TDE: Surfer Love
Naruto x Bridgette
Author's Note

Total Drama Extreme has quickly become one of my most popular stories (and the only good Naruto x Total Drama story. That's right, I said it. Hey if there are any terrible crossover sections. Like the Charmed and Naruto one you want me to save (I'm being an intentional jerkass) then please let me know and I'll file it under consideration) I want to do spin offs. People want to see certain pairings and considering how popular Izzy is I figure I can do a bunch of single pairings.

And a Sixth Girl. You guys suggest.

Those are the six girls I'm going for. The ones with single focused stories. I will now be adding my stories (Especially unrated versions) on other sites such as Ficwad and such. Not because the admin I encountered there was a bit of a jerk who thought I of all people was stealing from yaoi fanfics. If he bothered to do a bit of research he would know I hate Yaoi and have been verbal about it for years.

I can't even stomach it, let alone want to steal stuff from it. That goes to show you, sometimes the wrong people usually always end up in charge.


Story Start

''Well this shouldn't take long.'' Naruto replied as he yawned and stretched out his hands. ''Hopefully those surfing skills of yours translate into agility and flexibility, Bridgette was it?'' he asked, striking a conversation with his beautiful fellow blonde. Ever since he applied for this Total Drama thing the so called relaxing vacation he desired did not turn out like he expected. For a moment he began wondering if he should have accepted that invitation to see 'whole new worlds' as it was put. Who know the Sage of Six Paths could be such a trickster. Anyway they were in the mists of their latest game and so far Naruto hadn't really interacted with the campers, but so far his team mate Bridgette seemed pretty nice.

''Yeah,'' she replied with a friendly smile. ''I've never played Dodgeball so I wouldn't know.'' she admitted. ''You and your brother don't get along well, do you?'' she asked as he chuckled. K or Kuiinshi as he was better none wasn't his actual brother. They were both travelers, both offered the same gift, and both going on the same journeys. During those journeys they had bonded, going as far as becoming blood brothers.

''It depends on your definition.'' he began. ''Though its not like we hate each other. How about you?''

''I'm an only child. I always wanted a younger sibling, but everyone always told me 'no you don't.'' she explained as Naruto began chuckling.

''Well from what I'm seeing so far you seem like you would be a cool big sis.'' he replied with grin. Cody was straight out slaughtered by Eva finishing the first round.

''Well, looks like its my turn to step in.'' Bridgette said, getting up.

''Hey! Earn us a win.'' Naruto cheered her on.

First was Geoff, taking a ball to his head which resulted in Chris doing a replay. Several times in very specific frames of Geoff being pelted in the face.

Followed by a two hit combo hit between Courtney and Gwen followed shortly by Bridgette being nailed in the eye. And by some freak miracle even Eva was nailed when the ball bounced off the arena and nailed her in the back of the head.

''You alright?'' Naruto asked,helping Bridgette up and wincing upon seeing the nasty bruise on her head.

''Now I know why I never played this game.'' she groaned, clutching the back of her head.

''Wait right here,'' Naruto said before quickly speeding off. A few minutes later Naruto returned with an ice pack.

''Where'd you get that from?'' she asked as Naruto knowingly smiled and answered, 'I have my ways.' he simply replied.

''I think the swelling is going to go down in a day or so.'' he said before taking out a towel and wrapping up the ice pack. ''K is lazy and puts off buying none food items and something tells me this thing might leak. So it doesn't ruin your hair.'' he said, giving it to Bridgette who placed it on
her eye.

''Thanks,'' she smiled at him. ''You really are a thoughtful guy.''

The two of them continued to talk and hang out. Later on down the line there was another challenge, a scavenger hunt challenge where one had to hunt for and find a particular camper's most treasured possession. Naruto was sitting on a log, reading the clue over and over again when suddenly Bridgette appeared out nowhere, tripping over the log.

'' alright?'' he asked as he went to help her up.

''I'm okay...'' she replied slightly daze. ''The land and I just don't always see eye to eye.'' she replied, her cheeks heating up in embarrassment. Surfing was one thing, it was her passion and what she felt most comfortable doing. One of the core reasons was because of her unnatural clumsiness. Whenever she was surfing all the terrible memories that came with her childhood incidents.

Naruto couldn't help but chuckle. ''You could always use that money and buy a jet pack.'' he playfully remarked as Bridgette giggled.

''I'm pretty sure I would have to win a hundred of these competitions in order to get enough money dude.'' Bridgette replied. ''Oh found your item?'' Bridgette asked upon seeing the mirror.

''No, someone else's.'' Naruto replied. ''What's your clue?'' he asked as Bridgette read her clue.

