Chapter pappy pappy pappy

Is that a word?

The computer says it is…

A little family reunion

The wall in front of me was covered with photographs. Hundreds and hundreds of photographs of Raven.

That's a leeeeettle bit creepy. I thought.

I stood up from my hiding place and looked at them. In most of them, Raven was around my age, typically with either a blond girl, a dark haired girl, my dad or some combination of the above. She always looked pretty serious, and they didn't look like normal pictures you'd take of your friends- it wasn't like they were doing anything fun. Unless 'fun' meant standing in front of a cement wall. Except for one.

I think she must have been at some sort of party, because she was wearing a blue dress that made her look really pretty. My dad was next to her, his arm around her. Beside his was a blond girl with flowers braided into her hair. She was looking at the camera, but she didn't seem to be really paying much attention. Another girl who looked like Mark and shared my green eyes had her arm around the blond girl. Her eyes were narrowed, and she looked really, really familiar. Not like when I'd met Raven and had fuzzily recognized her from when I was a baby, but like I'd seen her. Recently.

I pulled the picture down and shoved it in my pocket.

The door swung open.

I dove behind the potted plant and tried not to breath. They wouldn't kill someone for shoving a box on someone's head… right?

"What are you doing, Vanessa?" asked a voice, and someone pulled me up. "Surely you could think of a better place to hide then behind a potted plant."

I glared at my father. "I panicked, okay? Say… why are you here?"

"This is my office." Mark said, like it was obvious. "I work here."

"You mean… here?"

"That's what I just said, isn't it?" Mark snapped.

"Your plant is dying." I told him.

"Why are you here?"

"Because I got kidnapped."

"I know. Why are you in my office?"

"Uhhh…" I scratched my head. "Because… I was trying to hide?"

"From who?"

"From Raven's elementary school principal."

"He's not her… never mind." Mark sighed.

"What is he, then?"

"It's not important."

"He sure is bad at getting boxes off his head." I noted.

"Well, there was duct tape hanging off the box, and I think it got in his hair." Mark said.

"Awesome." I said.

"I have to turn you in, now."

"WHATT!?" I spluttered.

"Anastasia!" Mark called. "I've got her!"

The woman who'd abducted Cake appeared.

"Come on." She hissed, grabbing my arm. She held a gun in her other hand.

"I'm on your side." Mark hissed, before Anastasia closed the door and he was gone.