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Final Chapter

I pick up the phone and call a taxi as my flight leaves in a couple of hours. Yes that's right I'm getting on the next plane to Hawaii to go back to the girl whom I think I'm in love with and I think loves me too. It's strange to think that I, Peeta Mellark, have finally done something extremely spontaneous all by myself without the influence of anyone else. Actually I guess Katniss sort of influenced me to do it but still you get my point. Luckily I didn't have to do much packing as it was already packed anyway so I only had to dump a few extra items in. I'll deal with my family and my apartment later because now all that's important is getting to on that plane back to Hawaii. This may be the stupidest thing I have ever done or it may be the best thing so I guess there is only one way to find out. What's life without a little risk ay? Old Peeta Mellark wouldn't even consider this but this is the new and improved Peeta Mellark. I'm so glad that someone has finally made me loosen up because looking back I was a bit of a bore wasn't I? The taxi pulls up outside my house 5 minutes later and I throw my luggage into the boot. Whatever I don't bring with me now I can send over later. I climb into the back seat and wait for the driver to set off. My heart starts to palpitate with excitement and nerves as we draw closer to the airport. The journey is sat mostly in silence until the driver tells me to 'stop being so fucking fidgety and bouncing my legs up and down because it's annoying him'. What I can't help it if I'm excited? As we pull up into the airport I take my case out of the boot and hand him the money for my journey.

"What no tip?" He says gruffly. How polite.

"Yeah here's a tip for you, don't be so rude to your customers and maybe you'll get more money. Oh and have you thought about having a shower lately? Jesus Christ it was like sitting with a corpse" I reply giving him a sarcastic smile and walking towards the door. Wow Katniss really has rubbed off on me because I would never have been so sarcy with him before, I probably would have given him more money is case I offended him some more. Once I've checked in and my suitcase is taken away I head o the departure lounge. As I walk past one of the stores something catches my eye. It's a small replica of the Belle of Louisville steamboat. I remember going on it with my high school as a kid, most people in my class thought it was boring and a waste of time but I thought it was amazing. It's such a beautiful boat and is one of the things which people think of when they think of Louisville. I promised myself that if I ever had kids I would take them on that boat because it's one of the only times in my childhood that I can remember truly being happy. Maybe I'll still be able to take them? Who knows. I decide to buy it as a little reminder of where I come from and that no matter how far away I am I'll always have a little bit of Kentucky in me. Cheesy I know but I think we have established that I'm quite a sappy and sensitive guy. I sit on a uncomfortable looking chair turning the boat over in my hands until my flight is called. As I make my way up to the gate and see the plane out o the window my breath catches in my throat. This is it Peeta I think to myself this is the beginning of a brand new life. I smile to myself and my feet carry me through the door and onto the plane. I decided to fly business class this time around because I still have quite a bit of money saved up from my work at the bakery so why not treat myself to some sort of luxury? I end up watching films for the whole flight, ranging from Taken to Finding Nemo. Time must have flown by (literally) as the next thing I know a flight attendant is informing me to put my seatbelt on as we will be landing shortly. Here we go I think to myself as I buckle up.

Once I got out of the airport I slip into the back of a taxi and ask the driver to take me to The Capital hotel. He seems so much nicer than the one back in Kentucky as he doesn't stop talking the whole journey about random little things, which I don't really mind because he seems like quite a nice man. Once we pull up outside the hotel I step out the car and give him a 40% tip which he seems really grateful for as he pulls me into a strong embrace. I clap him on the shoulder and bid him a good day before making my way into the lobby. I can't help but smile as I see an oblivious Johanna behind the welcome desk. Does she ever have a day off? I ponder as I make my way towards her. I clear my throat to get her attention.

"Hello and welcome to The Capital hotel how may I- What the fuck are you doing here!" She asks with a clear tone of surprise in her voice.

"It's a pleasure to see you too again Johanna, tell me is this how you speak to all of your customers?" I chuckle

"Only to ones who only left a couple of days ago! Why have you come back so soon?"

