It's dark outside a house in Lawrence Kansas surrounded by trees. The story you know, is not the whole story. Inside the house Mary Winchester and her son Dean are putting Mary's baby son Sam to bed. You have been told that 22 years ago Mary Winchester died trying to protect her youngest son. Mary kisses Sam goodnight but does not walk out of the room. Instead she walks across it to a second crib. She kisses a second baby, wrapped in a pink blanket. What you were not told is that there was another.

The scene is 6 years later at a boarding school in Pennsylvania. John Winchester is bent over a strawberry blonde haired girl who is frowning. Dean is leaning against the Impala, and Sam is seated in the backseat. John hands the girl her backpack and slips a silver charmed bracelet on her wrist. A nun takes the girl's hand and leads her away. My father, in his quest to avenge my mother's death raised my brothers to be hunters. He could not or would not do the same to me. I, who resembled my mother with each passing day, was sent from his sight and raised in a normal life, with instructions to leave the Winchester name behind me. I was a disobedient child.

The scene shifts to 13 years later. The girl is now 18. She is packing the same backpack with clothes, a map, stakes, and an old looking book. She straps a knife to her belt and pulls on a leather jacket. The nun from before is standing in the door to her room. She puts her hands on the girl's shoulders and then takes her hand. Her charm bracelet falls off and the nun picks it up and places it in girl's hand. She folds her fingers over it and places it against her heart. My father abandoned me, thinking he was doing what was best for me. He could raise his sons in this life without guilt, but to raise Mary Winchester's daughter to be exactly like her mother, he would not allow for fear of the same fate. He believed I would be safe if he simply let me go. He was wrong.

Four years later.

A beat-up black pick-up truck rolls into a bar and stops. The driver kills the engine and jumps out. She's pale with a medium build, wavy strawberry-blonde hair pinned back from her face, and striking blue eyes. She pulls a leather jacket and a black backpack from the truck and walks inside, slipping her keys into the front pocket of her baggy blue jeans. She throws open the doors to the bar and heads straight for the counter.

"You Ellen?" The bartender, a middle age woman with long dirty blonde hair turns around. "You pulled me out of pretty dicey gig back up in Boston, so you better have something good for me."

Ellen smirks, putting her hands flat on the bar as she stares at the girl. "You look just like her. Wasn't expecting that." She smiles.

"Just like who?"

"Your mama."

"My m…you knew my mother?" The girl's quiet but arrogant demeanor changes instantly. Her eyes bright up and there's a hint of a smile on her face.

"Sorry honey." As quickly as it came the excitement is gone, and the girl frowns for a moment, her eyes going back to their dull, deep blue shade. "But I know your daddy."

There is a slight bit of redemption in her eyes when Ellen mentions her father. The girl smirks. "When you said you knew who I was I didn't think you meant you knew who I really was."

"Are you kidding? John Winchester is a bit of a legend. So when I hear about this girl going by the name of Winchester. Hear her latest story is she took out a nest of vampires by herself. I connected the dots."

"You ask my father about me?"

"I haven't spoken to your daddy in a long time, kid."

"So why did you call me?"

"You wanna know where your brothers are, right? I know the guy who can help you." Ellen passes a piece of paper to the girl. She looks down at it and then back up at Ellen. "The phone is over there." She nods to the side.

The girl rushes to the payphone and throws in a handful of change. She dials quickly and holds her breath. "Yeah?" A gruff voice on the other end picks up. "Speak up already."


"Who is this?"

"You're not gonna believe me till you see me. I'm in Nebraska, but I'll be down to Sioux Falls in 2 days. Wait for me."

"Who the hell is this?"

"You'll know when you see me." She hangs up the phone with a renewed hope. Her eyes are bright again, and Ellen does not fail to notice. She crosses her arms as she looks at the girl whose fishing for her keys. "Thanks." She says with a slight wave as she hurries back to her truck.

Two days later the girl is standing in front of Singer's Auto Salvage. She looks haggard, like she hasn't slept in days, and she gets out of the truck she reaches into her backpack for a handgun. It's insurance. She hasn't seen Bobby in 14 years and she knows he's the shoot first and ask questions later type. She takes off her sunglasses and tucks the gun into the waistband of her jeans, covering it with her leather jacket. "Bobby?" She calls as she takes a step into the yard. As expected Bobby Singer comes out with shotgun drawn, pointed at the girl. "Is that any way to treat John Winchester's daughter?" She holds up her hands and the silver charm bracelet glistens in the fading sunlight. Bobby squints and then his eyes widen in realization. "I'm not Dean, Bobby, you can put the damn gun down." She moves her hair out of her face and turns to meet Bobby's eyes. Bobby lowers the gun and walks over to her. "Hey."

"Jamie Cameron Winchester what in the hell are you doing here?" His voice is more shocked than anything else. She looks exactly like John's old photograph of Mary, except her hair has some red to it. She's Sam's twin sister but Bobby can already sense its Dean she takes after. He never imagined the 8 year old girl he helped John find a place for would be standing before him now. He thought she'd be in school, maybe married, anywhere and anything but the sharp eyed hunter she was. He offered her his arm and she entwined hers with his as they walked up to the house.

"Well to answer your question, I've been looking for Dean. He's harder to track down then my father. Now rumor has it that Sam's back in the life. I was wondering if you knew where they are or where they're headed."

"I should have known you'd be looking those idjits. Last I heard your daddy was been missing for awhile, Dean and Sam hooked up to find him. Dean's been looking for you too. He was trying to track down a certain hunter by the name of Jace Winchester when John went missing. He couldn't find you so he went to get Sam."

"Dean's been looking for me? I didn't know that. I hadn't heard anything about Dean trying to find me. I talked to Jefferson and Joshua both about three months ago and then didn't say a damned thing to me. Did my father know?"

"Of course not. He made those boys swear up and down they'd never ask about you after your daddy left you at that convent. Told them it was for your own good. Nice to see John's plan blew up in his face."

He led her into his study and moved some books off the table. "I take it you and my father weren't on the best of terms after your last meeting."

"I take the fact that you refer to him as "my father" means you haven't been on the best of terms with him in the last 14 years."

"Tends to happen when someone abandons their kid. Now, about my brothers?" Bobby started rifling through some papers. "You looking for a hot spot?"

"No, Dean's cellphone number." He started looking through a different pile. "Uh, damnit where did I put it? Well, you know what I know your old man's by heart and his voicemail has Dean's number."

"No, Bobby don't!" Bobby stopped and looked at the 22 year old blonde who shook her head. "What if he picks up? What he calls back and wonders why you called him? I don't want him to know I'm around. I don't. Not yet."

Jamie suddenly winced slightly. She rubbed her temple. 'You okay?" Bobby walked over to her side.

"I've been getting these headaches the last couple of months." She rubs her head again and then stops and looks at Bobby. "Lawrence? Lawrence, Kansas."

"What did you say?"

"I…I don't know. I just got this really weird feeling that's where they're heading."

"A feeling?"

"Yeah, I can't explain it, but it's like I had this connection to them all of a sudden. I have to go Bobby. I have to see if that's where they are." She grabs a piece of paper and a pen off the desk and scribbles down a number. "This is my number; if they contact you give it to them. I've got to go, Bobby. I've got to put my family back together." She hands him the piece of paper without another word and hurries out the door before Bobby can protest.