The title of this came from a misspelling in a text two of my friends sent. It was hilarious because we were bored as heck in this rape van, and then the funniest thing of the entire trip home was a misspelling in two separate texts... It was kind of sad.

BTW, I do NOT own Lego Ninjago... Which they really should have a category for on fanfic.

Yuki walked down the hall of the ship. She was humming a soft tune and it was incredibly early in the morning. She peered into a room, which happened to belong to Cole.

"Cole?" she called into the room and received no reply. Yuki continued into the room. She padded straight up to his bed, staring down at the raven haired guy's sleeping face.

"Cole...?" Yuki whispered shaking him gently. Her dark red hair fell onto his face. He stirred slightly in his sleep.

"Cole... Cole... Cole..." Yuki started, shaking him a little more repeatedly.

"Mmm..." he hummed softly. She shoved him roughly toward the edge of his bed. Yuki wore a pair of black shorts and black and purple layered tank tops.

"Mmph," Cole snorted, rolling onto his other side. Yuki leaned down, bringing her face quite close to Cole's. He didn't even see it coming.

Yuki stuck her tongue out and ran it over the edge of his ear. Cole's eyes shot open. He flew up too quickly and fell off the bed, banging his fist into the wall. A large indent was left in the wall.

"Cole... Don't punch holes in your wall," Yuki said teasingly. Cole looked up at her with a confused expression on his face.

"Hloles in my wapl?" he murmured. Yuki giggled softly.

"You're very incoherent this morning," she smiled. He frowned at her.

"You woke me up way too early," he replied. She made a slight pouting facial expression.

"No frowning," she told him. When the frown didn't disappear, she tackled him in a hug, cuddling her body to his.

"Hugs always make you smile," she mummered into his shirt. His intoxicating scent becoming all that she could even smell in that moment.


Anna was walking down the hall when she heard an obnoxiously loud thud. It had apparently come from within Cole's room. She knocked on the door before entering the room to see if Cole was still alive. She saw Yuki cuddling a shocked Cole and simply stepped back into the hall.


"You're strangely quiet this morning, Anna," Kai commented.

"Oh... I saw the strangest thing this morning..." Anna replied.

"Cool. That seems to happen a lot."

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