"Because I missed your charming personality and loving welcomes"

"Ha ha I forgot how funny you are Mellark. No really what are you doing back?"

"I came to see Katniss if you must know. You wouldn't happen to know where she is do you?"

"Well after you left she got all depressed and shit so after work she would disappear for a few hours and come back to my place later that night. She hasn't gone back to her apartment after you know what happened. "

"That seems fair enough, you wouldn't happen to know where she's gone do you?"

"Haven't got a fucking clue, all I know is that it's somewhere where she won't tell me." Her last sentence made something in my mind click and I know exactly where to find her. "Do you want to wait at my apartment until she comes back or..."

"No no it's okay I'll have a look round the island for her. I wouldn't happen to be able to rent a place to stay for another week or so could I?" I ask.

"Errm let me just have a look at what we've got...All of the rooms are booked up I'm afraid but we had a cancellation last second on one of the Villas you stayed in last time if you would like me to set you up in one of those?"

"Yeah okay that'll do fine thank you " I reply, "Urm you couldn't look after my stuff here could you until I get back? I'll only be a couple of hours."

"Yes yes fine okay just pass me your stuff and I'll keep it behind the counter for you, although I will warn you know if I get bored I may end up riffling through your stuff."

"That's fine I've got nothing to hide anyway, thanks Jo" I say as I hand her my stuff of the counter.

"Don't mention it Mellark...oh and don't call me Jo."

The walk to the secluded beach takes me about half an hour. As I make my way down the hill I pray to god that she is here. I know she will be but just in case. Once I reach the end of the forest I can see her in the distance sitting on the sand hugging her knees up to her chest gazing out into the horizon. Johanna was right she does look depressed. I watch her for a few moments before silently making my way over to her. When I'm only a few metres away I finally speak up.

"Is it too early to come back and see you again?" I say trying to hide my smile. As soon as she hears my voice her back stiffens and she slowly turns her head round to meet my gaze.

" that you? It is! It is you! Oh my god" She squeals are she comes running up to me and throwing her arms around my neck and enveloping me into an embrace. I wrap my arms around her waist and pick her up off the ground. "I've missed you so much."

"I miss you too beautiful" I reply before I crush my lips against hers. Her kiss feels so natural and right it's untrue. She eagerly returns the kiss and begins placing chaste ones all across my face and lips.

"What-are-you-doing-here" She says in between her kisses.

"As soon as I read your letter it hit me that there is no other girl in the world that I would rather be with than you, so I decided to come back to see if you want to be with my too"

"Of course I want to be with you, I thought the letter would have told you that."

"Yeah but I'd rather hear it in person." I reply before setting her back down and lowering myself down onto one knee. "Katniss Everdeen will my girlfriend?"

"Jesus Christ Peeta you had me scared to death then! I thought you were going to propose or something!" She says before poking me in the chest.

"Would it be that bad if I did" I say in a fake hurt manner.

"No it wouldn't but maybe later on into our relationship okay?"

"Can I take that as a yes then? You will be my Girlfriend?"

"Yes I will be your girlfriend" She replies with a huge smile.

"Woo hoo!" I shout as I throw my fist in the air in victory and pick her up Bridal style.

"You're such an idiot!" She laughs and grabs my jaw, turning my face to look at her." But you're my idiot." She says before placing a long lingering kiss on my lips.

"I love you" I say as we break away.

"I love you too" She replies.

"Oh much?" She leans up and places her mouth against me ear.

"Let me show you" She whispers seductively, taking my earlobe into her mouth and begins nibbling and sucking on it. I can feel my manhood twitch in my trousers as I place her back down onto the sand and hover over her. Even though we have had sex plenty of times, I believe this is the first time we are about to make love. And with the sun setting in the background this moment couldn't be more perfect. Just me and my girl away from the outside world about to show one another what then mean to us. Its times like this that I'm so glad that I decided not to go back that night a couple a weeks ago because this is the evidence that sometimes, risks do pay off.

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