"This is stupid," Emma complains, rolling her shoulders and wincing at the aching muscles in her arm. "You can already do magic, why do I have to learn?"

"Because," Regina snaps. "You have some latent ability. And it's important you learn to control it before you send anyone else through a hat to another realm. Or set another set of drapes on fire."

"You don't know that I did that," Emma grouses, cracking her knuckles as they gear up for another round. "He might have crawled off into the woods back in—" (She can't really defend herself on the curtain thing.)

"Emma!" Regina shuts her down. "This is important. For your safety, and for Henry's."

"Fine," Emma says, trying very hard not to sulk. "So what do I do when I feel the tingling sensation?"

"You roll your wrist and thrust," Regina reminds her, and the suggestive lift of an eyebrow is not lost on Emma. Oh, if that's how Professor Regina wants to play it, then Emma is definitely hot for teacher.

"Is that so?" Emma asks, swaggering across the stone floor of the tower room they've commandeered to practice in. It's taken a while to feel comfortable in these strange clothes, but a friendly seamstress has helped Emma conjure up some tight leather pants that feel almost as good as her jeans used to, and if the white shirt flows a little more than her old clothes, at least it's invitingly low-cut. It's certainly drawing Regina's attention as she stands there in her curve-hugging black dress. "So when you say thrust," Emma continues, flexing her wrist as her other hand reaches for Regina's waist. "How much oomph should I give it, hmm?"

"That d-depends," Regina stammers, already affected by how close Emma is standing.

"I mean, lazy morning sex kind of oomph?" Emma murmurs, her lips now grazing Regina's cheek. "Or oh-dear-God-Emma-it's-been-a-week kind of oomph?" Emma is now strongly advised never to join her father's hunting parties if they'll be gone more than one night. Regina's addictive personality doesn't care for it, and Emma has learned that all trees look the same after a couple of days without touching your girlfriend.

Regina licks her lips and there's just a hint of a groan catching in her throat. "You are a terrible student," she reprimands, trying to keep her cool.

"True," Emma concedes. "But I'm a great lay."

"You—" Regina starts to respond, but she's distracted by the sudden movement of Emma's hand. With a roll of her wrist and the added flourish of clicking her fingers, Emma manages to make Regina's dress disappear.

"Huh," Emma says, stepping back just enough to enjoy the view. "Maybe there's something to this magic crap after all."

"You're impossible," Regina sighs, but as usual she looks perfectly comfortable being naked in front of Emma. "Lesson over," she adds, advancing on Emma. "Time to try for extra credit, Miss Swan."