Next late afternoon...

Glitch P.O.V

I sit here, at the station, stareing at the passing people. Me and Mo were suppose to meet up with the crews and I was suppose to introduce June.I spaced out thinking about what happened yesterday. I almost screwed over but luckily June isn't that type of person. I don't know why I told her EVERYTHING, I just...did.

"Ey Yo Glitch! YA LISTENING TA ME?"Mo yells waving an arm in my face.

"Sorry bro, I was just thinking. " I say.

"Yo been 'thinking' alot lately, ya sure yo' okay? Its dis June chick huh?" says Mo.

"What? pssshhhhhtt, NO" I say. Then June comes through the subway doors, she sees me and wave with a huge grin. I smile and wave back and motion for her to come over here. I look back at Mo to see him crossing his arms and looking at me suspiously. "What?"I ask and he just smiles and shakes his head.

June's P.O.V

"Hey Glitch, thanks for inviting me" I say and smile "and you must be Mo, Glitch told me alot about you, It's great to finally meet you!"

"Yup! Das me, De sexiest man alive!" he says flexing his muscles. I laugh but Glitch punched him in the arm. "Ooowww"

Mo seems like a fun guy! He's pretty funny and seems to be a awesome person to hang out with. Just after a bunch of other came to us. I think they are what you call dance 'crews.'

" Lemme introduce June, She goes to my school. " Glitch tells them. "Hey I'm Emilia and this is Bodie."says a girl with dark curly brown hair and hazel eyes. The dude or 'Bodie' has blonde hair and blue eyes. They give me a huge grin and shook my hand. I knew right away I'd like them. They gave sort of a athletic,big bro/sis kinda vibe. The kind where you sort of look up to them.

"You probably know Lil'T, This is her sis Taye. They are Flashforward." As I look at Taye, who stands a foot taller than me, a fohawk, and green eyes that could pierce your soul. She was rather intimadating and her stare sent chills up my spine. After she noticed my discomfort she smirked and held out a fist, which I accepted. I guess looks can fool you. I turn around to see a african-american short girl, poofy hair, but soft features. I've seen her before, but instead of a friendly hello she said,

"What is a no good popular doin here?Sweet cheeks ya know ya don't belong here. " she said with a cold look in her eyes.Whoaahahooo Where did that come from? A NO GOOD POPULAR? When did I get such a nickname?

"I ain't a no good popular! Now sweet cheeks, I don't think you own the place" I say and I could feel my mouth twitch with annoyance. Lets just say I would definately... ROUNDHOUSE KICK HER! right now. Lil'T just snorts at me and turns away and I could feel my face muscles tense up. As I calm down a girl with curly red hair and white skin and a tan latin guy comes along.

"I am here! Your lives just got better!" she says. "I see you guys are fashionably late as ever,"says Bodie, "You guys better meet June." The spanish boy walks up to me and greets himself.

"Buenas noches señorita, I am Angel. Its very nice to meet you"he says with a accent. He kissed the back of my hand. He was very polite but it seemed thats he was a "player." He turned toward the redhead but when I study her, I realized, Hey I know her!

"AUBREY?" I say realizing who she was, "Aubrey what are you doing here?"

"Jung-Hwa? I should be the one asking you!" Aubrey says. You see, when Aubrey was in ballet I played the piano for her class. She was an amazing dancer! I always look at her with awe. But one day, she just ... left.

"Aubrey! I missed you! Why did you leave?" I ask.

"I am still a dancer but, lets just say I wanted to 'expand' my horizons."

"Uh, you guys know each other?" Emilia says. I look towards the group to see they are all stareing at me and Aubrey.

"Well, Of course! Miss Aubrey knows all of the talented and prestigous people. Do I not" Aubrey says royally.Why is she speaking third person?

"June-Hwa is such a talented person! The best of the best! She's a-"Oh my flippin gosh I don't want her to tell anyone about my "talentedness"! OMG OMG WHAT DO I DO!

"HEY LOOK A SQUIRREL!" I scream pointing at a random direction.

Wow I am a idiot...

They all look at the direction I pointed at, "Where?"

"Um... It was there! I'm sure of it!" I run over towards the direction I pointed at. "I think it went this way!

Glitch P.O.V

I watch her run off. Okay that was pretty fucking hilarious! I chuckle to myself and I turn around. Everyone is stareing at me (except T) smiling, snickering, and Mo was poking my face. It was actually a pretty scary atmosphere.

"What?... MO STOP POKING MAH FACE!" Mo stops but the group still kept on giggling.

