely into the ocean.

"Fire burns! Fire boils!" the Fire Princess growled, "Water smothers! Water evaporates!"

"Flame Princess!" Flame Prince called out.

Flame Princess looked down and saw Flame Prince standing a few yards away from her.

"Stop it!" Flame Prince yelled, "You're hurting the wildlife!"

"Fire is meant to burn!" Flame Princess snarled, "Fire and water does not mix!"

"That has nothing to do with anything right now!" Flame Prince called back, "Please, stop attacking the ocean!"

"Make me!" the Fire Princess growled.

"I don't wanna fight you, Incandessa." Flame Prince affirmed.

Flame Princess reponded by throwing one of her fireballs at him, of course it would not hurt him, but it was meant more to provoke him.

"Flame Princess," Flame Prince said sternly, "somebody is going to end up getting hurt!"

Flame Princess started emitting fire out of her mouth.

"Ugh," Flame Prince groaned, "screw it!"

Flame Prince made himself the same size Flame Princess currently was.

Flame Princess shoved him.

"Abide the laws of nature!" she shouted.

"Mind your own business!" Flame Prince responded irritatedly, sending her back with a barrage of his own flames.

Flame Princess bombarded the Fire Prince with a volley of fireballs.

"In reality," Flame Princess said, "I'm saving your life, Prince, there's no point in having your life ruined all because you were brainwashed by a water elemental."

Flame Prince built up a large fireball in his burning hands.

"I'm not brainwashed," he proclaimed, launching the fireball, "I'M. IN. LOVE!"

Water Princess's eyes widened.

"Ohh..." Water Princess sighed in awe hearing Flame Prince's claim.

Flame Princess stumbled backwards and got caught by the ocean waves as they rolled onto the shore. She became weak on contact with the water and was reduced to her normal size, then she collapsed on the shore line.

Flame Prince returned to his normal size and pulled Flame Princess away from the water, she laid in the sand until she bcame dry and returned to her healthy state.

She looked up at Flame Prince, aggrieved.

" immersed me." she said in shock.

"I'm sorry," Flame Prince said simply, "but you wouldn't stop, I had to do something."

"I don't understand..." Flame Princess whimpered.

"Well if you would've allowed me to explain earlier then you would understand and we wouldn't be here right now." Flame Prince voiced, "Are you going to listen now?"

Flame Princess nodded, still in shock.

"Is my affiliation with Water Princess unnatural? Sure; is it dangerous? Maybe a little bit; does it go against everything we've been taught our whole lives? Absolutely."

Flame Princess looked on comprehensively.

"But you know what?" Flame Prince attested, "I'm happy, she makes me happy, and I hardly ever get to be happy."

Water Princess smiled contently.

"But," Flame Princess whined, her mouth trembling, "I wanna be happy too. I never get to be happy."

Water Princess suddenly got an idea and slipped away.

"It's not fair," Flame Princess lamented, "you're happy and I'm not, why don't I get to be happy?"

"Maybe you would be happy if you found something to be happy about." Flame Prince stated.

"How am I supposed to do that?" Flame Princess questioned, "What could possibly make me happy?"

"Flame Princess!" Water Princess called.

Water Princess returned with a boy that looked similar to her, he too had seaweed-like hair and light blue skin.

"Flame Princess," Water Princess announced, "meet Water Prince."

Water Prince stood there and waved timidly.

"Hi." he said meekly.

Flame Princess stared at Water Prince curiously.

Water Prince hesitantly reached his hand out.

Flame Princess looked at Flame Prince who urged her to follow suit.

Flame Princess reached her own hand out and touched it to Water Prince's, and when her hand made contact with his, the moisture made her hand sizzle.

She flinched and grabbed her hand.

"Ah!" Flame Prince gasped.

Water Prince started trembling.

"You'll get used to it," Flame Prince told Flame Princess, "trust me."

Flame Princess reached her hand out again, and Water Prince slowly reached out and touched it. Once again, their hands sizzled, but this time they did not recoil, they kept their hands pressed together.

"Oh, I like it." Flame Princess mumbled.

Water Princess whispered something into Water Prince's ear.

Water Prince then reached his hand up and touched Flame Princess's blazing hair, just like how Water Princess touched Flame Prince's hair during their first encounter.

"Wow," Water Prince said in awe, "you're pretty...and warm, so warm."

Flame Princess felt her heart race and her flames pulsate.

"Let's go." Water Princess whispered to Flame Prince.

They then left together, leaving Flame Princess and Water Prince alone.

"I can't believe that worked." Flame Prince said.

"I figured that in order to really get her to understand what we have was for her to experience it herself," Water Princess explained, "and by this point, I think she finally understands."

"Yeah, maybe now she'll be happy," Flame Prince stated, "they'll both be happy."

Water Princess hugged Flame Prince, ignoring the sizzling.

"I'm happy." she said blissfully.

"Me too." Flame Prince said, hugging her back.

I will try to do more of this couple, and I will do Flame PrincessxWater Prince too.

It would just be a whole lot easier if Flame Prince was on the character list. Oh well.

I hope everyone enjoyed this.