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Here is what happened last time on BF:

1. Edward's point of view of what happened while Bella is kidnapped

2. Edward is starting to lose himself to Blood Grief

3. The Cullen Coven regroups and tries to work out who had taken Bella

4. They use Gael's and Kam's contacts to work out what kind of vampire was visiting Forks

5. They work out it was the Petrov Coven. Dun-dun-DUN!

Anyway, hope you enjoy this!

Daphne and Apollo: Part 2

It was two weeks ago when Bella first asked me for help. Bella lay on her stomach on my bed, studying for a French test for the next day. Scratching out vocab lists, her quiet curses drifted to my ears. "Why the fuck do the French make things feminine and masculine? Because socks are such feminine objects…" she muttered under her breath, completely unaware how I was watching her from where I sat by the headboard, trying to read while she studied. But her little curses were far more entertaining than father's break down of the recent market figures for Vitality.

She huffed a strand of reddish brown hair out of her face, her hair pulled back in a messy bun. Tapping her pen, she began mouthing the French nouns off her tongue, trying to etch them into her memory with a creased brow and biro stained fingers. On the back of her left hand I saw scribbles of reminders and memos she wrote herself during the day, scrappy tattoos that stained her skin blue. She scratched her cheek, huffed again and said, "can you help me?"

I blinked, masking my surprise as she now turned to look at me, eyebrow quirked in a question. She seemed unaware of what she had just done, tapping her pen on the page while continuing to say, "I swear this stuff is just not absorbing, no matter what I do."

I smiled, moving the documents off to the side and drawing myself closer, "how do you want me to help?' I asked, secretly rejoicing at this new development.

She huffed (she did that a lot when she was frustrated with homework) and said, "you speak French don't you? Its one of your amazing vampire super powers isn't it?"

I chuckled, "how about you give me the list and I'll test you. See what you do know and what you don't know, if that's the case I'll give you a way to remember it."

Relief relaxed her face and she smiled those smiles that showed a softer part of her, "Thanks, I really need to get this test right." She eyed the formal documents, "I'm not interrupting shit am I? Looks important."

"You can always ask me for help," I said quietly, picking up her notes and skimming through them. She rolled onto her back, stretching and popping her back as I said even quieter that she didn't hear, "I am always here for you."

I can't help thinking now that I lied.

Every time I said those words, I lied.

Gripping the damaged wall for support, I took a deep breath. The others were already discussing what next to do.

"The Petrov Coven wouldn't have made a move without a base here in Italy," Gael's Hunter mind was continuously working as she got up and began to pace. "We think that their main centre for operations is in St Michael's Castle in St Petersburg which is way too far out for the Petrovs. Vlad and Stef are way too much the control freaks to let just the lackeys deal with something as important as the kidnapping of a rival coven's consort."

Jasper was nodding, "you're right. They'd have looked to buy a property in the near vicinity."

"But that doesn't make any sense," Rose said, dark circles marring her usually perfect skin, but she had stubbornly stayed up all night, "wouldn't the Volturi know that the Petrov had a house in their territory? It would be way too dangerous for them, why risk it for one girl?"

"Not if you use your lackey's businesses as aliases to buy houses under," Gael said quickly, her eyes sparkling with fervour. "What if we were to hack into their financial records? Find out if they had bought any properties in Italy."

"How easy will that be?" I asked, rubbing my mouth, trying to hide how my hands were trembling.

First sign of Blood Grief: the shakes.

"Kevin is a legend," Gael said simply, grabbing her phone and dialling the same number as before.

Gael's loud exuberance when replying to a grumpy Kevin again was even more grating than it was before. I shut out Gael's cajoling of the whiney computer hacker and focused instead on the tiny sliver of hope we had. I wandered away from the others, their bright voices and loud actions grating on me, pressing heavy on my chest.