"Hehe,... Is THIS LOVE? " Angel says with the most dramatic/silly poses. Everyone starts laughing and I knew what they were doing...They were mocking me. My face got really hot and my cheeks flushed red.

"Aw come on, you guys should date, you would make a perfect couple,"says Bodie who was nudging me. My ears and cheeks flushed into a bright red close to the color of Aubrey's Diamonds red lipstick.


Okay, yes, that sounded pretty bad... Yea I'm pretty sure I would never date her. She was talented and pretty, she wouldn't like a dancer, or I should say, a nerd like me.


As I said this everyone froze.

They look behind me and chills went up my spine. Oh no... I never dreaded turning around in my entire life.

I turned around to see June standing not to far from me. She breathed in, painfully and turned and started to run.

"June wait, I didn't, I wasn't, June liste-"

She turned around and gave the most pained expression. My heart sank and I was speechless. Damn it Glitch why'dya have ta screw this time! My heart started to beat fast, and it hurt. She ran off and Angel and Bodie ran after her.

I turn around to see all the girls stareing at me. With very... angry, faces. Oh no...I'm dead.

June P.O.V

I ran until the group could no longer see me and I sat on a nearby bench. I shoulda known... Angel and Bodie ran up to me and Angel sat next to me. My face was very warm and burning but I didn't hide it.

"You okay,"Bodie asks.

"Yea...I'm fine... I should have already known,"I say.

"Oh don't worry señorita, I think you misunderstood. Glitch was just a idiot," Angel says.

"Yea , he's just a idiot," I say trying to laugh but...I failed. Instead of laughing, warm tears streamed down my cheeks. I wiped them away. The tears weren't stopping, it was like a dam just broke inside my eyeballs.

I mean I shouldn't be crying. I knew, or should have, known he was way beyond my league. He was cool, smart, and his dancing was amazing. This shouldn't have been a surprise. I tell myself this but it only makes me feel worse. I felt terrible.

Angel hugged me and Bodie put a hand on my shoulder. So I cried it out until there were no more tears. I felt better afterwards, but knowing the connection I thought I had with Glitch wasn't real. Pains me. I breathed in heavily.

"It seems you're okay now, we should really get back. They are probably worried sick about you," Bodie says with a smile. I nod my head and I say,

"Thanks guys, Thanks for comforting me, it means alot." They look at me and give me a big smile.

"No problem."

As we walk back I saw the most interesting sight I had ever seen.

Emilia was shaking Glitch ferociously holding his shirt. Emilia looked very angry and so does the other girls who was yelling at him. Glitch ,in the other hand, looked lifeless. Yes his eyes were open but it seemed as if the girls has just sucked his brains out.

Mo was held back by Taye a few feet away. No, he was strangled be Taye. She was holding him superman style. Mo was flailing his arms and squirming trying to get out of Taye's hold. Taye's pretty strong.

"NO DON'T KILL HIM! I NEED THE LITTLE DUDE! NO GLITCH I'LL SAVE YOU! YOU WILL SURVIVE!" Mo screams as he squirms like a fish out of water.

After seeing this hilarious scene I couldn't help myself to laugh really hard. I couldn't breath and my stomach started to hurt but its good to have a good laugh once in a while. The girls all stop and look at me while I was still laughing. Everyone then started laughing hysterrically. Emilia and Taye drop the boys with a very loud thud, but Glitch still looked lifeless. Mo squirmed over to aid the teen.

"GLITCH STAY WITH ME! DON'T DIE!" Mo screams shaking Glitch. I couldn't help but laugh louder.

After Glitch hears my laugh he snaps out of it and stands up. Leaving Mo reaching up to him but was completely ignored. He just sat there pouting which made me giggle.

I stopped laughing after I see how serious Glitch was as he walked over to me.

"June I...I'm sorry...You see I didn't mean it that way... I mean I-"Glitch says nervously.

"No Glitch its okay, I understand,"I say. Yea I know we probably won't have anything. I completely understand.

"Really? Oh Thank god!" Glitch says in relief and the rest of the group looks relieved as well.

"By the way, Where are we going tonight Aubrey?" Lil'T asks.

"Oh we are going to a party. There is a teen section so you guys don't have to worry. Careful he's not actually the nicest person,"Aubrey says.

We get in a car and we drive off to a club. Which was actually my first time ever to be in a club. It had ALOT of people, drunk people, and lights. I stayed behind Glitch since It was a bit scary. The group disperse and Lil'T went with some friends she bumped into. But I stayed behind Glitch.

