Truly one lucky dog

Gian yawned and stretched out his arms, his tired expression turned into a sinister expression that would make even a ruthless killer shiver. Giulio knocked on Gian's door "hey, are ya awake yet?" Giulio asked "yeah, I 'am" Gian answered. Ivan stomped past Giulio and busted through the door; a cigarette hanging from his mouth. Ivan grabbed Gian's pajama shirt and picked him up by it "wake the heck up!" Ivan said in a dangerous voice. Luchino walked in and growled "what's wrong Luchi- what happen to your hair didn't use to be pink?" "I dyed it green like mine~" Bernardo came in grinning.

Bernardo sneaked over to Giulio, planning to dye his purple hair green "don't even think about it" Giulio said in a calm but frightening voice. Ivan was still yelling at Gian, telling him to get up (even though he was already awake). Soon everyone was yelling at each other, not really arguing over anything. Bernardo started to play with his hair and make unnecessary plane sounds. Gian sighed and thought to himself 'I guess I'm truly one lucky dog' Gian thought sarcastically.

End :D I hope you liked it~