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The characters are as follows:

Koemi=Normal, Llyod=Bold, Jude=Italicize, Milla=underline

Tales of Character Popularity Poll Part 2


Koemi turned at the sound of her name being called only to see Lloyd running towards her as if he was being chased by a stampede.

"Lloyd? What is it?"

"What is going on?" Jude asked. He and Milla heard someone shouting so they came to check what is going on only to see Lloyd panting like a dog.

"Are we under attack?"


"Zelos *pant"


"Is it true!?"

"What's true?"

"That Zelos is above me!?"



"You go that way Lloyd? I...I didn't know."

"Eh? Really?"

"Wha-! No! Not like that!"

"So you are not a homosexual?"


"What is homosexual?"


"It's where a person like someone of the same sex. For example, Lloyd likes guys instead of girls."


"? Did I say something wrong?"


"So Lloyd likes boys instead of girls?"



"Really? I thought a man only falls in love with a woman?"

"Yeah, but they could also fall in love with other males too."


"Oi! Are you listening to me!"

"Then does Jude like other men as well?"



"I don't know. Do you Jude?"


"Really? But, then how do they reproduce children? As I recall, a man and a woman are the only ways you humans could reproduce?"

"Ah...well...*blush* You tell her Jude."

"Eh? Why me?"

"You are a medical student right?"


"So how do they reproduce?"


"OI! Listen to me! It's not that! I'm not a HOMO!"

"Eh? Then what is?"



"The poll! The poll! Why the heck am I below Zelos!?"




"The Tales of Popularity Poll." *Whips out laptop and showed them the popularity poll.* "It's a contest based on you guys. The fans vote on their favorite character and based on the results, it will show who is the most popular character."

"And it's between us?"


"How strange. You humans are strange."

"It's strange alright! WHY THE HELL IS ZELOS MORE POPULAR THAN ME!? I mean I got 5th place at the last poll right? So why did I dropped and below Zelos no less!? Because of that...because of that he wouldn't stop bothering me how I'm lower than him!"

"How should I know! Results don't lie!"

"Am I part of this contest of yours?"

"Of course. You got 6th place and not a bad place too. This is the first time you made it to the top 10 so, congratulations Milla!"

"Really? But I am not sure what I did to win a high place."

"Just don't mind the small stuff, the fact is that you made it to the Top 10."

"Ah I see. Arigatou."

"And Jude you got 10th place for your first popularity poll. Congratulations!"

"Eh? Really? I'm flattered. Thank you."

"This is wrong...ALL WRONG! I DEMAND A RECOUNT!"

"Wha!? I can't!"


"This is the official results! There is no way they could do a recount and I'm not in charge of it anyways!"

"Arrgh! Then I will have to do it!" *Grabs laptop*

"Hey! What do you think you're doing!? You're going to drop it!"

"If you can't do it then I will! How do you work this thing?" *Starts messing with the laptop*

"NO! My laptop! My baby! Give it back! You're going to break it!"

"Calm down Koemi."

"He's going to break it Jude! He's going to break my laptop!"

"What does this do?" Lloyd press a button and the screen then goes blank





"My...My laptop! What did you do!?"

"I didn't do anything!"

"You didn't do anything!? Then why did it shut down like that!?"

"I just press the button is all!"

"My laptop *T_T* My laptop. This is my only laptop."

"Che! That thing is a piece of junk anyway!"


"Eh? Koemi?"


"You ok? You're not mad are you?"


"Are you ok Koemi?"

"Lloyd, I think you should apologize."

"Why Jude? It couldn't be that bad. It's just a laptop. Right, Koemi?"

"*snap* *A huge fire appears*"

"C-c-c-calm down Koemi. There's no need to be violent."

"*Fire starts to get bigger*"

"Lloyd you should apologize."

"Eh?! But..."

"*Fire continues to get bigger*"


"Is that item really important?"

"N-N-N-Now calm down Koemi. It's not that bad right? You could just get a new one right?"





"It's not that bad huh? You could get a new one huh?





"Hehehe. Well, kids don't do this at home. If you borrow someone's things be sure to ask and don't break them."

"Who are you talking to Jude?"

"It's nothing Milla."

"You humans are so strange."

As mentioned above. Here is the official results:

6th place-Milla (her 1st time on the poll and part of the Top 10. Congratulations!)

10th place- Jude Mathias (Like Milla, it is his first time to be on the poll and to be part of the Top 10. Yay! I'm happy about this since I voted for him)

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Expect more on the third chapter.