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Chapter 20: Mysterious Presences

Light shone from the Key as Yuma and III separated. Particles of red, yellow and blue fused together and Astral reappeared.

"Yuma." Astral smiled.


"I heard your voice. Let's win."

"You…." Yuma stared at him as he started to tear up. "You…! Ahhh! You're always so, ahh!" He tried wiping away the tears coming out as his friends cheered.

"Yuma…" III smiled at them, but then got shocked from his crest's energy again.

"III!" Yuma yelled.

III flew up into Atlanthal's core and began merging with it. "Yuma! Astral! Don't worry about me and beat this thing!"

"Yuma! Zexal!" Astral said.

"Right!" Yuma pumped his fist in the air. "Let's go Astral!" He shouted as he turned into red light, while Astral turned into blue light.

"I overlay you and myself! I create an Overlay Network with ourselves!" The two lights spiralled up into the air, then came down as a golden light and exploded across the area.

In the light, a man with red and white armor began forming, his D-Gazer shining.

"When two distant souls connect, the descending power will appear!"

The man had spiky golden hair, and his entire body was shining with golden light. "ZEXAL!"

"Yuma and Astral combined?!" Kotori exclaimed. The rest of her friends stared at Zexal.

"Let's go, Astral!" Zexal thrust his right hand in the air as it began to collect energy.

"To the strongest duelists, everything is vital. Even the card drawn is made by the duelist themselves."

"Shining Draw!" Zexal shouted as he drew the glowing card on the top of his deck.

"I summon Zexal Weapon, Dinosaur Blade!" A large, black armored dinosaur stomped onto the field. It transformed into a scaly, black sword, which Hope Ray grabbed. "This monster can be equipped to Hope Ray, giving him 1200 more attack points!"

"And when Hope Ray attacks a monster, the monster's effect is negated!"

"Then Atlanthal can be destroyed in battle!" Kotori yelled.

"And the difference will be dealt to III!" Tetsuo shouted.

"He can do it! Yuma can do it-ura!"

"Go Yuma!"

"Let's go, Hope Ray!" Zexal yelled. "Attack Atlanthal! Hope Chaos Blade Slash!"

Hope Ray jumped forwards, glowing with golden energy. He flew towards Atlanthal and drew the blade, slash down the sides of the monster. Light began shining from the cracks as they got bigger. The land monster exploded apart, blasting everyone back. The portal began glowing as well, blinding the entire field and swallowing it up completely, along with everyone in it.

III: 0

Zexal: 250

-linebreakofsomesort (tehee)-

Yuma awoke lying on the ground of the highway where he had been dueling. He sat up and looked around, processing through his mind what had gone on. His friends also got up, and he watched them cheer out of happiness that they were back alive.

"I…. won then?"

"Yuma." Yuma looked up at Astral, who floated next to him. "I told you we would win."

"Astral." Yuma smiled, then remembered who his opponent had been. "That's right, III!" He got up and looked around. III was lying on the ground a few feet away from him. He ran over as III began to regain consciousness.

Yuma helped III up off of the ground. "Oi! Are you okay?" III didn't meet his gaze.


"I got it, Yuma." Yuma looked at him confused. III continued.

"You accepted the current me. You are my first real friend."


"Yuma, I have a favour to ask." III turned to Yuma and smiled sadly. "Could you, save my family?"

Yuma looked at him.

"If it's you, if it's your Kattobingu, I'm sure….." The swirling portal appeared behind III and he disappeared into it.

"III…." Yuma then looked down to see what III had left behind. It was his two Number cards, which dissolved as Astral absorbed them.

"Yuma!" Kotori said as she and the others ran over happily. "You won!"

"Yeah…" Yuma looked off, thinking about what would happen next. Then he remembered something important…

"MY HEARTPIECE!" Yuma yelled. "I DIDN'T WIN THE FIRST DUEL WITH III SO I LOST MY HEARTPIECES!" He began crying in the corner of the highway. "Now I can't participate in the World Duel Carnival finals…."

A tic mark appeared on Kotori's head. She stomped over to him and grabbed his ear up. "Yuma!"

"Ow ow what?!" Yuma yelled. "I just lost my last chance of being in the WDC finals! Can't you let me sulk in peace?!"

"Here!" Kotori passed over something in her pocket to Yuma. Yuma took it and stared.

"A HEARTPIECE!" Yuma shouted happily and began running in circles in happiness. "HOW'D YOU GET THIS?!"

"III left it after the first duel." Kotori said.

"III did?" Yuma took out his four heartpieces and put the fifth one in. It was a perfect fit.

"So now you can participate in the finals!" She smiled.

"Yeah." Yuma looked at the completed heart in his hand.

"Yuma," Astral said, "there's bound to be Numbers in the finals."

"And we're going to get them all!" Yuma took out his deck box. "I already got a whole bunch, see…." He took out the Numbers and began shifting through them. "Huh?"

"What's wrong?" Kotori leaned over and asked.

"One's card….. Number 1, it's gone…." Yuma stared.

"Oh, Yuma," Astral said, "when I came to, I think I met this One."

"You did?"

"There was something I felt from him that was very familiar."

"Well, he's one of your memories, isn't he?"

"But that wasn't it." Astral began thinking. Yuma then remembered another very important thing.

"I HAVEN'T SAID KATTOBINGU IN TWO WEEKS!" Yuma yelled. "I GOTTA MAKE UP FOR THE LOST TIME! Kattobingu kattobingu kattobingu kattobingu kattobingu kattobingu kattobingu—"

"YUMA!" Kotori yelled.

Yuma and Kotori began arguing as the rest of their friends laughed and watched. On top of a building nearby, a dark figure watched them.

"Number 39's Yuma….." He growled before disappearing into a portal. "You'll go down just like all of the others."


-Inside the Key-

A familiar boy walked down the side of the Key. He looked around slowly, thinking about all that had happened.

"That was never supposed to happen." He muttered to himself. "What happened? If things had progressed like usual, then…"

"Oh I wonder what would have happened!" A voice that sounded nearly identical to his resonated through the space. The boy looked around quickly.

"Who is it?" He called.

"I'm surprised you don't recognize my voice! It's been so long you've forgotten One? That is what you're calling yourself now, right?" A person walked out of the side. He looked almost identical to One, only with the exception of the darker clothes and the color of his hair was inverted, red spikes with black bangs.

"Force. What are you doing here?!" One demanded.

"Looking around! There are very interesting portals around here! It's amazing how Astral hasn't discovered all of them!"

One remained silent.

"You wouldn't believe what worlds there are! Do you think it would be interesting if, let's say, something escaped to a different reality?"

"Force! You can't be planning to—"

"I have to do it!"

"What you're doing isn't right! Kazuma in this world told me how something was blocking him off from helping Yuma the first time! When I investigated, it turns out you were behind it!"

"Of course! But you just had to interfere and ruin it!"

"You know why! I can't just stand by while you do that, Force!"

Force scowled. "Stop calling me that!" He started walking away, and a blood-red portal began to swallow him up. "My name is Barian now."

Me: Hello again! I have now decided that this is really an AU fic! It turns out this Force person was behind leaving Yuma hopeless for that long! Who is this mysterious Force person, who's also called Barian? Who was that person watching Yuma and the others? What's going to happen next? Find out some other time that isn't now! For now, we party!

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