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A/N: So I'm taking on a 100 word drabble challenge, instead of asking reader for words I just used the words used in lolitarun's 100 Word drabble challenge about Niff (which you should check out because it is really funny!) In this drabble Kurt and Blaine are married in New York with their daighter Emilee!

Hair Brush

"Blaine hun!" screamed Kurt from inside the bathroom of their quaint New York apartment.

"Yeah babe?" asked Blaine oblivious to the rage in Kurt's voice because he was currently occupied with getting their beautiful little girl Emilee dressed for their day in central park.

"Where the hell is my god damn hair brush?" steamed Kurt.

Blaine chuckled, if there was one word of advice he could give to anyone before meeting Kurt is to steer clear of his hair and anything that had to do with it.

"I don't know babe, do you know love?" asked Blaine of Emilee who had a mischevious grin on her tiny four year old face.

"Maybe," teased the little girl.

"Baby if you know where Daddy's hair brush is you need to tell me right now this is not funny," chastised Blaine.

"It's very funny Papa!" giggled Emilee.


Funny too you little girl, because Daddy won't bite your head off!" joked Blaine as he realised that might not have been the best wording to explain the situation to their four year old. A look of terror spread across her face before she burst into tears. At the sound of his precious little girl crying Kurt came running into the room.

"Blaine what happened?" asked Kurt. Emilee saw her Daddy and ran to hide behind her Papa.

"Protect me from Daddy Papa!" she screamed.

"What the hell is she talking about Blaine?" asked Kurt while his heart broke at the sound of his daughter afraid of him. A look of shame fell over Blaine's face as a single tear dripped down his cheek. He stuttered to try and regain the ability to talk and explain to his perfect husband why their daughter was suddenly petrified of him.

"K-Kurt honey I am so so sorry, sh-she just misunderstood me an-and oh my god now I ruined our entire family!" Blaine sobbed. Kurt came over and bent down in front of where Blaine was sitting cross legged on Emilee's play mat. He grabbed Blaine's face in his hands and gently pressed his lips to his husbands. Blaine melted into his touch and the world around them metled away like it did everytime they kissed.

"Now," Kurt began "What happened?"

"When you asked me if I knew where your hair brush is I didn't but Em said she did but she wouldn't tell me so I told her that she needed to because you would," he paused and let another tear drip down his cheek which Kurt just wiped away, " you would bite my head off. But Kurt I swear I was just kidding, you know I know you would never ever hurt me. But now I guess she's scared of you!" Blaine collapsed into Kurt's arms and cried quietly while Kurt chucked. "What is so funny Mr. Hummel-Anderson?" asked Blaine a little pissed off that Kurt wasn't taking this seriously.

"Nothing honey, you are just so cute when you get all worked up over nothing!" said Kurt. He kissed Blaine's forehead then turned his attention back to the scared little girl behind her Papa.

"Hey baby doll can you come see your Daddy for a second?" asked Kurt gently. Reluctentley she walked away from her Papa and stood in front of her Daddy. "Sweetheart listen to me okay?" she nodded, "Papa didn't mean it when he said I would bite off his head he was just kidding."

"I'm sorry Daddy! I just don't want anyone to hurt Papa I love him and I love you Daddy!" said Emilee.

"I love him to Em so much," he leaned over to Blaine and gave him a quick peck on the lips before returning his attention over to his daughter. "And we love you!" he planted light kisses all over her face as she giggled and tried to swat him away.

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