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Warnings: There is yaoi, if you do not like, do not read or comment. Thank you. The main pairing in this story is GrimmIchi, but I will feature others as well. And if you don't agree with these other pairings, then you can hit the road Jack, or get over it. I may bump the rating up, I'm considering it... There's bad, bad language, courtesy of Grimmjow.

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It was turning out to be one of those days again.

Late. I was going to be late on my first of day of school. At a new school. Of course, my idiot father decided to move us from our comfortable home at the clinic in the small town we'd grown up in before our mother died, to the giant big city of Rukongai. Trust me, I don't know why he did it either. Everything here is bigger, the schools, the buildings, people. It's different than Karakura Town, and I could tell even before we'd been there for a week.

I leapt out of bed, stumbling over a few unpacked boxes that lay scattered around my floor. I nearly slipped on the stuffed lion plushy that had somehow fallen out of one of the boxes, stupid thing I was obsessed with as a child. I kicked a few of the boxes around, frantically searching for one with clothes labeled on it. With my luck, I had forgotten to label it and now I would be late.

I managed to find it without too much of a hassle. It was stowed away in the corner in a large pile, flipped upside down. Karin must've haphazardly thrown it in its place.


I jumped, throwing my clothes up in the air. Standing in the open doorway of my closet was Shiro, my stupid twin brother. The albino blinked his inverted gold eyes, a puzzled look protruding at his features.

"What were you doing in my closet?" I asked, ruffling a hand through my orange hair. "You're going to make me late!"

He scoffed. "It's just school, why do you care?"

I kicked him in the shins. "I don't want to embarrass myself. And I doubt you do either."

He snorted and followed me out into the hallway, which was littered with boxes as well. I waded through the mess and made it to the bathroom, changed, and brushed my teeth in ten minutes. I could already hear Yuzu yelling from downstairs that we were going to be late.

I grabbed my book bag from where it hung off the back of one of the dining room chairs, bolting for the door. I heard Yuzu yell something after me, but dismissed it as I caught up to Shiro who was almost halfway down the block already.

"Don't walk so fast!" I smacked him on the back. "Do you even know where the school is you moron? I doubt you do."

"Of course I do!" he whined, gesturing wildly with his hands. "Tensa told me a while back, when we'd just found out we were moving here." He scratched at the back of his head. "Well, I think so…"

"Whatever, I know where we're going."

The walk wasn't all that long, considering the school was only a few blocks away. I had been right about Shiro not knowing where it was, because honestly the kid hardly knows left from right. Cars had filled up the lot of the school, and a bunch of other teens mingled outside on the steps or next to their cars. Anxiety already gnawed at my stomach, and I just tried to avoid eye contact with anyone. We were anomalies already. I could feel it. Two boys, one with bright orange hair and the other completely white with unnerving gold on black eyes. The bullies loved to pick on kids like us.

I had been staring at the ground for so long I hardly noticed who was in front of me, and in two seconds I had already crashed right into them. I stumbled back a few steps and opened my mouth to apologize, but decided to snap it shut at the sight of the offender.

He was tall, with long dark hair and a mint green scarf. He looked more like a professor, but by the way he dressed I could still tell he was a student, most likely a senior. He had this look on his face, as if he thought he was better than everyone there, and he stared me down with cold calculating eyes.

"S-sorry," I stuttered, a tremor striking through my words.

He just gave a low "hmph" before shouldering right past me. A few kids on the steps snickered, and I just cast a scowl in their direction, taking off again after Shiro with my head down.

"What was that about?" he asked with a sly smile on his lips.

"Nothing," I ground out through my teeth. "Whatever, let's go." I tugged him by the arm in the other direction, guiding him up the steps of the school and in through the doors.

I could tell right off the bat that this was going to be one of those schools where you didn't know everyone in your grade, let alone everyone in your school. But everyone seemed to know each other, comfortable and happy. They had been here long enough to know how the system worked, and being a new sophomore at the school wasn't going to help us at all. At our age, we were expected to know everything, at least if you'd been there from the start. So being new wasn't going to give you any sort of advantage.

