Note: This is just a summary of what happened to the gang later on. I was going to make an actual chp at first but I have lost all drive and ideas for this story.

I'm done and happy to be done with it. Sorry to disappoint you all.

I have been working on this story for forever. I spent a total of two years on this story, which is just crazy. I never spent so much time on a story.

I happy I was able to make it last as long as I did but now it's time to wrap things up and end it. This is the longest and most popular story I have ever created. I'm surprised and glad I was able to create this story and please so many readers with my imagination.

Thanks for reading and the support. Please, check out my channel to see some of my other stories. Thanks again. ;)


Bella and Edward got married and had a beautiful, healthy daughter named Vivian.

Alice and Jasper adopted a little boy and name him Seth.

Vivian and Seth became best friends.

Bella and Edward's parents support their decisions and come to visit their grandchild and son and daughter during the holidays, making a real effort to have a family gathering.

Bella still works at the library but decided to take her love of books a step further and write her own novel about her journey in life, finding love and finding herself along the way.

Edward became a music teacher, continuing his love of music and is trying to teach his 7 year old daughter how to play the piano.

Edward finally gets the family, love, the fulfillment he has sought out for.

Everyone lives happily ever after.

The end!