"Why would I care, Ronald?" Hermione Granger's voice reached my ears. I sighed and pulled my knit cap lower over my ears. The pair was always fighting, and I had learned not to pay attention to it.

"Maybe you should pay a bit more attention!" Ron shouted back.

"Please stop fighting," I told them.

Hermione stuck her nose in the air and stalked off. "I can't stand that girl." Ron glared at the retreating girl.

I just turned around and walked towards my next class, Muggle Studies. Ron followed me, though he wasn't in the class.

"What are you, lost?" Ginny asked her brother when she came up to walk next to me.

He scowled and turned around, allowing us to proceed to class. When we got there Hermione moved over, allowing us to sit next to each other. She had joined the class late, so she was with our year.

"My brother is the biggest git," Ginny said, her voice still angry.

Hermione nodded. "I know," she said. "It's because he hangs out with that Harry Potter."

"Admittedly," I said, "he is dreamy."

"Look at little Luna," Ginny laughed. "Looking at boys. Oh, how we have corrupted her."

"Ladies, please stop talking," the professor said.

I looked down at my notebook, but I wasn't really listening. I was thinking about the world. My mum, at work in her laboratory, Ginny, madly in love with Harry Potter, despite the fact she pretended to love him, Hermione, a haughty pureblood with a crush on Ron Weasley… things were strange, yet completely simple.

I glanced over at Ginny, who was writing 'Harry' in her notebook before crossing it off. She was staring into space and didn't even seem to notice what her hand was doing.

Just ask him out, I passed the note to her.

What? She responded.

Don't pass notes in class, was Hermione, ever the bookworm, especially in Muggle Studies.

Harry. I know you have a crush on him.

You're loony, Lovegood.

Not anymore, I pointed out.

That's true. No more Nargles, eh?

Not since I was five. Can we move on and forget the fact you knew me when I was that young?

So, why do you think I should date Harry?

For starters, you have a crush on him.

Prove it.

Seen your notebook recently?

Shut up.


She never replied to my last note, but I didn't mind. I just started to actually listen to what the professor said, at least a little bit. In my opinion, it didn't matter what he was saying, so long as Hermione took notes. She always was boasting about knowing a ton about Muggles despite being a pureblood, so I thought that she would always be able to teach me what a car was.

Actually, now that I think about it, what is a car?

Class ended and I walked out, only to run into, you guessed it, Harry Potter. Lovely, as ever.

"Okay there, Luna?" He asked me, helping me up.

"Yeah," I said, rubbing my back.

"Have you seen Ginny anywhere, by any chance?"

"Still in the classroom," I told him.

He wandered off to talk to her, and I found myself stuck between Ron and Hermione again as they fought. Some things never changed, but when I saw Harry and Ginny holding hands the next day (I was again sandwiched between Ron and Hermione) I remembered that some things did.

This is AU, so that's why Luna isn't the normal dreamer we all know and love. In this, Hermione is a pureblood, Ron is somewhat normal, though changed by her, Voldemort never existed and Luna's mum never died, so she doesn't act like she does in the books.

I have this whole thing about Luna, and I think she was acting dreamy to use that persona as an armor between her and her mother's death, and after that just between her and the world. But you don't care. This was for the Alternate Universe challenge. It's really late, by the way. Almost a year. Lovely.

Re-uploaded 6/4