Like Fireworks

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Summary: Really he didn't choose to get into those messes by purpose, it was all Oz´s and his uncles fault by selling him to them but like hell would he let them break him. Now here he was, hunted for treason, poisoned and with a bunch of paranoid Gundam Pilots at his hands. But the positive aspect of the whole thing was that it couldn't get any worse or could it?

Warnings: Torture, blood, yaoi (meaning boyxboy action), violence,

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Chapter Six

The small earpiece came to live with a slight, near inaudible crackle and transmitted the tense voice of his Chinese comrade.

"05 in position. Ready to commence."

A smirk ghosted over pale lips as he shared a brief look with his green-eyed companion who tilted his head slightly.

"04 and 03 here, everything is ready for launch. Only thing missing is our package."

"Hn, Affirmative. Operation B is a Go. I repeat Operation B is a Go."

Sergeant Baily was sweating under the scorching gaze of Commander Une. She had been even more aggravated than usual in the last few days. "E-everything´s clean Ma'am. No signs of the Gundams or their pilots." A displeased frown marred the brown-haired woman's features. "Keep your eyes open Sergeant. I know they are planning something and this is their last chance before the execution."

Baily swallowed heavily. "Yes Ma´am." The Commander only nodded sharply before turning away much to his relief. The Sergeant turned back to his screens, staring intently at the prisoners. The Lieutenant was lying still on his cot, features pale and bruised and that long glorious hair cut painfully short. It tore at the Sergeants heart to see his Lieutenant like this. Blackmoon was a good soldier and a good commanding officer. He took care of the people working under him and to this day Baily couldn't understand what drove the Lieutenant into turning traitor like this.

Blackmoon was many things, but a traitor was the least expected, it just wasn't his style. Baily jerked his head slightly. It wasn't important anymore. A traitor was a traitor and Blackmoon would be dealt with accordingly and if there was a small part of Baily that wondered just what information Blackmoon possessed that drove him to such lengths, well that was no-ones business but his own.

The Sergeant stared back at his screens, it wouldn't do if the Commander found him day-dreaming, she was agitated enough as it was.

Duo scowled beneath his long tresses, time was running out, not only for himself, but also for the Oz-Officer he shared his cell with. Blackmoons breath was ragged, most likely from his cracked ribs. The soldier wouldn't be able to take much more.

The slow staccato of a Morse-code being tipped out ripped the younger teen out of his thoughts. -KEEP CALM OR YOU WILL TIPP THEM OFF-

He risked a look at his cellmate and winced. Blackmoon looked even worse than before, well a broken nose and the resulting deep bruises around the eyes would do that to anyone. There was also a few new cuts, some of them deep enough to scar should they get the chance to heal, but his green eyes were as cool and collected as always. Impassive to the end. Really Hee-chan could learn a thing or two from the Oz-soldier.


Pale, bloodied lips twitched. Of course the bastard would find it funny, Duo nearly snorted. Figured that he would be stuck in a cell with the only high-ranking Oz-officer with a crappy sense of humor or rather the only one with a sense of humor at all.

-THEY WILL COME.- The calm conviction in the others green eyes nearly startled Duo. -HOW DO YOU KNOW?-

Another twitch of pale lips followed by a trickle of blood as the already split lip ripped open again. -RULE NR. ONE, NEVER LEAVE A COMRADE BEHIND. YOU WOULD DO THE SAME FOR THEM AND THEY KNOW IT.- Duo had a hard time to hide his surprise. Really Blackmoon had the dangerous habit of seeing and reading into people too much. No wonder that he gave them such a run for their money and the amethyst eyed teen wouldn't be surprised if he found out that Blackmoon went easy on them.


The long-haired teen swallowed subtly and chanced another glance at his cellmate. The painfully indifferent and slightly bored look was back in his sharp green eyes as he shared his observations – observations that only happened in the brief moments when he was carted from the cell to an interrogation room and back. Yeah Blackmoon was one that needed to be carefully observed. His perceptiveness was down-right scary. It was expected of Duo and his fellow Pilots to be able to piece things together like this. It was imperative to their survival and the success of their mission, but they were all but created for this. Their abilities had been carefully honed by the professors to be at their best and now here was a soldier that nearly put Hee-chans abilities in observing and coming to conclusions to shame.

They were unbelievable lucky that Blackmoon was apparently on their side or at least part of his goals were aligned with their own. Otherwise Duo had little doubt ther, they would have had a much harder live than they already had. It was then that the light suddenly turned out.

A broad grin surfaced on Duos face as he looked mockingly up at the camera. 'Took you long enough to get here.'

"Which cell?"

Emotionless cerulean colored glanced barely to his companion as they ran through the darkened corridors of the base. "2a." Charcoal eyes carefully analyzed the layout of the corridors. "Next corridor on the right, third cell."