I slipped quietly away into our bedroom for the first time, pulling off my tie and throwing it onto the bed, my jacket quickly following it. A blade of fresh gold sun sliced through the dust motes falling onto her side of the bed. Her pyjamas were scattered across the bed linen, her most recent book splayed on top, the spine near to falling to pieces.

Fingernails biting into my palms I circled the bed, coming close to the slice of light that barred me from her things. I stopped at this incorporeal barrier. Needle sharp pain sliced through me as I caught a breath of her scent. Fresh apples gilded with winter snow. Sharp, distinctive, unique.

To block it out my fist thrust itself into the white gold knife of light. My skin sizzled and bubbled, the pain like an animal barrelling terrified away from a forest fire through my body. The skin began to charcoal but I didn't let my hand drop, feeling the pain get greater. Anything to block the crackle of the flawed Tie and the fresh wave of increasing anguish that would rise with every mouthful of her scent.

Smoke curled in the air making her scent sour and rot. My stomach turned and the beast inside bayed for blood. When you find them, it hissed, rip out their hearts and turn them to mince in your hands while they still beat. Show them what you can do. Show them what happens when they take what is yours.

I found myself smiling in agreement, the echo of iron and salt in my mouth sweetly making my teeth elongate and the snarl build in my throat. The pain from the sun seemed to give me strength to my resolve and I let it snowball with the sparkling fury that threatened to bowl me over.

I wanted it to take me over.

It was about to take me over.


Emmett slammed me against the window shutters, snapping my hand out of the sunlight. He grabbed my face with both hands around my jaw and said, "Look at me Edward. Look at me."

My big brother's voice sounded terrified, something I had never heard him be before, not since we were children. The beast roared about him trying to stop us from our divine right as a consort to gain our blood. He suggested killing him, slaughtering for the sake of Bella, our Bella.

Part of me coldly considered the idea. That reptilian part of me that didn't care for anyone or anything. Only blood.

But then Emmett's voice shattered through, "Remember when we were younger and we went on our first hunting trip together without father? Remember how mush fun we had, how free we felt? Do you remember running with us?"

I did. I remembered flying over the greenery and through the trees, feeling the wind rush past me, hearing my brother's laughter and their goads that they could run faster than me, that they could catch more prey than me. The taunts were playful and we had ended up wrestling it out in a massive puddle of mud by a huge waterfall in the middle of the forest.

The memory cooled the rage that threatened to blind me. I finally looked into the dark eggplant eyes of my brother, his usually cheerful face creased in worry. "You ok Eddie?"

Using the nickname I hated helped to reduce the red haze that clouded my vision. I took a deep breath, finally acknowledging the burn in my fist. I looked down and saw the rapidly healing yet tender red flesh of my hand. "You were down to the bone man," Emmett said, also eyeing my hand.

"Yes," I said dazedly, not really computing any of it.

What had just happened? It couldn't be Blood Grief; it never came on this quick for other vampires. It took weeks after a consort had been taken. The only thing that brought on instant Blood Grief was consort death. And I would have known if Bella had died, that is for sure.

This accelerated rate of insanity terrified me.

I glanced up at Emmett, pleading with him, running my hands through my hair. "What's happening to me?"

I slid down the shutters, knees up and hands on my head. "I wanted to kill you Emmett," I whispered hoarsely, horror chasing through my veins, "I wanted to slaughter anyone who got in my way."

He knelt down in front of me, his eyes fixed on me, "Edward, its not you. You know its not you. Its the beast that makes you think those things. The Blood Grief brings it out, you know that. You can't let it take over now. We can find her. I promise you we can find her."

"You have no idea, though," I growled, tugging at the ends of my hair, "its feels like I'm about to implode at any moment. A slightest word from anybody and I could…" I didn't finish, not wanting to encourage the possibilities.

Emmett rubbed at his mouth, sighing through his nose, "I can't imagine. None of us can."

Desperation welled in me and I reached forward, grabbing the lapels of his suit, "Help me. Help me last until I find her," I begged him, my hands trembling so much they were shaking him.

