Someone's transmission…





KAZUMA: are you there?

KAZUMA: it's me

KAZUMA: it's Kazuma!

KAZUMA: I was somehow able to escape, but I got lost

KAZUMA: I'm in a shelter without anything inside

KAZUMA: if you're reading this, please answer

KAZUMA: …please?

I woke up in a cold, dark cave with a killer headache.

"Ow…" I muttered, rubbing my head. I was on a ledge above a small pool, more of a puddle really, and to the right I could see what looked like a TV with a red screen and a black heart in the middle, and a… giant rotating floppy?

Where am I? I thought.

Then a slightly less usual thought: Who am I?

I must have hit my head pretty hard, because I couldn't remember a thing. I looked down into the water below and saw a light tan, big blue eyes and blonde hair almost shoulder length staring back at me. I also had a blue cap on with words on it, and what looked like headphones covering my ears, though they could easily be antennae.

Well, at least I'm not ugly, I thought, felling a bit better. I got up and looked down at my clothing: I was dressed in a black vest shirt and blue jeans. And I have a decent clothing sense. I turned to my left, where I could see a rocky ledge which probably led up.

If I can just reach it…

I ran up to the edge and jumped forward with all my might, banging my head on the rock above me, but I made it onto the ledge.

"OW!" I cried, rubbing my head, which now had a bump on it that I could feel even through my cap.

Oh, wonderful. More pain. Just what I needed.

Looking up, I saw that I was right: there was a pretty short rock face in front of me, which I could easily jump over, given my jumping capabilities. I jumped over it and found a door, which I went through.

I was now standing in a much larger cave, which stretched off in two directions. To my right, I could see sharp red spikes on the floor and the ceiling.

Yeah, I think I'm gonna go this way, I thought, turning to my left and heading in the opposite direction. Soon I reached a sort of wall, with the top half normal rock, and the bottom purple and weaker-looking.

I could probably break it if I had a gun, I thought, then wondered where that had come from. The wall was low enough to jump over easy. However, I soon reached a dead end.

"Aw, man!" I moaned, seeing a wall made of the purple rock looming before me. That wasn't the only problem either. "Whoa!" A blue blob… critter… thing jumped up at me out of nowhere. Thankfully, it couldn't jump as high as I could, but it was pretty close. I sighed and turned around.

Looks like it's spikes for me, I thought forlornly. As I walked further back, I could see more spikes, and bats in the distance.

Well, here goes.

I jumped over the first batch easy enough, but then the ground under my feet became uneven, and I fell over, almost landing on top of the next set of spikes.

"That was close," I sighed. But my troubles weren't over yet. Now the bats had seen me.

"WAAAAAAAAHHH!" I ran for my life as two bats chased me to an edge. I was stupidly looking back at the bats, so I didn't notice when I got too close.

"WHOOAAAAA!" I fell and landed very hard on my butt. I didn't have time to lament about my misfortune, though. The bats had followed me – and now there were more.

Finally, I was able to get away from the bats, as well as another of those blue blob things. I took a minute to catch my breath and check to make sure nothing was broken, then I dragged my bruised body into the lion's mouth entrance in front of me.

Inside I found a snoring old guy at a table. I tiptoed past him, then spied a chest in the corner.

"Jackpot! This'll make all that pain worthwhile," I whispered loudly, punching the air in triumph. I opened it and found a blue handgun with a brown handle and one barrel, which carried the mark of the Northern Star. There was a label on it that read, "POLAR STAR." It fit into my hand like it was made specially for me.

I feel safer already, I thought. But something didn't feel right…

I flipped the gun over so that I was holding it sort of upside down, but by the handle, so my pinkie was on the trigger, like Death the Kid from Soul Eater holds his guns (and don't ask who that is, because I have no idea where that came from).

"That's better!" I said contentedly. I left the cave with a shiny new gun and newfound confidence.

Someone's transmission…




KAZUMA: answer me

KAZUMA: they're looking for you

KAZUMA: are you asleep or what?

KAZUMA: your brother is so lonely…

Coming out of the room, I was attacked by a bat and the blobby thing again. This time, though, I was ready for them.

"DIE!" I yelled, shooting at them with my new gun. The bat disappeared after one shot, while the blobby thing took two before going down. As I watched, their bodies disappeared and turned into glowing yellow triangles, which were absorbed into the cartridge of my Polar Star.

"Huh?" I looked at the side of the Polar Star, where a small orange bar was now visible. It was in what looked like some sort of meter on the side of the gun, which I didn't notice before because it was empty.

I wonder what will happen when it fills up, I thought.

I didn't have to wonder very long. As I made my way back up, the bats which had made my trip down here absolute hell came after me again, but I shot them down with a vengeance. After the last yellow triangle was absorbed into the Polar Star, it shone with a blinding light.

"Eh? What was that?" I wondered aloud. The Polar Star now had two barrels instead of one, but other than that nothing had changed. The meter where the orange bar had been was now empty.

"What! Now I have to start over!" I said, slightly annoyed. Suddenly, a shadow appeared in front of me. I turned around and saw one of those blob things coming down.

"AIIIEEEE!" I shrieked, ducking and shooting, but knowing it wouldn't work, because it took two shots to kill the thing, and I wouldn't have time to shoot another one.

Boy, was I wrong.

Instead of the usual one bullet, two stronger bullets flew out and instantly killed the blob thing, which turned into a yellow triangle that the Polar Star sucked in instantly. I stared at my weapon for a second, then a wide grin spread across my face.

"I get it… That flash earlier was an upgrade!" I realised. "The gun's levelled up!"

I made my way past the door again and to the 'dead end', shooting the blob that was there, and shot at the wall, which was destroyed easily. I shot at a few other blobs that attacked me, marvelling at the increased power of the Polar Star.

Wonder how strong it can get…

Suddenly, a giant cockroach came out of nowhere and started hopping towards me. I did the natural thing. I shot at it for all I was worth. Eventually, after many shots, it disappeared, and a lot of triangles appeared, one bigger than the others. They were absorbed into the Polar Star, and it shone again. Now the two barrels joined to make one long one.

"Awesome! Level up!" I yelled triumphantly. I tested the power of the Level 3 Polar Star. A great big white mass – I say mass because it's just too big to be a bullet – flew out and decimated two blobs who were trying for a sneak attack.

I grinned and looked at the meter on the side of the gun, but it was full, and had the word 'MAX' in it.

"Aw, man!" I groaned. Guess this is as strong as it gets. But that's pretty strong.

I headed forward and soon arrived at the door. I turned the handle, but it wouldn't open.

"Open, you… stupid… DOOR!" I yelled, pulling with all my might. But it didn't budge. Then a huge red eye revealed itself.

"WOAHEY!" I jumped back from the door. "THIS THING'S POSSESSED!" I whipped out my gun and shot at the door once, then it disappeared like the other monsters.

"Well, that was easy," I said. But I didn't really care, because now I had an exit. With nothing to stop me, I rushed through the open doorway, seeing light on the other side.

Someone's transmission…

KAZUMA: c'mon Sue!

KAZUMA: type something will you?

KAZUMA: starving over here…

KAZUMA: I'm so hungry that, that…

KAZUMA: I even ate a cockroach

KAZUMA: LOL just kidding!

KAZUMA: but, just so you know, if I get to that point I'll do it…

So that's chapter one. How did you like it? And yes, I am aware that there wasn't a Gaudi in the First Cave, but this won't just be a carbon copy of the game script.

Hope you liked it.

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