I didn't really know what to do, so Shiro decided to take the lead and he dragged me over to the lunchroom where people were sitting and talking before the bell rang. We plopped down in a few seats at a table in the corner, sharing headphone as he played with my hair. One might think that we didn't get along that entirely well, but that was only really when we were younger. We had a better understanding of each other now, even though we could be annoying like siblings were to each other now and then. Shiro usually only does that around people though, alone together it's different.

"If you're going to braid my hair, at least do a good job," I muttered. "Last time it was in knots."

"You should cut it," he responded quietly. "When it's all shaggy like this you look like some emo kid or somethin'."

I snorted. "Right. And you know everything about that, don't you?"

Hands slammed down onto our table and the two of us jumped.

"Hi!" a short girl with bright eyes and dark hair was standing in front of us, smiling like some crazy person. "I've never seen you two before. My name's Rukia! You?"



"Well, nice to meet you—OW!" she swatted the hand away of a taller male with crazy red hair and black tattoos all along his neck. He had just whacked her on the back of the head. "Renji!"

"What?" he sounded irritated. "You were starting to get annoying. Sometimes you're just too cheerful."

"I'm never cheerful," she muttered glumly.

Shiro was snickering under his breath. "So, are you two dating or something?"

They both turned bright red.


"Ew, why would you think that!"

They were talking over each other, a new shouting war arising.


They stopped, turning to look at Ichigo. He frowned, and they both adjusted themselves, tossing a glare in the other's general direction.

"So you're single?" Shiro smiled. "Looking for anybody? Because honestly you are one fine—"



Rukia scratched at her head. "Well no, not really…"

"What?" Shiro stood up. "How? Please don't tell me you're a lesbian, because honestly I am desperate, and you are one hell of a girl. Even if you are a little flat chested, that's all good—"


"OW! What was that?"

Rukia looked puzzled, as if not quite understanding what was going on.

"Sorry, my brother's just a bit immature," I whacked him on the head again just for good measure.

Renji looked a bit dumbfounded, and I was about to apologize to him as well, but the bell rang before I could say anything. Rukia grabbed me by my arm and soon I was being dragged through the mob of people. Shiro was lost in the crowd along with Renji. I didn't know where I was going, but we both ended up in some hallway and she told me this was where the majority of my classes would take place.

"Wait, how did you know I was a sophomore?"

"I had a hunch," she winked and punched me in the arm. "I'll see you later Ichigo!" she waved at me as she bounded over to her locker on the other side and down a ways.

I dug around in my book bag and found the piece of paper that had my locker number scrawled onto it with my combo. I found it quickly and set to work, opening it up and dumping my bag and books in as well.

Something hard hit me in the back, and I banged my head on the upper shelf of the locker, clutching it in pain as I turned to look at who had shoved me. I almost expected to see Shiro standing there with a shit-eating grin on his face, but was instead met with a monster of a teenager.

He was way taller than me with bright blue hair, and I have to admit he was pretty muscular. Not that I would care or anything… But he was scary, that's what mattered. He was scowling down at me like I had just shot his dog or something, and I very badly just wanted to crawl inside my locker and lock myself in there for the rest of the day.

If only…

"Hey kid, get out of my way." He snarled.

"I'm not in your way," I snapped back. Bad move, Ichigo, bad move…

"Oh really? You're just a newbie, do you even know who the hell I am?"

"Afraid not."

He slammed his hand down on the locker beside my head, cornering me. "Well, I'm gonna tell ya'. I'm Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, and don't fuck with me. You got that, kid?"

"I'm not a kid." I was digging myself into a deeper, and deeper hole…

He grabbed me by my hair. "What about this? This some stupid statement, think you're better than me?"

"It's natural," I muttered.

