By White Angel

No choice

You have freed me.

You swore your loyalty to me.

You betray me.

I know it, I can see it in your eyes, you're far away when I am near, you think about him. Is it him you want? Is that all I'm here for? So that you can get him back to warship you as I warship you?

And why does it hurt inside when I catch you doing this to me? I shouldn't care. There is no reason for me, this is unknown to me.

I am not made to love. I am a ruler, a warlord, I maim and kill, I hunt and rape, but even though it has crossed my mind, whenever I seriously thought about it, I realized, I could never kill you.

I have hurt you, repeatedly, but don't you see, it's all just because I'm confused.

I think I understand your precious Laures, for you I'd do anything, just as he does when it is concerning his Hilda. I want to chain you up, lock you in, hide you from the world, from him and his rotten self.

How could he throw you aside for that girl, how could he not appreciate your affection, your love?

I would, Titius, I would cherish you, I'd treat you well, as long as you'd remain mine and mine alone for all eternity. If only you could see, could feel my heart beat only for you. I'd take the world and lock it into a cage for you, if that is what you want, I'd do anything.

But you don't see, you're blinded by him, by this devil, and for that I will kill him.

I want to take that blindfold away from your eyes, beautiful, almost innocent looking eyes, but they show off your origin, it's the only part of you that I can see the demon in, the demon that you are.

I want to rip off your wings just to make you stay.

I hurt you.

I know I shouldn't, but as long as you don't see I don't have a choice.

Because I can't live without your strength, without your beauty and grace.

You betrayed me and I hurt you, it's an endless circle. But I want to break free, break the spell he has cast upon you to possess you whole, body, heart and soul.

You are bound to me, I won't let you go.

I'll beat the truth into you and make it up to you when you finally realize that I am the one who loves you, and not that bastard Laures. I will destroy him for taking you from me, from never letting me fully have you.

Your body is mine already and soon, very soon I will also have the rest of you.

What do I have to do?

I don't know, I have no choice.

I love you.