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Head Gamemaker POV

My pen scratches the paper, forming the rough outline of a mutation. It begins to come alive on the paper, with its beady eyes, steel talons, snarling lips… The sound of somebody clearing her throat directly above me startles me into looking up. When I do, all I see is the perfectly smooth face of President Cornelia, her eyes bearing a glint of malice.

"Hello, Ordinata," she says in a calm voice that gives no hint to her emotions. "I assume that the planning of the Games is coming along well?" I nod, but before I could even begin to reply, she speaks again. "You know that this year, I'm expecting a lot out of you, more so than the past years. Due to the rebellion, of course."

I'm finally able to get a word in. "But the rebellion was seven years ago!" I exclaim. "Why this year?" It is then that I remember the Games between now and the rebellion. Long, drawn out Games that could hardly be considered entertainment by Capitol standards, and did nothing to completely quell the still existing flames of rebel spirit. She must have seen the look of realization dawn on my face, for she smiles a smile that a kindergarten teacher would have when the class finally memorizes the alphabet.

"And," she continues, "I am sure that you are more than aware where the Gamemakers of those years are, along with your dear great-grandfather?" Yes, I do know where they are. When I agreed to apply for Head Gamemaker, my family made the consequences of what could happen all too clear, using my great-grandfather, Seneca Crane, as the prime example. The message was: If you are too nice, too merciful, or in other words too human, than you will end up as a cold corpse, just like the children who it is your job to torture.

Her voice calling "Ordinata!" reminds me to answer. "Yes, I say. "I am aware." She gives me that smile again.

"I don't think that you would like to end up like them, do you?" I shake my head no. "Because I'll have you know, I was quite wary to give another Crane the chance to be Head Gamemaker, after learning about what had happened in the 74th Hunger Games. However, when I read your application, and saw your interview, you seemed ready to me, like you were up for it and could produce great things. I thought, 'She can be the one to extinguish the flames forever with her Games.' I still see that in you, and the last thing I would want is for that vision of you to disappear.' Her smile vanishes. "So don't disappoint me."

I'm prepared to give her a lengthy overview of what I have already accomplished in preparation for the Games, and that I had already drawn the arena and several mutations, but with that, she turns on her heel and is gone. Although our exchange was a few minutes at most, it felt like hours, and I'm left sitting here to absorb her words. President Cornelia's last sentence is ringing in my ears, bouncing of the walls of my skull: So don't disappoint me. I snap back to reality muttering one phrase: I am Ordinata Crane, and I will produce the most spectacular Hunger Games that Panem has ever seen.

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