"So is mine," he hissed. And with that lovely parting note, he slammed my head back into my locker, shut the one next to mine, and walked off…

Shit, his locker's right next to mine…

"—and that's Yumichika over there. Next to him is Ikkaku, and then there's Toshiro and Momo and Rangiku…"

After a hellish morning, I was so ready for a delicious homemade lunch made by Yuzu, but I almost started crying as I realized I had forgotten it.

So that's what she had yelled after me…

"Are you listening Ichigo?"

"Oh, yeah," I said halfheartedly, my stomach grumbling on cue.

"You forgot your lunch, didn't you?" Rukia cocked her head sideways like a bird. "I can always get you one off my account if you like. I don't mind." She was awfully generous, and I was about to ask how she got the money to pay for two lunches when she answered my question.

"My family has a bit of money," she wasn't bragging at all, she actually almost sounded a bit resentful. "I really don't care Ichigo. You shouldn't have to starve."

Great, I'm a charity case…

Shiro plopped down beside me, waving his lunch in my face. "What? Did someone forget their lunch?"

I whacked him on the arm.

"I can go get one for you," Rukia said again, insistent this time. "You look starved, please?" her eyes were as big as saucers, pleading.

"Fine," I muttered, and she squealed happily before skipping off to the lunch line.

"What happened to you?" Shiro asked around his sandwich. "You look totally depressed. Who crapped in your corn flakes this morning?"

"Grimmjow Jaegerjaques," I muttered, eyes fluttering over to where he sat at a larger table with a group of friends. There was a really tall one with dark hair that was extremely loud, a guy with pink hair, a guy with dark hair and big green eyes and a serious poker face, and some blond busty chick that looked irritated.

"What? You already got a group of harassers?" he was sincere this time. "I don't know. Everyone I looked at just turned away from me or looked like they were going to shit their pants. It was hilarious!" he took a sip of his apple juice. "In my opinion, I think it's better that they're scared of me instead of trying to beat me up. Do I come across as tough to you?"

I didn't answer the question, focused on what was happening over in the lunch line with Rukia. She was arguing over something with that same guy I'd ran into in the parking lot that morning. She finally just gave up, taking her tray full of food over to our table.

"What was that about?" I asked as she divvied up the food. She handed me an apple.

"That's just my brother, Byakuya."

"He's your brother?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I ran into him today in the parking lot, looked real pissed if you ask me. You guys are nothing alike." I took a bite out of my apple; turning the sandwich she'd given me over in my hands. It still just wasn't the same as one of Yuzu's sandwiches…

Renji sat down next Rukia, looking irritated as hell. "What? What happened now?" Rukia asked, as if she already knew.

"Nothing," he stared at the table. "Just…whatever. It's Shuuhei."

"What? Did he kick you out of bed or something?"

I nearly choked on my milk.

"Oh, Ichigo, I forgot to tell you. Renji's bisexual." Rukia said cheerfully. "You don't have a problem with that, right?"

"No, not at all," I said, cleaning up the mess of chocolate milk I'd sprayed with a napkin. "It was just…a bit surprising."

"He's still coming to terms with his own sexuality," Shiro snickered quietly.

"HEY!" I started hitting him and he just laughed it off, blocking me with one arm as he tried to continue eating his sandwich.

"You two really are siblings," Rukia laughed. "It's quite funny."

I relented, turning back to my own lunch. "Yeah, whatever…"

"Remember when we used to go outside and sit in the tree house in the backyard during the summer, and just camp out there for days?"

I shrugged, kicking a piece of gravel. "The only times I remembered it was when Tensa was with us." I looked up at the sky, squinting against the sun. "We'd look at the stars and tell ghost stories and play card games until we passed out, or until dad said it was too cold outside and he'd make us come in."

Shiro chuckled, balancing himself on the curb. "Those were good days."

"Not as stupidly complicated as high school or teenage years. Gah, it's ridiculous how complicated everything is."

We were silent for a while after that, until we made it to the house. There was a car parked on the street, and I didn't recognize it for a second until I was tackled into the grass of our front lawn.

I started laughing, and then Shiro shouted "dog pile!" like when we were kids and landed on top of the two of us.

"Tensa! You're here."