My fourth one of these. You seriously have no idea how much fun these are to put together. My series of these also stands testament to the weird, eclectic list of things I obsess over…


21 Things the Rowan of Rin Cast Would Never Say


1. Allun: I hope the line for the deep end dive isn't too long…

2. Bronden: I'm sad.

3. Rowan: Given my love of heights, I've decided to be a mountain climber. What do you think of this, mother?

4. Jiller: Hm, the only son of my first love running around on a dangerous mountain? ...Nah, go on, son. It's cool with me.

5. Perlain: Water sucks. Gatorade is better.

6. Star: Meow…?

7. Marlie: The best hiding place is in a tiny closet. Huddled in the corner. Under a mountain of coats.

8. Ellis: Bugs are great!

9. Val: By all the powers, Ellis, do you ever shut up?

10. Zeel: I'm learning to scuba dive this summer! It will be ever so much fun!

11. Neel: Omens? Spirits? You superstitious oaf, that is ridiculous!

12. Sharron: A mysterious, uncatchable graffiti artist loose in the town? Why, that's me!

13. Bronden: I can't reach the top shelf! Someone help me!

14. Annad: Pink is icky!

15. Laan: Has anyone seen my reading glasses? (on her head)

16. Bree and/or Hanna: FOOD FIGHT!

17. Zeel: A table and a chair or two could really liven up the place...

18. Allun: Surely you jest; I don't look a thing like my father.

19. Rowan: Bring it on! My whole body is a callous!

20. John: We should bring those mountain berries back.

21. Sheba: Burn the slip daisies! BURN THEM ALL!