He didn't allow pity to show in his eyes, but it was plain in his thoughts. He gripped my shoulders and said in that deep sincere voice, "I promise."

He gripped the back of my neck and forced me into a hug, pulling me into his broad body. I brought my arms around his shoulders and held tight to my big brother, trying not to keep a hold on what was real.

When he pulled away he said, "Gael and Kam have the financial records. We're going to check on their purchases in relation to Italy. You can come through and help."

I nodded, taking a deep breath and allowing him to help me up. "Don't say to the others," I said to him, "they won't let me help, they'll put me in quarantine." I looked at him again desperately, hating that it had come to this, "I have to find her."

Emmett's thoughts were in turmoil but his answer was final.

"For you brother, anything."


Bella's time was running out.

Checking financial records of the thousand companies related to the Petrov Coven took another day.

Before we had even started however, there came a knock at our door. The Denalis and Bells were outside, consorts and all. The leaders, Alistair and Nikita bowed to Carlisle, as a sign of respect and said, "we offer our help to find one of your own."

My throat thickened as Carlisle nodded and allowed them in. Only the pregnant Maggie wasn't there but there was still a huge turnout. Agatha, sat down quietly opposite me, her Jack following onto the seat next to her and smiled wanly at me. She whispered, so only Jack and I could hear, "I'm sorry she got taken."

Jaw clenched I didn't let out a word, Jack said nothing as well, hand settled on her shoulder. She continued, hands twisting in her lap, "she was nice to me."

My nails cutting into my palms, I could only nod. I then acted like I was fascinated in the documents before me so I wouldn't speak.

The shutters were closed, laptops were clacked on, nobody talked. Alice had finally gotten up in tears, "I didn't see anything! Not one dream about her. I didn't see-" her voice continued to babble and Jasper tried to console her.

This in the end wasn't really a surprise. There was a theory that the Petrov had among them a shield that made it impossible to track their movements through any sort of supernatural power. Alice's loss of sight was therefore not the first to happen in regards to the Petrov coven.

I focused more solely on tracking the purchases made by the various companies within Italy. A map was spread across the main dining room table and every time we discovered a new house bought we marked it on the map.

I found that the more I concentrated the less my muscles twitched, the less the beast hissed nasty suggestions into my head. I could feel Emmett's eyes on the back of my head, watching my every move. He kept his promise and no one knew that the onset of Blood Grief was already in motion.

Unless the consort was actually dead, the Blood Grief came on over a slow amount of time. I had a feeling that the accelerated onset was due to the faulty Tie. It made sense: mentally I had no strong connection with her so the lack of physical connection was bound to trigger Blood Grief. As the time ticked by, the more it pressed on my temples, crackling along my nervous system.

Aro's 'sympathetic' visit as night fell again was not welcome.

"How goes the search for the lovely Isabella?" he said as he came unannounced into our chambers, breezing along in his usual ethereal manner.

One look at the Hunters on the couch and he said with a voice that would chill the air in Antarctica, "Get the Hunters out of my sight. Their presence at the Assembly I can barely tolerate but in my very presence: I would rather roll with werewolves."

Gael's face turned pink but she pressed her lips together, while Kam gathered all of their stuff together, tugging Gael along. They left, the door of their bedroom snapping behind them.

Aro glanced over the general chaos of the room, papers scattered, bottles of blood and half eaten food forgotten on tables. "I see you are working hard to find the little phoenix?"

That nickname made my blood boil, the images flashing in Aro's head at the very thought of her were sick-inducing. His concern for her was only that if he would lose an interest, a pass time. He also knew that if he was to lose us as a coven, he would lose the pressure he'd been building on the Petrovs from the East.

His guard began to infiltrate the room, circling around us, nostrils flared in scent tracking for danger to their master as their black forms starkly contrasted with the light coloured wallpaper.