'I reflect the truth that even the eyes choose to deny. I can be a gateway to another soul or world. I can be left or taken away. My judgment is one without bias.' Bridgette read, and as she finished Naruto held the mirror out to her. '' think I was suppose to find the mirror?'' she asked as he nodded.

''Makes sense, depending on the mirror it can show anything but it'll always reflect what's exactly shown. If you're a horrible person and you act horribly in front of a mirror it'll reflect those images while nearly anyone else would ignore it. That's my take on it.''

''Thanks dude...'' Bridgette said as she took and placed a quick peck on Naruto's cheek causing the blond to lightly blushed. ''Hey I'll see you back at the camp site.'' she waved him off before leaving, while almost tripping over a rock, a log, and a gopher hole?

After a few more days of innocent flirting Naruto finally gathered up the courage to ask Bridgette out on a date. His idea was to make a picnic, the easy part would be maneuvering around all of Chef's death traps. Once that was done all there was a matter of finding and asking Bridgette out.

It took him a few hours but when everything was set he sought out Bridgette. Sure enough she was on the beach, looking out at the view. ''Hey Bridgette, got a minute?''

She turned to the sound of his voice. ''Sure dude. What's on your mind?''

''I was hoping you wouldn't mind joining me for a trip. It's a lovely day and with no challenges I was hoping you and I could hang out.''

''That sounds cool. What do you have in mind?'' she asked as he grinned.

''I know this lovely place in the woods with this great view. I want to show it to you.'' he informed her as an uncertain look formed on her face.

''H-How far in the woods?'' she stammered. Ever since she failed her Phobia Factor challenged she was far more frightened of the woods then ever before. It all stemmed from an incident when she was young and her aunt and uncle took her camping. Being clumsy, she stumbled and lost track of her relatives and resulted in her being lost for hours. Ever since that incident she had been terrified of the woods.

''Hey,'' he gently said. ''I wouldn't let anything happen to you.'' he assured her and extended his hand. ''Trust me?''

Bridgette took in a deep breath and exhaled. She nodded, not trusting her own voice. She trusted Naruto, he was a decent guy and sure enough she would be okay as long as he was there. So as they went into the walk into the woods Bridgette stayed close to the blond. 'He's so warm.' she realized, after spending some time in his close proximity. Though she should have paid more attention as she almost tripped over a rock.

"You okay Bridgette?" Naruto asked her, catching her before she could fall. She looked at him and nodded.

''Thanks. I'm so clumsy.''

''Nonsense, I've seen you surfed those waves we had last morning. Don't know how or why we possibly had waves, but you were pretty balanced.'

"I'm more coordinated in that water than I am on land," Bridgette told him, "My mom said that I could swim before I could walk. My dad taught me how to surf when I was three and I got my first surf board at four."

''That's pretty amazing.'' he remarked.

''What about you?''

''I'm...a martial artist you can say,'' he informed her. ''Its all about having the strength to defend those you care about. Though I can say cooking is another passion of mine.''

''That's pretty cool.'' Bridgette couldn't help but admire Naruto. Most people she knew who learned how to fight wanted to beat people up or show off. She had started to unwind, forgetting her fear of the woods.

''We're here...'' he suddenly announced.

When Bridgette saw what he was referring to a smile broke out on to her face. ''This is so awesome,'' she gasped, seeing a picnic basket. ''You really went to all this trouble?''

''It wasn't that big of deal. I hope you like it, unfortunately there wasn't really all that much not meaty food that could be prepared on short notice. Is Salad and PBJ okay?''

He got his answered when Bridgette hugged him. ''This is really sweet. I don't think I ever had a none surfing date before,'' she paused to recall the disasters. ''...well a successful one.''

The two of them began enjoying the picnic. It was a nice little atmosphere to say the least. The distance had closed between them as they shared a few stories of when they were kids. It was starting to get cold so Bridgette snuggled up against Naruto, taking in his warmth once more.

''You wanna go back? Its getting kind of late and I know you don't like the woods. I guess, I guess I just wanted to show you there's nothing to be afraid of.''

"I trust you," she whispered. ''After all you won't let anything happen to me right?''

''Of course,'' he answered her. ''My pretty surfer girl.'' he added playfully.

Bridgette was flattered by the comment. It was a very simple comment but it had an effect on her none the same. It was honest and very innocent. Any girl could be hot or sexy, but that was an overall body description. That didn't speak what of her that the guys like besides the obvious.

''And what about me is pretty?''

''You're lovely eyes which are something like a light emerald green. There's the laid back look you're face always has in general and the way your nose wrinkles whenever you see meat.''

She moved her face closer to his. ''Let's see what else you can discover.'' she said when she pressed her lips against his. Bridgette couldn't help but smile as Naruto moaned into the kiss and wrapped his arms around her waist, reciprocating the kiss. As a Result Total Drama had their first hook up of the season.