A short, "Hn." was his only answer as the brown-haired teen sped up even more. They had disposed of the guards on their way in as subtly as possible and managed to avoid detection for a while before they had to cut the power lines to distract the soldiers. Security was tight but most of the soldiers seemed terrified and per-occupied. It made things easier, not by much but every bit helped.

"They stopped in front of a heavy iron-door. 05 warily glanced around, gun in hand while 01 busied himself with the lock. A near inaudible 'piep' announced their success. The two terrorists shared a brief glance before Heero swung the door open, gun already back in hand. The cell beneath was shrouded in darkness and only the soft breathing and slight rustling of clothing betrayed the inmates presence.


A soft huff answered them. "What took you so long 01?" A bit of tension flowed out of the two pilots frames at the familiar drawl, even if it was uttered with a slightly hoarse and tired sounding voice that answered them. 05 answered. "We are here now aren't we?"

"05? That really you?" Charcoal eyes were rolled before 05 continued valiantly watching the corridor. "No, it's the Spirit of Christmas 02. Of course it's me." A harshly barked laughter – so wrong, it was nothing like 02 real laugh, it was too sharp and harsh, with too much edges and splinter and just plainly wrong – answered.

01 moved forward into the cell but stopped when he saw the second silhouette laying on the cot, it's breathing was much harsher and so very faint. "02, explain." Keeping a wary look on the second figure 01 moved forward again, they had no time to loose. He got a closer look at 02 face and if not for his training he would have flinched. The normally neatly braided chestnut colored hair was open and mussed up and the pale face was bruised, not too obvious – Oz couldn't risk the public finding out just how violent they got with their prisoners, it wouldn't do to infatuate the public against them and terrorist or not 02 was still a teen, barely out of childhood.

01 shook the thought of and busied himself with the locks that bound 02 wrists tightly. "Former Oz-officer, they found out that he passed information's on them to the rebels." The 'to us' stayed unvoiced. 01 blinked for a moment. That was unexpected. "Thoughts?" The first lock clicked and 02 shook out his slightly bloodied wrist. "He is dangerous, but could be a good ally." There was the barest second of hesitance as if 02 wanted to add something but decided against it at the last second. "02."

There was a warning note in the otherwise emotionless voice. 02 knew better than to try and keep something important from them. 02 hesitated for another second before he caved. "Blackmoon. He is Blackmoon." 01 was up and had pointed his gun at the shadowed form of the Oz-officer in the brink of a second. "No!" The interference of 02 was unexpected, the grim and fierce emotions that showed in his eyes and which were normally tightly controlled was even more so.

"We take him with us." It wasn't a remark or question, that was doubtlessly an order and only the second time that 02 had ever gone against 01 leadership since they first met up and started working together. "He is an enemy." Keeping an enemy alive was one of the stupidest and insane things someone could do after all. A fierce glare was sent at him from amethyst colored eyes. But then again, 02 wasn't known to act on his sanity or on his intelligence for that matter.

"He is an informant 01, meaning he has information's that could help us and Oz wants him dead nearly as much as us." Cerulean blue eyes narrowed the tinniest bit to convoy his annoyance before he uttered a most displeased. "Hn." But he complied anyways and moved carefully over to free the second prisoner. The man was a mess of cuts and bruises, his dark hair sheared painfully close to the scalp but his eyes were open and the green was sharp and analyzing as Blackmoon stared at 01 with a disturbing disinterest and even boredom.

"One wrong move and you are dead." The man studied him, then he nodded. "Won't matter much once I leave the building." His voice was low and cracked in places, but 01 understood and from the angry cursing in Chinese coming from the door so did 05, but 02 looked nearly bewildered beneath his resurrected mask. At least they wouldn't have to worry about keeping their comrade alive as well once they left the area.

"Later." 02 nodded and stumbled to the door while 01 made short process of the Oz-officer's bindings. Once he got him free 01 had to heave the man upwards, but thankfully once on his feet the man kept standing on his own. 01 had to help the green-eyed man keep his balance but he moved well enough once they got going.

05 assessed the black-haired soldier when they finally left the cell and started moving his scowl deepening. "Is this really a good idea?" 01 grunted in reply, shooting a scorching look at their long-haired companion. They nearly made it out of the building when a unit of soldiers nearly caught up with them. 05 was already shooting around the edge of a corridor to stop their advance.

"Plan Delta." 05 tensed but put away his gun and hefted up 02 a bit more to ensure better movement before he pulled a grenade and pulled the safety-pin with his teeth. The charcoal eyed teen chucked his grenade at the advancing soldiers and moved as fast away as possible, following 01 and his package. The explosion rocked the building and the wails of sirens and red-flashing lights filled the previous dim corridors. The screaming of hurt men added to the cacophony, but the thick smoke had the positive effect of shielding their movement and a rather well placed hole in the wall that lead outside.

Taking advantage of the confusion of the moment the four teens made their way outside and in direction of the yearned for freedom.