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Summary: After graduating high school, Kyo, Tohru, and Yuki move on to college. Yuki goes to college in America, while Kyo and Tohru decide to go to Tokyo university. Who knew how different college was going to be from high school? KYORU)

Chapter 1

We had decided to go to college. Before, I had planned to work at the dojo and Tohru was going to get a full time job. We were going to stay at Shigure's house until we got enough money for our own apartment. Yuki had already gotten excepted to a college in America, what was it? Yale? Harvard? Something like that.

But the plan didn't work out that way. Even though we had planned out to work and not go to college, we still applied to a few. What was the harm in applying? That was Tohru's logic at least. And then we both got accepted to Tokyo University. That's when things really started changing. We both knew college was a lot of money, so we were going to stick to the our original plan. But somehow Shigure found out and had to blab everything to the family.

And so of course they then decide that they are going to pay for college. Neither one of us wanted to except it, especially Tohru, but in the end, the deal was that they would pay for tuition and we would pay for the dorms and maybe in the future, our own apartment. This would only be a loan, we had made clear to the others, but I could tell that they didn't believe us.

The university was pretty far away from where Shigure lived, so that was why we would be living on or near the campus.

I put my last trunk into the car before turning to see Tohru walking towards me with her last trunk.

"Isn't this exciting Kyo?" she said with a smile. I noticed she looked like she was struggling with her trunk.

"Yeah, it is," I said smiling back. I walked over to her and took her trunk from her. "You really shouldn't carry things that are this heavy."

"Oh, thank you so much, Kyo! I'm sorry, I thought I could manage it," she said.

I rolled my eyes. I placed the trunk in the back seat that was already overflowing with bags. "You ready to go?" She nodded and I found her at the brink of tears. "Hey, you okay?"

"Y-yeah," she said with a brave smile. "I-I'm just so thankful to everyone for this opportunity and, and—" She cut herself off by throwing herself into my arms, sobbing. "Oh, Kyo! Kyo, we're going to go to college! Together! We're really going to be together forever! Kyo!"

I held her and stroked her hair. Then the Sohmas that had grown close to Tohru came out of Shigure's house, either crying or smiling or just looking normal.

Kagura ran up to us first and hugged Tohru tightly first which surprised me. Usually she would've pushed passed her and grabbed me and would almost kill me in a extremely tight hug. Or have pounded me into the ground for 'leaving her.'

When she let go of Tohru, I realized they were both crying. A chick thing, I thought. The others gathered around to say there goodbyes. Haru nodded towards me and I nodded back casually.

"Have fun in college," he said with a smile. "Meet cute babes." At this, he earned a smack from Rin.

I looked over at Tohru who had obviously not heard his comment, since she was comforting a wailing Momiji.

"I've already found one…," I whispered under my breath. I could tell that Haru heard because he raised one eyebrow and smiled.

He then walked over to Tohru to say goodbye.

"Bye, Kyo," Rin said casually.

"Bye, Rin," I said back. Even though I wasn't exactly 'close' to any of the Sohmas or even members of the zodiac, Rin was one of the farthest from closeness. I hardly new her. But of course she would come, for Tohru. I looked over to see Haru hugging Tohru and then stepping back for Rin to hug her. I knew it was just a goodbye hug, but I seemed to have a serious problem with Haru hugging Tohru. It just… pissed me off.

"Kyo." I looked up to see Kazuma with his arms extended.

"Shishou…," I said. I walked over to him before embracing him. He was someone I was really going to miss.

"You've grown so much. Here you are, on your way to college…"

"Don't act so fatherly," I muttered.

He chuckled. "I am your father after all, Kyo."

I slightly smiled. Was it wrong that I loved him as my father? Not to mention when my birth father didn't even bother to show up…

"See ya, Tohru!" I heard the Yankee say to Tohru.

"Yes, and if Kyo-kun gives you any trouble, make sure you contact us," Saki said.

"Yeah! We'll give old Orange-Top a beating he'll never forget!" Arisa said. I gritted my teeth. Damn Yankee…

After everyone said their goodbyes, we were about to leave when Shigure exclaimed, "Wait! Yuki's on the phone!"

