"Do you worry about Loki, Jane?" Thor asked, arm holding a very tiny half mortal close to his chest. He was glancing past her, at her mother, ignoring the way the child tugged at his hair and helmet, curious eyes eagerly drinking in all that the newly built Bifrost had to offer. Hiemdall stood nearby, watching them in amusement with his unseeing eyes.

"Loki?" Jane sounded confused for a moment, head tilting to the side. "What? No, of course not." She hadn't worried about Loki since he'd been returned to Asgard.

"Then what troubles you?" His free arm snaked around her waist, big and gentle, pulling her into his side. Their daughter glanced down for a second, before her attention was caught once more by the soft sparkling light of their rainbow bridge.

Darcy snorted. She had only been allowed to join their 'family gathering' because Jane had outright refused to go without moral support. Thor had mistaken that as mortal support and his feelings had been hurt when he asked his father if he could bring one other. Odin had – grudgingly – agreed to let the woman come, if only because she had a tool that weilded lightening strong enough to render his eldest son unconcious. "Okay big guy. We're human right? Mortals? Well, no one else here is, and you have a six year old daughter who has never met her grandaddy. Jane's never met him. He didn't come to your wedding, or Trish's birthday, or anything."

"You worry of my father, then?"

"I worry about it all, Thor. I've never met these people. What if they don't like me?" Jane snagged her daughter from her husband, hugging the child to comfort herself. Trish merely whined and wriggled, missing the perch that was her fathers broad shoulders.

"He may not have appeared in person, but fathers Ravens allow him to see all. He sent us his blessing." Thor pressed a kiss to Jane's head. "He has allowed you passage. You shall not worthy of my father, nor of Loki."

"I dunno, I'm excited to meet Loki." Darcy pursed her lips, eyes dancing in amusement. Anyone who randomly sent giant, neon colored bunnies to Earth because he was bored sounded like her idea of a good time. "What?" She cried, tossing her arms up as all present turned to look at her.

"You're insane." Jane explained, eyebrows hitching.

"I like bunnies." Trish told her parents and aunt solemnly.

"Enough speaking. Your father waits, Thor Odinson." Hiemdall rumbled, turning to face the gates. "Go now. I will open the bridge once more in three days for your safe return to Midgard."

"Ugh, why can't you people just call it Earth?" Darcy asked, already taking the lead and trotting away.

Thor shook his head. He – not so – quietly pointed any and everything of importance to his mortal family, having stole his daughter back once more. The girl sat atop his shoulders, one hand fisted in his hair, the other curled tightly around her baby green dragon she refused to relinquish. She was easily the tallest person there, and took amusement in the way people bowed their heads and greeted her father.

She didn't understand it all, but she was told he was a great warrior. He was a great monter killer – he checked under her bed and in her closet each night – and he was definitely the best tickle attacker she'd ever met. Mom often said she'd see dad in battle one day, but for now, she was too young.

Aunt Natasha said one was never too young, but then uncle Clint pinched her on her butt and they had had to leave because of more fighting. Gosh. Adults were sure boring.

Except for aunt Darcy. Aunt Darcy was funny, and liked to make things go boom, and had helped her make the coolest paper mache cave/volcano combo for her dragon. After? She had helped her stomp it to bits in a Godzilla like rampage that had had her dad confused and her mother in tears she was laughing so hard. Yeah. Aunt Darcy was totally the best.

Trish was distracted from her childlike mental rambling by a loud voice.

"I absolutely refuse to be a part of this. My punishment here has been served, and I will not tollerate watching my brother prance and strut his mortal wench around in front of this court."

"Loki." Jane breathed.

Darcy was a little awe-struck as well, having only seen the dark haired man on TV. He was more breath taking, more...animated, vibrant, spine-chillingly fantastic in person.

"Loki?" Trish asked, leaning over her fathers head to peer at him curiously. "Uncle Loki?"

"Yes, that is your 'uncle' Loki." Thor sighed, chest heaving with the movement. He couldn't say he was surprise at his younger brothers brash behaviour, but it hurt him to think that his wife and child would be shamed by the silver tongued mans words. "He's..." Well, no. He couldn't say Loki wasn't usually like this, because he was. Especially the last few years. Any jab at Thor he could get, he would take.

"Down." Trish said in the simple, demanding way of a child.

Unthinkingly, Thor swept her from his shoulders, depositing her gently upon the ground.

Darcy wondered if any of them realized exactly what her awesome little niece was. Demanding? Naturally, just like her father. Smart? Of course. She was her mothers daughter. Insane? Yeah, that would be Darcy's doing. But aside from all of that, the petite blond walking dutifully across an Asgardian court was half god and half mortal and was a princess of Asgard. If she had any of her fathers magic, and half of her mothers wit, she would also one day, quite possibly, be the defender of Midgard.

She was amazing.

"Uncle Loki." The childs voice was solemn as the man twisted, staring at blank space before finally glancing down at the creature grasping his robe.

"I beg your pardon?" His words dripped with hate and irritation.

"Uncle Loki. I don't usually do this." Trish took a breath, glancing at her dragon, before ducking her head and holding it out. "But you need a nap. Here. Take Asgard. He'll protect you while you sleep. If you asked, I'm sure daddy would check your room for monsters too, but you need to go have a nap because temper tantrums are bad and you're going to get spanked."

Loki's jaw dropped.

Darcy fell into a stomach splitting, ear shatteringly loud shrieking laughter fit, double over. "Oh God, oh God." There were tears rolling down her face as she all but crumpled at Jane and Thor's feet. "Make her stop. Make her stop. Please."

Trish huffed in annoyance at her aunt, peering over her shoulder to give the woman a look. "Aunt Darcy, you're interupting me."

"How da-"

"Hush, Loki." Odin leaned back in his throne, eyes dancing with amusement. "Allow the child to speak."

Trish could only assume this guy was Grampa, but the scientist Eric had already claimed that name. "I'll even tuck you in, I promise."

Before Loki could get another word in, his brothers arm slung around his shoulder, painfully tight. "Yes, Loki. Let us get you to a proper napping place. You must rest before we begin our feast." He didn't have to look back to know Jane had already scooped Trish up and – probably – kicked Darcy in her bottom for making a scene. "And then we shall have the mightiest of feasts." He shoved the awkwardly tiny Asgard into his brothers arms.

Unwilling, for some reason unknown to even him, to make the child upset, Loki grit his teeth and held the dragon close. It didn't stop him from hissing, from the corner of his mouth "I'm going to kill you."


Loki sighed.