JJ groans. She feels a hand on her cheek. Her face automatically turns into the comforting touch. "Em?" she manages to say.

"No, sweetie, it's Garcia."

JJ opens her eyes and immediately regrets it. She groans again, squeezing her eyes shut against the blinding pain in her head. "Garcia?"

"Yes, honey. And before you ask, everyone is okay. You took the worst hit. A piece of the building got you right in the snozzola."

JJ brings a hand up to her face, feeling the bandages across her nose and face. "Oh, God, Pen…the wedding. I'll look terrible!"

Garcia can't help but chuckle. "Trust me, baby girl, you will fit right in with everyone else."

Garcia and Amaro had watched as the agents ran from the building. Garcia had screamed when the building blew. The flash from the blast had initially whited out the camera. When the visual had come back online, all Garcia could see were her teammates, her friends, scattered all over the ground. She takes JJ's hand and looks into her eyes.

"You all scared the crap out of me, Jayje. I'm going to forgive you temporarily for the wedding but once you get back from your honeymoon I'm not going to speak to you for at least 5 minutes," she vows.

JJ chuckles…then groans as it hurts her face. "I'm sorry, Pen. I promise to stop getting blown up."

"Hmph. Emily said she promised you the same thing. Not sure I can trust you to keep that promise any better than she did," Garcia says with a wink.

Just then, the object of their discussion walks in. JJ's eyes widen as much as they can with the swelling around her eyes. "Oh, God, Emily! Your face!"

The entire left side of Emily's face is swollen and bruised. There is a cut along her eyebrow with 5 blue stitches holding it closed. Emily manages a lop-sided grin.

"If you think I look bad, you should see the SUV." She walks over to the bed, leaning down to kiss JJ. "I love you."

"I love you, too. Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'll be fine. They gave me the good pain killers," she jokes.

"And everyone else? What happened to them?"

"Well, let's see. Rossi, Reid, and Traina are bruised and covered in about a hundred cuts of varying sizes and depths from the windows on their side of the building. Morgan took out the side view mirror of our Suburban and ended up with a huge gash across his forehead that took 14 stitches to close. Hotch and Peterson bounced off their Suburban. She broke two ribs. The right side of Hotch's face pretty much looks like the left side of mine." Emily laughs. "Our wedding pictures are going to look like someone's Halloween Haunted House nuptials."

JJ tries not to laugh but she can't help it. "Oh, ouch, God that hurts. You know…you're mother is going to kill you if she can't splash our pictures in all the society pages."

Emily grins. "Nah. She'll just have them PhotoShopped."

At 8 a.m. the battered and bruised (except for Garcia) BAU team is boarding their jet. Emily looks at JJ. "It's Thursday, Jen. You do realize this is our last night together as an unmarried couple?"

JJ nods. "Yep. We should be planning a night of wild abandon before we become an old married couple with boring married couple sex lives."

"Yep," Emily nods. After a second she glances at JJ. "If you even think of touching me I'll smack you."

"Back atcha, Prentiss. Right back atcha."

They laugh and try to find a comfortable position for the flight back home. The next night they would be staying at separate locations in preparation for their wedding on Saturday. Today they would be content to just be thankful they had both made it out of a madman's terror plot alive.

A/N: This seemed a pretty good place to end this one. It went a little longer than I'd originally thought so the wedding will be the next story. And, yes, I will be kind: no madmen, crazy exes, or cases. It will be just fun and fluff. Probably. ;o)

On a side note, with all the stuff I researched for this story (Semtex, the Anthrax Attacks of 2001, locations of FBI offices, etc.) I figure there is a Garcia-like person at the real FBI that has me on a watch list now. Lol