There was one thing Stuart hated most about the summer and that was that the garden needed to be taken care of – and regularly.

Due to having always been at work and owning a flat, Stuart had never developed a green thumb after he had left his parents house at the grand old age of eighteen so when Ewan had insisted that they had a garden he had felt his heart sink.

Did Ewan expect him to slave over the garden and make sure it was tidy?

Could Ewan be that kind of guy that actually measured the length of each blade of grass?

The suburban lifestyle was not Stuart's idea of heaven but it was his husband's, and a garden did mean that his daughter would have somewhere safe to play as well as the dog she had been plaguing them about ever since Robbie had bought Jamie one.

So Stuart had put his miseries behind him about the grass and had encouraged the buying of the house, and the dog, and the oversized play set that they had bought Ronan even though she would out grow it as quickly as they had bought it.

And thankfully, Stuart learnt that Ewan enjoyed having the garden as his vice to letting out his frustrations.

No, he did not expect Stuart to slave over the garden but he did like to grass to appear it was the same length – he was yet to pull out a ruler and actually the measure a blade but if Stuart ever saw him do that then he might just shoot his partner.

There was one thing Stuart learnt more though.

The first summer day when Ewan had gone out to work in the garden he had donned an old pair of jeans that had holes in the knees, a tight white vest top that clung to every muscle and a smile that could light up the world. He worked like a trooper out in the garden for hours, with Ronan and their puppy running around him but at a safe distance.

Standing at the window with a drink in his hands, Stuart admired his husband in the sweat soaked tee shirt with a warm smile on his face. He could see now why ladies of leisure had affairs with the gardeners. It was a cliché but they were hot.

And there was nothing more appealing than the smell of sweat and freshly mowed grass that filled the living room when his partner walked into the living room, a lazy smile on his face as he came over to Stuart and pressed a kiss against his lips and told him that the lawn was done for another week before slipping upstairs to the shower.

Stuart smiled. Oh yes, he could get used to having a lawn.


I swear to God, I am struggling more and more with these prompts (damn you, Lee!) but here I am with 'G'.