I clenched my fist as one of them came close to our room. The door was ajar, and even I from my position at the table at least 10 feet away could smell her perfume wafting from the crack. The vampire in question drifted close to the door, his fingers inches from the doorknob.

The growl came without permission, the beast roaring life again, clawing on the inside of my ribcage, begging for one shot.

The guard took a step back and Aro giggled, "someone a little tense, Edward?"

His hand was on my shoulder, leeching all the warmth out of me. I didn't dare shrug him off, even as much as I wanted to. "I understand, dear Edward. It is painful to lose someone who is so close to your heart."

Tone mocking, I turned to see his gleaming bone smile. That cold cold part of me noted with detached distaste that this decrepit old vampire was the sole reason I had had to bring Bella to this place. With clarity I saw the greenish-grey veins in his temple and along his wrists.

Weaknesses, pressure points, they flickered through my head like flames behind a screen. Which would kill him quicker, which would cause less of a scene. They entertained me for a moment before I tossed them aside. They were of no advantage to me at that point. Instead I smiled, cool and soft, letting him know that he far from threatened me. "I'm dealing with it," glancing back at the spread of paper and the laptop in front of me, "it is the only thing you can do."

Aro's voice fluttered with insincere compassion, "it would be a great loss to lose such a flame as Bella. Any leads on where she is?"

His voice turned venomous as his mind became consumed with the idea that someone had managed to sneak into his territory, a direct threat to him.

Carlisle was quick to answer, a long stream of what we had found out over the past days, leaving out a few things, such as the Union's breaking of the Code. Aro's guard could easily lynch Gael and Kam if they ever found out.

I continued to scan through financial records until I heard Aro's retreating voice along with my father, "find out who did this, Carlisle. I'm not having Volturi seen as weak because of one of yours. You are therefore excused from all assembly duties until this is dealt with."

When the door snapped behind them, I could barely contain my scream.


"Alright," Jasper eyed the map spread, a few hours after Aro's visit, "what have we got?"

"Well... it looks like we got a safehouse in nearly every corner of Italy," Gael said, standing next to him, "clever bastards are trying to get us off the right path."

"How do we know which one is the right one?" Rose said, eyes shining on the verge of tears.

She ran her fingers through her hair as I looked closer at the map, red dots sprinkled between mountains and rivers. "There must be a way to check them, check them all."

I glanced at father, "how many associates do you have in Italy and where are they?"

We were getting closer, the more time wore on, I was getting close to her. But at the same time, the Blood Grief was getting worse. Looking up at the mirror above one of the dressers in the living room, I saw my eyes were red rimmed, the inside of my ears a slightly darker red as the Bleeds were on the verge of beginning. I'd noticed my fingernails were starting to grow a little faster than normal, sharpening to points.

Blood Grief turns you into the monster of human myth.

Carlisle was quick to respond, "of course, to keep me updated with the real situation within the Volturi, and at different posts within Italy." I didn't need to say it, "we need to start calling them, make them check up on the addresses and do it quickly." Glancing around the room he said, "Bella does not have much time left."

His reminder of this tensed everybody in the room and with speed, began to write down the numbers for all the associates he had in Italy. People were assigned numbers and that was when the calling began but not before my father took me off to the side to have a 'word'.

He took me to mine and Bella's room and made me look into his eyes, his eyes a dark ombre.

"When did the Blood Grief start to effect you?"

The question was direct, without preamble.

I couldn't hide the shakes, the beast clicking his claws on the bars of his cage, I had to dab away at the blood starting to trickle from the corners of my eyes, ears and nose.

I couldn't hide it from him. Not from Doctor Carlisle Cullen, who specialised in vampire physiology.

"Almost as soon as Bella was taken," I said hoarsely, trying to keep calm.

I was sure he was going to have me locked up. My father, always emotionally distant, he treated my brothers and me as heirs and nothing more. He had no use for a son lost to Blood Grief.

