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NOTE: This is just a bunch of drabble. Faberry drabble. I got a bunch of random words and those will be my prompts!

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Prompt #1: Butterscotch.


Rachel sighed contentedly, lying against the rough bark of the old oak tree. The dictionary was oh so wrong. This moment, was perfection. Quinn by her side, she felt the blonde lean in close, their lips inches apart. Quinn pulled her into a slow, languid kiss, their mouths moving together seamlessly, flawlessly. Rachel felt like she would never get used to how utterly perfect Quinn was, never get used to the feel of the blonde's lips on hers.

Quinn's hand came to rest on her hip, hazel eyes taking in brown. She couldn't think of anyone she loved more. After… Finn. When he kissed her it'd never felt that right. The infamous "Finchel", as their classmates had dubbed them, broke up halfway through junior year. Quinn had confessed her crush– undying love, rather– at the end of that year. The summer leading to senior year was coming to an end and Rachel had yet to confess the same. Still deep in thought, she'd failed to notice that she'd been staring at the blonde the whole time. A blush crept onto her cheeks.

Quinn cocked her head to the side, "What?" she whispered.

"Nothing, just…thinking." she replied, staring out at the view from where they were sitting, in a nook in the top of a tree in the Quinn's backyard.

"'Bout what?"

"Us… You."

Quinn grins and closes her eyes, leaning back next to the diva.

Fishing in her pocket, Rachel pulls out a butterscotch candy. She untwists the wrapper with care, slipping it in her mouth and moaning at the taste.

Quinn's eyes flick open instantly at the sound, her gaze landing on the girl next to her. "What was that?"

"Candy!" Rachel mutters around it.

Quinn almost closes the distance between them, "Mind if I have a taste?" She can feel the brunette's breath on her lips.

Just before Rachel can close the gap, Quinn wrinkles her nose and pulls away. "Butterscotch? Gross!"

"Really Quinn? Of all the things you don't like… Butterscotch?" Quinn's never been this adorable. Damn butterscotch. She pauses, "Can I ask you something?"


"What would you say if I told you that was the most adorable thing I've ever seen?

Quinn can't help the genuine smile that is plastered across her face. "I would say that you haven't seen anything yet."

"And… how would you react if I told you I loved you?"

"And butterscotch made you tell me this? Maybe you should have it more often..."

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