Heroes Season 5 Episode One

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Notes: I don't know how many episodes I'll write but they'll probably be less than your average Heroes season, maybe less than 20. However they won't be as long as a Heroes episode. I'll put in at least one action scene for each episode since it's not Heroes without some action. Also since Hiro and Ando speak to each other in japanese, I'm going to omit the (in japanese) part at one point since it's obvious.

Sylar/Gabriel: Previously on Heroes...

Flashback to The Wall

Peter and Sylar are trying to break the wall down.

Sylar: ''Every time you pick up that sledgehammer, I feel like you're going to hit me with it.'' ''Really hard.''

Peter: ''Hmm, that's funny, because every time I pick up this sledgehammer, I feel like I want to hit you with it too.'' ''Really hard.''

Flashback to Brave New World

Doyle is taking Emma hostage and fighting Sylar.

Doyle: ''That's not you. You're like me.''

Sylar: ''No, I'm a hero.''

Claire reveals her power.

Claire: ''My name is Claire Bennett, and this is attempt number...I guess I've kind of lost count.''

Peter: ''What the hell does she think she's doing? She's gonna change everything.''

Sylar: ''That's right. It's a brave new world.''

Chapter 1: Publicity

July 23 2010.

Introduction narrated by Mohinder Suresh: It is commonly said that any publicity is good publicity. It is human nature to desire attention, to want to be noticed for one's positive qualities, or to even be noticed at all. However, the question is whether attention for anything no matter how shocking or infamous it may be is better than receiving no attention at all. However one thing can be certain. Attention and publicity always come with results and consequences.

Heroes Cast Credits

Guest Stars

Matt Bomer

Recurring Guest Stars

Lee Thompson Young

Gale Harold

Shin Koyamada

Scene Change to Noah's apartment-Noah in his gray suit is standing in his living room with Claire in a pink shirt and jeans.

Noah(looks stern and worried at the same time): ''Do you have any idea what you've done?''

Everything has changed.

Claire: ''I know, Dad. Despite what you may think, I do know what I've done. I'm not going back either so if you're going to ask Hiro to turn back time and change things, don't bother.''

Noah: ''If I could, I would. However, it's been months and it's too late to go back.''

Noah's cellphone rings. He answers it and it's Peter.

Noah: ''Hello Peter, how are you?''

On the other line, Peter is in his apartment, watching a news story about a thirty something dark haired caucasian man obliterating a bank with the force of his hand.

Peter: ''As fine as I can be, considering what happened. Did you talk to Claire about what she did?''

Noah: ''Oh this is one of those talks that won't seem to end.''

Claire: ''Dad, would you and Peter quit talking to me like I'm a little kid? I know what I did. There can't be any more secrets, I'm done.'' ''We were going to get out in the open eventually.'' ''Don't you think it's good that people can know and realize what amazing things we can do?''

Noah: ''Claire, that is enough. I know you're an adult now, but there are many things about this world and how it could view you that you don't understand. We'll have to talk about this later.''

Claire: ''I'm done talking.'' (She angrily storms out of the apartment).

Noah: ''Claire, wait! Come back! Peter, I'm going to have to call you back.'' (He rushes out, still shouting her name).

Cut to Hiro and Ando wearing white shirts and blue jeans in New York City face to face with the bankrobber, Vincent McCormick(played by Matt Bomer). They're standing before the obliterated bank, cameras are long gone.

Vincent(smirking): ''So you're the big superheroes, huh? Right, like I'm really going to be scared of two scrawny bleeding hearts after I just blew up one of the city banks.''

Hiro: ''You don't know who you're messing with! My friend and I can stop you, you will see!''

Ando(in japanese):''Hiro, less talk, more action remember.''

Hiro:''Oh, righ-'' Hiro is interrupted by Vincent's hands around his neck.

Ando: ''Hiro- Vincent then grabs Ando's neck, choking them both.

Vincent: ''You two can play hero all you want, but it won't work. What makes you, a wimpy little time traveler(looking at Hiro, whose face is strained) and you a guy who's only useful at making other people powerful(turning to Ando's straining face) think you can stop me?''

Gabriel(dressed in black shirt with jeans, his face hidden by cap.): ''What makes you think they can't?''

Hiro(weakly): ''I know that voice.''

Ando(strained voice): ''It can't be.''

Vincent: ''Well, this is interesting. Who are you?''

Gabriel: ''Someone that you don't want to make mad.''

Ando: ''He's right, you really don't.''

Vincent: ''Shut up!''

Gabriel: ''You should shut up and let them go.''

Vincent: ''Too bad, I won't.''