His face was grim as he took my hand and pressed something into my palm, "take these. They're a new treatment I'm working on. They should slow it for a little while but not stop it. It should give you time."

The pills he'd given me were small and yellow. His simple explanation was enough at the time. And in his thoughts, were memories of me growing up. And a wish to lose none of it.

That information left me without speech.

He left me with the words "We'll find her for you son," and silently he walked away.

I stood frozen for a second, still trying to understand what had just happened. I never thought my father cared. It was not unheard-of for vampire fathers to not pay much attention to their sons. Offspring were sometimes viewed as a means to an end, and there was no need to invest more than you needed to in them. But this show of mercy revealed something different. My father did care, he just didn't show it until it was needed.

I finally dry swallowed the pills and felt the effect instantly. The shakes slowed, the blood from my ears and eyes stopped flowing and the beast's whispers became quieter. Not silenced but certainly easier to deal with.

I took another deep breath and took one more look at the Tie. Still static, still white noise. Clenching my fist, I walked out of our room, smoothing my hair back. Phones were glued to people's ears as they phoned to every corner of Italy, searching for that one address, the one house that held Bella trapped.

We were close. But time was not our friend.


"Found it!"

The words rang out at six o'clock, with relief evident in each syllable, shouted by Rose.

We all jerked up from the tired and defeated positions we had began to take as all the addresses turned up blank. But as Rose hurried to the map, phone still in hand, new hope began to furl in my chest, silencing the building whispers of the beast inside. I watched as Rose pointed to the Italian Lakes. "She's here," she said breathlessly, "Bella is here. The guy said the place is crawling with troops of the Petrov coven. He said he even caught a glimpse of one of the Brides. She's there, she has to be."

Carlisle reached for the phone, beckoning for it. "Let me speak to him."

Rose handed over the phone without a word and Carlisle began to question the man more thoroughly, "Are you sure Lester? realise we can't make any mistakes...have you actually seen the girl?...Tanya herself? Were you able to hear...the cars did they have the insignia on them?...yes? You think you saw or you know you saw?..." Finally a break in questioning and Carlisle said, "good work Lester, expect a reward."

Phone snapped shut he said, "she is there." Eyes snapping around the room he began to fire orders. "Four cars will go. Edward, you will go in the first car with me Gael and Kam. Emmett and Jasper will go in the second car with the rest of our men, Bell vampires in the third and the Denalis in the fourth. Consorts will stay behind, we will not risk another Bella."

There was a cry of protest from the consorts present but they were lost in the uproar after Carlisle's speech. Everyone bolted from the room, running through the halls to gather our cars. I followed them, hope and fear spreading through me. We were finally there. We finally found her.

But were we too late?


The cars were ready just as the sun was setting. As everyone filled the courtyard, ready to tear across the country, my mother took me to one side. Her gaze was soft and she cupped my face, "Whatever happens, you are still my son."

My eyes burned and I nodded, pressing my lips into her forehead. She held me for a moment before letting me go, gesturing towards the cars. "Go, find her."

With one last squeeze of her hand, I pulled away, heading for the first car in the line up. Taking shotgun, I settled into the seat, watching as my father started the car, Gael and Kam getting into the back. "We'll drive as fast as we can. It is just as well we are going as night is falling, less people on the roads." He pulled the car out the courtyard, speeding away from the castle, the others following in quick pursuit.

The tinted windows filtered out the sun's deadly UV rays but it didn't shelter out the view of the three sole figures on the castle turrets, watching us drive away.

The sun finally dipped below the horizon as we sped away from Volterra and onwards to Lake Garda. I watched as the landscape sped past us, as the others discussed strategies on how to infiltrate the stronghold with minimal damage.

I just thought about how I would find Bella. I thought about what I would do when I finally had her with me. Would she be changed? Would she have lost her fight? That thought repulsed me but I knew it was a possibility. A lot could happen in three days. I wanted to believe she was ok but the chances of that were so slim. It was also unimaginable. Bella without her spirit was not Bella. I'd love her all the same, but I'd miss the girl who flipped me the bird when we first met.

