They travelled the centuries together. Eygpt, Greece, Rome, Germania, the Mayan Empire, the Ming Dynasty, the empire of the Monguls, France under Charlemagne, on and on so that to Jamie it seemed never ending. She met the prophets on down through history, some of them tied to her by blood, the rest by sight. They all recognized her immediately, and they all talked of her power in a way that sent chills down her spine. But a shadow and a doubt grew in the hunter's mind.

Not one of them talked of the price of knowing what should be lived before it's seen. Not one of them seemed to understand that she walked through hell with her brother, felt every stripe of his wounds until it made her sick and weak. In the first days after Dean's death she couldn't walk across the room without collapsing. She hid it as well as she could from Sam and Bobby, feigning grief instead of pain. It would have been the same every moment a drop of demon blood touched Sam's lips had Cas not shown her how to control it. Her awakening had given her some minor control, it dulled the pain, but it never left her. Cas had taken her to Heaven to numb the effects of the cage, but even in Heaven, full of grace, she carried the darkness that had staked a claim in the hearts of her brothers. Bound to them, both of them, until the night the angels fell.

"Where are we now?" Jamie turned around. They were standing on the sidewalk of a busy street. But it was clearly not her time. Old style cars and men in trenchcoats flew past. AJ stood in front of a door, but he glanced over at her and smiled. "1950s?" She asked, walking over to him. "Earlier?"

AJ's eyes drifted over to the door and Jamie's followed. She gasped softly. The aquarian star lay upon the door. "The Men of Letters. Are we going to meet my grandfather?" There was a hint of excitement in her voice.

A few seconds later the door opened and Henry Winchester stepped out. He tipped his hat to Jamie with a smile. "You must be Jamie." He said with a smile. "I'm Henry. Henry Winchester."

"Actually, we've already met." Jamie moved her hair back from her face staring up at her grandfather. He looked confused for a moment and Jamie shook her head. "Don't worry about it."

He nodded. "Let's take a walk." He held his hand out towards the street and offered the psychic his other arm. Jamie took his arm and followed him down the street towards the park in the middle of the city. "I'm told you've come to hear about prophets."

Jamie nodded. "That's why I'm here. What do the Men of Letters know?"

Henry chuckled a little. "What don't we? Prophets are hand chosen by God himself. Some are gifted with speech, others with visions, others to write, and some are just there to listen."

"God himself? Not the archangels, Michael?"

"Michael likes to think that he has a special connection to the prophets, that he rules over them. He, Raphael, and Gabriel, they were instructed to protect the prophets, one of God's last orders before he left Heaven. Or so it's written."

"Just protect?" Jamie asked softly glancing at her grandfather.

"Well, there is the Voice." Henry replied, though he wasn't looking at her. "It's one of the oldest prophecies. You see Michael and Lucifer, the apocalypse, they must take vessels. Michael's vessels have a bloodline, Lucifer's is hand chosen at birth but the prophecies seem to say it will be the brother of Michael's vessel. Only right that they would do battle as brothers."

Jamie closed her eyes and shook away the memories of the apocalypse. Adam. His soul was long since released, reincarnated in her son, but his body was still in the cage with Lucifer and Michael, never to be released. She hesistated to think of Adam without his soul, memories of Sam soulless returning. "What does that have to do with the Voice?" She finally asked.

"The Voice is born of the same womb, sired by the same father. A daughter of the bloodline of Michael."

"His right hand."

"In a way, yes. She is foretold to aid Michael in his fight against Lucifer. She will narrate the final battle and then sit at Michael's right hand in paradise. God's mouthpiece on earth." A shuddered went through Jamie's body as she remembered when she was called from exile. Her hair dark as the feather of a raven, her skin icy pale, eyes blue as sapphires, clothed in a simple black dress and holding a leatherbond book. The end of the gospel of Winchester writing itself as she spoke, watching Michael and Lucifer prepare for battle. The power that had surged through her in that moment.

"But why. Why the Voice?" She finally asked.

"Because redemption and damnation are born of a womb, not of a man. The daughter of Michael's bloodline, the sister of Lucifer's vessel. She is the mother of the future, whether it be good or evil. She has the final say."

Jamie sucked her breath in sharply. The world around her began to swim. She has the final say. Michael and Lucifer. The battle. Refusing to narrate further. Closing the book at the end. All destiny was altered that day.

"AJ?" She called out, sitting on the ground. They were back in the field. AJ walked over and stood in front of her. "I understand why I was called now. Why Michael gave Cas Adam's soul. Why Dean is so connected to my son. Mark is the child we would have had, the final born." AJ sat down beside her, bringing her into his arms. "My powers…they're not for me, they're for my son. It's always been about Mark." As Jamie spoke a searing pain ripped through her mind. She grabbed her head and collapsed.

The image of Sam, his hand on Kevin's head, white lights filling the prophet's mouth and eyes burned through her mind. "Kevin!" She screamed. Sam turned and looked in her direction. Ezekiel was not as she had seen him previously. The outline of his wings, the bony prominence of an angel condemned. She knew those wings. She had seen them once before. Gadreel. The angel who allowed Lucifer in the form of the serpent to enter the Garden of Eden. The fallen warrior who allowed witchcraft and warfare to enter the heart of mankind before God locked him away forever. The prophetess stared into his eyes and she did not tremble.

The floor grew cold, the field spun, and when Jamie opened her eyes she was back in the bedroom where she had begun her journey. AJ was gone, but she had no time to dwell on it. She rushed from the room towards the library.

"Kevin! Dean!" She rushed into the room just as Gadreel, packing the angel tablet into Sam's bag, finishes telling her brother about how he altered the sigil meant to expose Sam to angel inhabiting his body. The angel looks up, spotting her. Jamie's arm whips across her body, her power sending the condemned angel back into the wall.

"Jamie! Be careful!" Dean tells her, wincing as he struggles to be unbound.

"Prophetess." Gadreel says softly as he rises. "I am truly sorry about Kevin, but ultimately…it's for the best." Jamie angrily raises her hand to throw him again but he deflects her blast, sending her sprawling into her brother. "I did what I had to." Gadreel tells them, grabbing the bag and walking away. A few moments later Dean is released and Jamie sits up.

"Are you alright?" Dean asked, dropping down beside her. She looks up at him and then lets her eyes fall to Kevin's body. His eyes are burned from his skull, his mouth open in a silent scream. "Kevin?" Tears run down Dean's face as he follows his sister's eyes. He pulls Jamie close as they both drop their heads in defeat.

"I was too late." She whispers into her brother's shoulder.

"So was I." Dean replies softly.