You've probably heard of the story snow obviously you have. The story has probably been told in your generation many times. I know this, Because I can see into everyone's future but my own. I'm writing this so you can hear my side of the story. The truth. You guys were told of a girl who get's kissed by a prince and she's the truth within the lies, she's perfect. Yeah, Most of that's true. Except she has a sister. How she treats her sister, However is undoubtedly getting everyone addled. Our step mother was in fact very nice but was greedy. Snow white killed her, Feeling power. Locking me in this castle. I'm writing this story on my last pieces of paper I own. My diary However, Was thrown out the window. It angers me that some stranger knows my story. But yet again So do you. Her perfect pitch black hair, Flawless skin, Not needing make-up, Perfectly straight hair. Everyone thinks she has a beautiful soul. In fact, They're all idiots. Completely fooled by her acts. I've tried to become perfect like her. I've Planned my escape. But as I go on my way I shall write every night my days that pass. You'll know the story, Of the other Snow white.

I jumped out of the window of the castle. I suppose I could've died but it was worth it. I finally felt free. But just that glimpse at her killed me. She was absolutely beautiful. But of course everyone already knew that. "SEIZE HER!" She screamed in horror.

By about an inch I escaped the guards grasp. Although I felt a sharp aching pain in my left shoulder blade. She had stabbed me.


I walked for hours into the bright forest. Among me where the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen. Then I saw it. A unicorn. It was white. I mounted onto it. It's majestic legs galloped on the surface.

I soon felt a cold breeze flow through my hair. Over the horizon I saw someone. I jumped off the unicorn. It rode away with the wind."I found your book, I saw your 'WANTED' picture and I knew it would be you" He said.

"How did you know it was me?" I asked.

"The most beautiful attitude and opinion I'd ever seen, Had to go with the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen" He replied with honor.

"Have you seen my sister? For sure she surpasses me in every way" I answered swiftly as did the unicorn when it left.

"I have seen her, But she is a fake beauty, Your beauty is one with nature" He replied and kissed me. The unicorn returned and we rose off into the natural world of the woods. We never came back. And she never found us. I was finally happy. I could see the light of beauty. Generation after generation we hear of the story of Snow White. But that is not even close to the truth. The most important thing they left out though. Was the other Snow White. Annabel White. The rightful owner of the story, Or so 'My Prince' has told yes. We lived Happily ever after. The end.