Gabriel: ''I didn't want to have to do this, but when people don't do as they should, they must pay a price.'' (he lifts his hand and Vincent is pushed back against a building, yelling as he loses grip of Hiro and Ando.) They gasp in surprise as Sylar lifts them up and places them on the ground.)

Hiro(in japanese): ''Oh, sweet oxygen!''

Ando(in japanese): ''Never in my life will I ever take breathing for granted again!''

Sylar(revealing his face as he walks out of the shadows): ''Glad I could be of service.'' ''Now before we celebrate the return of breathing, we have some business to take care of.'' (he points at Vincent, still lying on the ground.)

Not for long though. He soon gets up quickly and uses telekinesis to ram Gabriel on the empty street. Before he can get closer to him, Hiro stops time.

Ando(in japanese to Hiro): ''What'd you do that for?''

Hiro: ''He saved our lives. We must be grateful to him and repay.''

Ando: ''Yeah, he saved us after trying to kill us a million times. You're really going to trust him after what he's done, the brain eating man?''

Hiro: ''Maybe he has the capacity to redeem himself. Let's just listen to what he has to say.''(he unfreezes time)

Gabriel( quickly opening his eyes and getting off the ground): ''Hiro, did you stop time?''

Hiro: ''Yes I did. You do not want to be bad anymore correct?''

Gabriel: ''Yes that's correct. I'm a hero now.''

Hiro(smiles at Ando while he looks at him skeptically): ''See, I told you! Peter also told me and I trust him.''

Vincent( lifting his index finger in the air): ''You know I think it's time that you two be quiet.'' Gabriel takes his hand before he can do anything though and lifts him before throwing him on the floor, Vincent yelling the whole time. He lies on the floor, blood on his face.

Vincent: ''Coward! You won't even try to kill me Sylar!''

Gabriel: ''In case you didn't get the memo, that's not my name anymore. I'm also not going to kill you, I'm done with that. What I will do though is ask you to turn yourself in.''

Vincent: ''You really think I'm weak enough to do that?''

Gabriel: ''You might not have a choice.''

Vincent: ''What?''

Gabriel: ''Turn around.''

Vincent turns around. A police car has pulled up near the obliterated bank, a familiar round dark haired face steps out of the door staring straight at Vincent.

Hiro: ''Matt Parkman!''

Ando: ''It's been so long, what are you doing in New York?''

Matt: ''Hi guys. Let's just say an old friend of mine told me that he could use my help and convinced me and my better half that living here wouldn't be so bad.''

Hiro, Ando: ''Peter!''

Gabriel smiled at Matt. Matt looked at him briefly and cautiously before continuing.

Matt: ''So you're going to turn yourself in right? You should be lucky, your work is already half done.''

Vincent: ''I'll kill you first before I do it.''

Matt(grabbing him hard by his shirt collar): ''Look here McCormick, if I wanted to, I could make you turn yourself in. However, I think you're man enough to do it yourself and trust me, we're the type of guys you don't want to mess with.''

A young African American man named Ray Carter (played by Lee Thompson Young) gets out of the police car too.

Ray: ''Yeah man, you don't.''

Vincent: ''All right fine. I'm turning myself in.''

Matt(getting out handcuffs and putting them on him): ''Good. Vincent McCormick, you are under arrest for destruction of public property, assault and attempted murder. You have the right to remain silent. Anything thing you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.''

Vincent glares at Hiro, Gabriel, and Ando as he, Ray and Matt enter the car. Matt waves slightly and smiles as he drives away.

Hiro(throws his hands in the air and says in japanese): ''We did it!''

He then high fives Ando and Gabriel, smiling happily. Gabriel smiles back sheepishly. Ando looks at him for a minute before saying: ''You know as much as I hate Sylar, maybe I can give Gabriel a chance.''

Gabriel(still smiling): ''Sounds good to me.''

Three Hours Later

Journalist Lionel Atwood(Gale Harold)'s mansion. He sits on his leather couch holding a remote, watching the news report of Vincent McCormick wearing a light brown suit and tie.

He fasts forward twice before pausing and looking at the face of Vincent McCormick closely before picking up a newspaper that says: ''Officer Parkman Arrests Vincent McCormick, Bank Robber and Super Powered Criminal''

He smiles maliciously before picking up his cell and calling a fellow journalist, Kazuma Takada.

Kazuma: ''Hello?''

Lionel: ''Hello, Kazuma it's me Lionel. You know that story about Vincent McCormick and his supposed super powers?''

Kazuma(hesitantly): ''Yeah, why?''

Lionel(with a smirk): ''Let's just say, I'm quite curious about this whole thing and it's about to get very interesting. After all, any publicity is good publicity.''

Cut to black.