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"All right everyone, briefing in five," Police Chief Karen Vick announced. Uniforms and Detectives gathered around the bulletin board where the Chief was talking quietly to Head Detective Carlton Lassiter.

"Ready Chief, Carlton," Juliet said, approaching the pair.

The Chief nodded and stepped back giving the detectives the floor.

"Listen up everyone. We have info about a possible shooting at the Santa Barbara Country Club. It is scheduled to go down in four hours. The suspected shooters will be disguised as golfers," Lassiter said.

"We're looking for a group of three to five young males, ages 25-30. Our informant wasn't able to give us an intended target, but he said that the leader appeared to be angry about something, possibly involving a break up," Juliet said, taking over.

"The leader of the group is a redhead named Igor Nettleton. A background check shows that his fiancé, Mira Kelsey, broke up with him recently," Lassiter continued.

"Well then, looks like she's your target," Shawn interrupted.

"Ah, Spencer, this is where I am right and you are wrong. See, Miss Kelsey is not a target, because she is in Japan indefinitely. Nettleton may be targeting married or engaged couples. So, we at the SBPD have a plan to stay two steps ahead the whole time and catch Nettleton before the shooting. Chief Vick, and I, will go undercover as a couple at the Country Club this afternoon. Our goal will be to find out where Nettleton plans to shoot and alert SWAT. If for some unforeseen reason that is not possible, we will try to get any possible targets out of harm's way. Got it? Good," Lassiter finished.

"I want all available personal working this case. Dismissed," Vick added. Then she retreated to her office with Lassiter and O'Hara. Moments after they had shut the door, Shawn and Gus burst in.

"Chief, I'm sensing this will not go as planned," Shawn said, dancing around as usual.

"What do you want us to do about it, Mr. Spencer?" Vick asked.

"Send me and Jules in too. Undercover."

"Mr. Spencer, that is not going to happen. O'Hara is point on this investigation, and we need her on the outside. You and Mr. Guster need to stay away from this case. It's not an ordinary deal, and you two are civilians. We can't afford for you to get hurt."

"Aw, Chief, that's soooo sweet." Shawn crooned and Lassiter and Guster dragged him out of the office.

Under an hour later, Lassiter was pulling his unmarked police car up in front of Chief Vicks house. He looked at his watch and watched as she locked the door and headed towards his car. She got in, and pulled a mirror and a few other things out of her large handbag. At the next red light he glanced over at her again and she was finishing her makeup. When she met his eyes, he couldn't help but stare. She looked... Younger… More like a real person and less like the Chief of Police.

'In fact, her real person self was quite attractive.' Lassiter thought. He tore his eyes away and focused back on the road.

Outside the back gates behind a cluster of bushes, there were several police vehicles. The place was full of SWAT and cops. Lassiter pulled up and stopped the car and they got out. Seeing them, Juliet rushed over.

"Good, you're here. The back of that van is empty, you can use it to put these vests on under your clothes, and for God's sake, loose the suits. Here are your Kevlar vests," O'Hara told them handing them each a vest.

Chief Vick made her way over to the van with her bag and climbed inside. As soon as the door had closed she began pulling off her suit and putting on a knee length sun dress and a pair of heeled sandals. She was folding up her suit when someone banged on the door.

"Hurry up." It was Carlton. He was the only one with enough authority to get away with ordering her around like that. Besides, when he wasn't being a work obsessed hard ass, he was kind of sweet in his own way. Dismissing her thoughts she picked up her clothes and opened the door.

"Keys," she said holding out her hand. Carlton looked at her blankly and then reached into his jacket pocket. She took the keys from him and hurried off to his car. Once she was out of sight he snapped back into reality and jumped into action, trading his suit for a pair of khaki pants and a short sleeved button down on top of his Kevlar. He too gathered up his clothes and headed to his car where he found the Chief talking to O'Hara. Forgetting about folding up his suit, he tossed it in the back seat and switched his shoes. He noted that Karen's suit was also carelessly tossed in the back seat. She handed him his keys.

Several minutes and arguments over the Kevlar (it wouldn't fit underneath Vick's clothes, so she couldn't wear it) later, Karen and Carlton got into Carlton's car. He drove around to the front gates of the country club, where he parked it and got out, walking around to the other side to open Karen's door for her.

Once inside the Country Club, Karen and Carlton took a walk by the edge of the golf course, on the lookout for any suspicious activity, pretending not to notice the extra security personnel that consisted of disguised cops.

"Carlton, we're supposed to be a couple," Karen whispered.

"Oh, er, right." he replied and awkwardly took her hand. They reached a bend in the path that would take them out of sight of O'Hara's surveillance team and turned back. Carlton's cell phone rang, and he pulled it out.


"Carlton, any suspects yet?" O'Hara asked.


"Well, Shawn and Gus were wandering around and think they might have found the location."

"What are Spencer and Guster doing here? We told them to stay out of this!" Carlton exclaimed angrily.

"They heard Country Club and you know Shawn. He showed up, and we can't cause a scene kicking him out, it'll spook the shooters."

"O'Hara, get them out of here!" Carlton practically shouted.

"Shh, dear, you're disturbing people," Karen said, grabbing Carlton's arm.

"Carlton, the location…" O'Hara reminded, "It's one of the three restaurants in the Club, located on the terrace on the second floor. It's members only, no children, usually attended by couples."

"We'll check it out." Carlton said, and then hung up.

"Who was it, honey?" Karen asked.

"O'Hara. Spencer found a possible location."


"Couples only restaurant on the second floor terrace, exclusive, members only, romantic sort of place I guess," Carlton said. He looked uncomfortable.

"Let's go!" Karen said, smiling. Taking her hand again, less awkwardly this time, Carlton led the way through the Club to the second floor, where they found the restaurant. Shawn was right; it definitely seemed to be the place that an angry just-broken-up shooter might target.

"Table for two?" the blonde hostess asked.

"Yes." Karen said.

"Right this way."

The hostess led them to a table in the middle of the room with a great view of all the exits. It couldn't have been any more perfect. Karen smiled as Carlton pulled her chair out for her.