We both turned from the door to car when we heard this. I looked at Tohru and she looked back at me. Ratboy had left for college in America a week before. Shigure handed it to Tohru first.

"Hello? Oh yes, Yuki-kun, it's me, Tohru!" she said into the phone. We all listened anxiously as we heard only half of the conversation. "No… Of course! Yes! Yes… Well, I think—Oh, I see… Uh-huh… Sure, Yuki-kun, I promise…" That's when she paused for a long time and I saw her cheeks get red. This made me mad. What was he saying. Then she laughed. "All right, then, Yuki-kun, thank you so much for calling!" She said goodbye to him and then passed me the phone with a smile. What would that damn rat have to say to me?

"Hello?" I muttered into the cell.

"Yes, Kyo, I'm saying goodbye to you too," he said.

"Well I can see that!" I yelled.

"Anyway, I want you to promise me something."

"What is it first!"

"I'm not going to repeat myself, so listen closely, Kyo. I know it's hard with such a small attention span like yours—"

"HELL JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU GOTTA TELL ME!" I yelled. This guy just didn't cease to annoy me.

"Take care of Tohru, all right?"

I felt my face get a little red. "Of course I will!"

"Kyo, you have to understand. I won't be there to make sure you don't step too far out of line. You need to keep your temper under control, you need to make sure she is okay. Miss Honda is very sensitive and she doesn't like to complain, so make sure to look for any hints that might lead to her being upset for whatever reason, understand?" It's like he thought I didn't know her! Hell, I understood how she acted! I've been dating her for almost two years now!

"I know that, I'm not a blind idiot!" I yelled into the phone. I saw Tohru look at me with worry in her big blue eyes.

"Well, that's up for debate…," Yuki said from the other line.

"WHY YOU-!" I yelled.

"Goodbye, Kyo. Remember what I said about Miss Honda." And with that, he hung up.

"That little-!" I yelled before Tohru took my hand and squeezed it gently.

"Don't worry about it, Kyo," she said with a smile.

I calmed down. "I guess we have to go now…"

"Yes! I'm ready to go!" she said, smiling at me warmly. I leaned in to kiss her softly, when Shigure cleared his throat.

"Now, now. Wait until the car ride to do that," he chuckled. I was about to slap him when I saw Kagura shake with anger.

"My… Kyo… isn't…. going… to… kiss… ANYONE ELSE!" she yelled. She was about to lunge at me when Shigure, Hatori, and Haru held her back.

"Better hurry, Kyo," Haru said casually. "I don't think we can keep her for long…"

We both said one last goodbye before sitting in the van and heading on the road. It would take two hours to get to Tokyo University.

On the road, I played with the radio before finding a song that I liked. I smiled slightly at lyrics in the chorus. The song was Think Twice by Eve 6.

"Is this okay, Tohru?" I asked.

She was smiling and bobbing her head to the beat. "Yes, yes, Kyo! I really do love this song!"

Interesting… I never would have imagined her liking this type of music.

(A/N: This is the chorus: )

Think twice before you touch my girl!

Come around I'll let you feel the burn!

Think twice before you touch my girl,

Come around, come around, no more!

Think twice before you touch my girl!

Come around I'll let you feel the burn!

Think twice before you touch my girl,

Come around no more!

She spreads her love,

She burns me up!

I can't let go!

I can't get out!

I've said enough, enough by now.

I can't let go!

I can't get out!

"Hey, um, Kyo?" I heard her say. I turned my head.


"Would you mind stopping at the next rest stop?" she asked. She blushing violently for some reason.


I saw her squeezing her legs together. She blushed even more. "I-I n-need to go to the bathroom."

"Why is that embarrassing?" I asked her. Suddenly, my face turned pale. What if she was…. And I had just asked…

She laughed when she saw my expression. "No, no, Kyo. I'm just embarrassed that I didn't go at that nice restaurant where we ate lunch. I don't like inconveniencing you, Kyo." She looked out the window sadly.

I smiled. "Don't apologize, Tohru. You're not an inconvenience. I promise."

She looked at me with her big, beautiful eyes. "Really?"


We pulled into the nearest rest stop and I let her leave to go use the lady's room. I didn't have to go so I stayed in the car and listened to music. I started to get worried when I realized she had been in there for half an hour.