Then a group a boys wave at me. I just smirked, none of them are as good-looking as Glitch... WAIT JUNE STOP THINKING LIKE THAT! you already know we won't have anything. The group motions me over, but I didn't want to go over there. I looked over to Glitch, hoping he would protest , but sadly he just shrugged.

I didn't want to seem like I was a follower so I went. They started howling and whistling , which annoyed me alot. They started dancing with me but I wasn't into it. I was actually pretty pissed. Then one of my worst nightmares comes.

He puts his arms around my waist from behind. He whispers in my ear "Hey, Ja" and I could feel his breath which sends chills up my spine. Wait only one person calls me Ja...Oh, no.

I look behind to see Myang-Dae and I quickly got off his grasp. "Oh um hi, What are you doing here?"

"Well I should be asking you, this is my party,"he says.

"Your party?..."

"Yea you're a party crasher huh? I don't care, I'm glad you're here," he says trying to hug me but I quickly stop it.

"You know what I'm really thirsty! I should go get a drink, excuse me" I say trying to get away from the situation but he stops me.

"Oh how bout I get us some soda, be right back."

I was happy he was gone! Who knew it was his party. But sadly Myang-Dae had to come back with a rather large drink. He gave it to me and I took a sip. It taste a bit weird but it was delicous, It was strong and it made me feel so relaxed and happy. I drank the whole thing and they brought me another large cup which I drank as well. I drank a few more and maybe a few more.

After that things went, sort of hazy...

Glitch P.O.V

I sat over at the far end. I didn't see June, without her I feel like a loner. Well I'm sort of am... I was pretty pissed she went with those guys. When they were waving at her she just smirked. I mean whats that all about? Yea it made me mad but I let her go since I didn't want to seem clingy. I hear whistles and howls and I get annoyed.

The crowd in front of me, sort of moved and I could see through it and what I saw I didn't like at all. Actually it made me so angry!

There I see June, in the arms of Myang-Dae.

My whole face started to heat up. I feel my muscles stiffen and my fists clenched. It felt like I was going to blow up. Jealousy rose in my veins and my blood began to boil.

But then I notice something... June was a little wobbly. Actually very tipsy. She could barely stand and she was holding on to Myang-Dae for support.

Oh no... he wouldn't... would he? Myang-Dae spots me and smirks evilly.

Thats when I blew up...

I ran over to her and grabbed her.


"Oh you know chillin'" and he does a peace sign and flicks his tounge in between.

So I punched his sorry ass face. When he was turned away two dudes my age came towards me. Lil'T who was there kicked them and she took June from me. June was hiccuping like crazy and she was playing with Lil'T's hair.

"Dude what the fuck?" he says holding his face.

"You bastard!"

"Hey didn't I say she'd be in my arms in no time" He says with a smirk "I was right."

So I tried to punch him but he dodged. He tried to punch me as well but I moved to the side. As he was leaning forward from the punch he threw I sent a forearm to his chest."Fuck" He tried to tackle me so I kneed him which sent him falling. "Security!" He screams from the ground.

Security comes in dressed in tuxedos, help him up and he tells them to get rid of us.

"No need to kick us out, we're leaving!"I say grabbing June who was hiccuping and mumbling about candy lady with cotton-candy hair. I storm out with June's arm over my shoulder and Lil'T goes and looks for the rest of the group as I bring June to the car.

There was no one in the parking lot but June kept on hiccuping. Things definately didn't go the way it was supposed to! As I was thinking about what has happen today June seems to gain her strength...but she was still...not herself.

Her arm was still around me but she put her other arm on my chest.

"Itch, I'm bored, dya *hic* wanna *Hic*" she says looking in my eyes.Itch? really?

We were already at the car but before I could open it she stood in front of me. She pushed herself up against me put her head on my shoulder. She looks up at me and I could feel her warm breath on my neck. Thats a weak spot and my strength drains. She takes advantage of it and she pushes me against the car. My face heats up and my heart beats a thosand miles per second.

Her warm body up against mine.

She looks up at me. Her eyes unfocus , and she smells like alcohol. Yep she's dead drunk.

I don't want to take advantage of her. She's drunk. But then she looks into my eyes. Her Light Brown eyes seems to hypnotize me. I couldn't look away.

Her eyelashes flutter

Her lips slightly parted

Her body pressed against me

I've lost it.

Her hands start traceing my abs and her hands come from my stomach to my chest, past my neck.

Her face is close to mine. *hic*

I wait still stareing.

She closes her eyes,

leans foreward and...

To be continued...

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