Note: Dear dear readers. For all of you that have been reading Summer Breeze; I love all of you and I hope I'll find inspiration soon to continue. I've been very busy lately and barely had time to write, but this came rolling out of my hands not too long ago. It's nothing special and nothing new, but I felt like sharing anyway. Hope it's still enjoyable :) ! x.

A soft summer breeze had been cooling the room a little bit when Reba had decided to make herself comfortable on the couch. It hadn't been her intention to fall asleep at all, but apparently, the last couple of weeks had been taking its toll on her.

Life hadn't at all gone the way she had planned. Reba wasn't sure why she was thinking so often about here long lost marriage these days. Perhaps because her house was getting emptier and still no man had come around to make her feel loved again. Even if a man that loved her came around, she wasn't sure if she would actually be into it.

Reba had known for years now that her one true love was the man she had lost some years ago. No matter how often she was annoyed with his stupid jokes or how often his almost orange skinned face was making fun of her, she had to admit that she had never stopped loving the man. Apparently, stop loving your soul mate wasn't as easy as he had wanted it to be.

The first few years had been quite easy; she was so busy hating him that there was no time to think about the amount of love she still kept inside of her for the man. She had never forgotten the way it felt to have his lips touch hers, how it felt when his nose was pressed against her neck before his lips touched it, or the way his hands felt on her body whenever he touched her.

She had fallen asleep at some point while thinking about her ex-husband, which had probably explained the reason her dream had mainly been existing out of Brock. Dreams felt so real sometimes. A little bit too real, if you asked her. His lips had been burning on her forehead and she had even been smelling his cologne.

Her eyes fluttered open suddenly, not really sure what had woken her up. She was surprised to find a pair of perfect blue eyes mere centimeters away. She knew who they belonged to instantly, and she was to sleepy to get upset about it. Too caught up in her dream still to even think too much about it. "I thought I smelled your cologne…" She yawned, stretching, trying to think of a reasonable excuse for Brock to be in her house. Brock backed away and she tried to sit up straight as she said: "So, to what do I owe this visit?"

"I'm surprised you're not yelling."

"Too tired." Reba knew she normally would have anyway. Her thoughts on him though were still circling in her head and she was now thinking that the vivid smell of his cologne and touch of his lips were perhaps because he had already been in the room for a while now. She didn't ask him though; she could tell by the look on his face that something serious was about to happen.

"Yeah, I have to tell you something. Something serious."

Reba sat up straight, staring at the man that was now sitting on the edge of the couch, talking about how he had decided his marriage to Barbra Jean had now officially come to an end. She was surprised that she didn't see some kind of grief on his face. He only seemed to show some sort of regret. Reba listened, nodded every once in a while, feeling sorry for Barbra Jean. She felt guilty that a part of her felt some kind of excitement. Brock was a single man again. But how excited could she even be about this? He was her ex-husband, now the ex-husband of her best friend as well.

Reba knew she and Brock were probably better off without each other. But this tiny little voice in her head told her the man was indeed her soul mate, the only man she could actually grow old with. The only man she wanted to grow old with.

Note: That was it. Short, nothing special at all, but I hope it was good for all of you anyway. xx.