I'd dreamed of our future. I'd dreamed of what it would be like when she loved me as much as I did her. I dreamed of travelling the world with her, showing her the marvels just so I could watch the smiles on her face. I dreamed of faceless children and laughter. I dreamed of eternity.

It seemed so unfair it could be snatched from us.

Night began to pass into utter darkness as we drove on, the hours slipping past. I gathered from the others that they lanned to surround the property before storming it by surprise hopefully to find Bella amongst the fray. It was last minute and desperate, but it was the best we had in the time limit.

It had to work. I was going to make it work.

When we arrived, Carlisle, Alistair and Nikita directed all of us to surround the huge beautiful property that was nestled next to the glittering black waters of the lake. I could hear people inside, murmurs of conversation in a different language. Nothing out of the ordinary, but my eyes became focused on the lights in the main house. Which room was she in? Was she in there at all? I tried to find her scent but the place was crawling with vampires, masking whatever scents might be there.

But suddenly, just when we all were in position, fear wild and without a source barreled through me. It clawed my insides, blasting all previous thought out of my head. I choked and Jack who was with me grabbed my convulsing form, "Edward you alright?"

I couldn't answer as abruptly I felt like I was being yanked from outside the safe house walls to inside them.

"We have a gift from the Master!"

Panting, swearing, struggling. Every muscle in her ached. Her head throbbed, voice ripping with screams, the cool night air a soft contrast to the ropy muscles that held her tight.

She was petrified. She was on the verge of giving up.

Without thought I sent out three things I knew would keep her going.

Keep fighting.

Keep fighting, my beautiful girl.

I'm coming.

The Tie snapped back, sparking and crackling from that brief moment of clarity. I gasped, finally hearing the muffled struggles from over the wall.

She was there and she needed me.

"Edward, you can't go yet," Jack's voice was trembling, "don't, not yet. You're no good to her dead!"

Jack somehow knew as he pulled me back from vaulting the wall, "wait for the signal. Wait!"

I growled and snapped at him, willing him to take his fucking hands off of me. Bella was in danger. The Girl who Ran cannot run from this.

Finally the shrill whistle blew, Jack let me go. I crawled up the wall, hope and rage a bittersweet mixture in my stomach. I streaked through the garden and out of the corner of my eyes I saw the others follow, taking down the guards that were in our way. I snapped the neck of one that stepped into my path, snarling loudly before I silenced him.

That was when I smelt the apples and snow, so out of place in this garden of Mediterranean flowers. My head snapped up and I saw a large hulking vampire, carrying something shouting and struggling in his grasp. I distinctly heard the struggling something say in a voice painfully familiar, "Cullen will gut you alive but not before I will with a motherfucking rusty fork!"

The smile came unbidden but it was gone in a flash as I ran readying myself for the revenge I wanted. Speeding across silently so that I was right behind him, I heard his reply: "We'll see about that." The vampire's thoughts made me want to bring his death with slow torture but my main priority was to have Bella in my arms.

My hands crawled over his ribcage and I said with deliberate clarity, "Yes, I think we will see."

With a crack and a crunch, my hands crushed his chest, mashing his lungs and heart into a messy pulp. As she dropped to the ground, his load dropped into my arms.

"Bella," I whispered tangling my arms with her body, smoothing over it in a way of bringing me back to her, "Bella." Her eyes glittered in the overhead light and her hair tumbled away from her face in messy tangles. But she was the exact same as before. I felt the Blood Grief drop away as Bella tangled herself with me, head pressed to my chest.

"You came," she gasped, her breath hitching with relief.

"I am never letting you go," I pulled her head away so I could look directly into her eyes, "never."

I then kissed her eyelids, cheeks, forehead, nose, anything that was Bella. I finally then took her mouth, bringing her home, bringing me home, her tears making it salty sweet.

I found her.

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