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A/N: This is set when Kurt and Blaine are 36.


Early one cold December morning Kurt and Blaine hear a muffled cry come from down the hall of their bedroom. Both men shuffle in their sleep shifting around and moving tirelessly until the cries get louder and it shakes them both from their sleep.

"Papa! Daddy!" they hear their son Matthew cry from the bathroom that he and his sister shared. They share a look of concern before throwing on some pants and running down the hall.

Kurt gets their first and what he finds isn't pretty. Matthew is bent of the porcelain bowl heaving his guts out. Kurt rushes to his side and pulls the loose curls away from his son's sweaty forehead.

"My poor baby, do you have a sore stomach?" Kurt asks. Matthew falls back into his Papa's arms and lets his body go limp.

"M'not a baby. M'six and a half!" Matthew tries to argue half heartedly. He closes his eyes and shivers in Kurt's arms. "M'cold Papa" he says before bursting into tears. "And my belly hurts! Am I gonna die?" he wonders as his sobs grow louder.

"Aw baby no, no you're not going to die. You just have the stomach flu. It makes you feel sick and sometimes it makes you throw up. Do you think you're finished throwing up for now?" Kurt asks.

"Yeah, m'tired" he yawns.

"Okay, how about I give you to Daddy and he can get you set up on the couch with a movie and a heat packet to soothe your belly, okay?" Kurt says to his son also directing the information to Blaine who was kneeling beside them and rubbing their son's back soothingly.

"Okay" Matthew says. He turns into Blaine's arms and they stand up.

"Do you want to brush your teeth first? They probably taste yucky" Blaine asks.
"Yes pwease" Matthew says. Whenever he was tired or sick he got a tiny lisp, both Kurt and Blaine found it adorable.

"Okay buddy" Blaine says.

"Love you boys" Blaine says to Kurt and Matthew.

"Love you too" both boys ring out.

They spend the entire day cuddling on the couch.