Crowley reappeared in a small park. It was deserted for a single figure on a small wooden bench. As he walked closer the figure came into view: a young woman clad in black combat boots, a loose fitting sleeveless black dress with a slit to her thigh, and a black leather jacket. "You're wearing your Apocalypse outfit." The king of hell commented, sitting down beside her.

She moved strawberry blonde hair away from her face. "I'm sentimental." Her voice was hoarse as tears fell down her pale cheeks. Her thoughts now were only of heaven, hell, and death. Crowley roughly wiped away one of the tears from her face.

"Maybe it's a blessing you no longer have foresight." He muttered. For a moment it seemed as though he would comfort her further, but much of his human inclinations were now gone, including his ability to provide affection. Even to this girl who he had trained for months now. "Pull yourself together. You have a job to do." He started to get up.

"Crowley." She winced at how pathetic her voice sounded. "Did you tell him?"

The demon stopped, glancing at her over his shoulder. "I never lied to him."

When he disappeared Jamie got up, pulling her silver angel blade from her belt and took a breath that shook her chest. "Dad…" She invokes the memory of her late father, the only one worth calling on anymore, picturing him in her mind. "Give me strength." Let me be fast and accurate, strong and steady. Keep my hands unwavering, even when covered in blood. Keep my eyes open, even when the ground is painted in blood. Her eyes scanned the knife from blade to hilt. "So be it." She muttered, closing her eyes. When she opened them the sapphire was so dark it could have been black.

Jamie walks along the narrow corridor between buildings. She moves slowly, trying to keep out of sight from the homeless people who walk by, huddling together to keep warm. "Is he now?" She hears her brother say.

Her heart is beating faster as Dean's footsteps approach, but she swallows back her apprehension. She can feel it. She can feel the Mark. Her powers stripped and lost and still this Mark is strong enough to break into her now weak psyche and implant fear into her heart. She tries not to notice. Somewhere in there is her eldest brother, but right now it doesn't matter. Killing Metatron matters. Making the world safe again for their son and their daughter matters. Swallowing again she steps out from the shadows as Dean passes. "Hello Dean."

Dean instantly whirls around, blade out and at the ready. He blinks, his face twists with surprise. "What the hell?" Is on his lips before he suddenly grabs her and throws her against the side of the warehouse. "Did Metatron do this?" He hisses.

Jamie raises her chin, giving the blade more access to her tender flesh. "No. It's me, Dean. I'm here to help you."

"I don't need your help." He replies automatically. "You died because of me." The add on isn't necessary but he says it anyway. Betraying his guilt in the last moments of his humanity.

"No, I didn't. It was a…trick. So I could train. So I could be strong enough to help you kill Metatron."

He believes her, for some unknown reason. Maybe it's just the look in her eyes, or the blackness in his heart, but he believes her. He lowers the blade and pulls her into a weak hug. "Just stay out of my way." He hisses, but there's a flicker of love, of trust in his eyes, and for a moment she can't feel the Mark that's scorched on his soul.

They find Metatron meditating against the wall of one of the warehouses. Dean scoffs as he approaches. "You can save the humble-pie Jesus routine for somebody who gives a damn."

Metatron smirks as he opens his eyes. "The problem with you, Dean, is the cynicism. Always with the cynicism. But most people - even the real belly crawlers living in filth...Or Brentwood...They don't want to be cynical. They just want something to believe in."

Dean shakes his head. "And that'd be you." It's not a question.

"Why not me?"

Jamie steps out from the shadows, blade already drawn. Metatron looks mildly surprised to see her. "You've been working those people outside for, what, a day?" She sneers. "They've already spilled blood in your name. Innocent people, they killed for you." She moves her hair back from her face as she stops to stand at her brother's side.

"You are nothing but Bernie Madoff with wings." Dean adds, his expression never faltering.

Metatron finally gets to his feet. "So I'm a fake. Do you have any idea how much pan-cake makeup and soft lighting it took to get God to work a rope line? He hated it. And, you know, humans sense that. So they prayed harder and longer and fought more wars in his name. And for what?! So they could die of malaria? Leukemia? And all the while, blaming themselves! "Oh, if only I'd been more prayerful, "God would have loved me! God would have saved me!" You know what?! God didn't even know their name! But I do. Because I've walked among them. And I can save them."

Dean chuckles. "Sure, you can. So long as your mug is in every Bible and "What would Metatron do?" is on every bumper."

"So long as they obey you, and do your bidding." Jamie counters.

"And? What, are you blaming me for giving them what they want, giving them a brand they can believe in?"

Jamie glances at her brother out of the corner of her eye. She raises her blade as Dean unwraps the first. "I'm blaming you for Kevin! I'm blaming you for taking Cas' Grace. Hell, I'm blaming you for the Cubs not winning The World Series in the last 100 freaking years. Whatever it is... I'm blaming you."

Metatron glances at the blade in Dean's hand. "The First Blade. Nasty piece of work, isn't she? Okay, let's say you win, Dean, and I die. What's the world left with then, hmm? A herd of panty-waisted angels and you? Half out of your mind with lord knows what pumping through those veins?"

Jamie visibly flinches but Dean steps close. "Yeah, you see, the only thing you've said that went into my ear was that you die."

Metatron rolls his eyes. "Ohh. Fine. We'll fight. I don't know what you expect is gonna come of all this. Unless... That's why you're stalling. Because you know nothing's gonna come of this unless your pals succeed upstairs. Well, here's a news flash - humpty and dumpty are starring in their very own version of "Locked Up Abroad: Heaven" right now."

Jamie gasps softly, looking towards Dean. Cas and Gadreel failing means their plan won't work. Means Metatron will still be too powerful to kill, even if Dean lets her help. She waits for her brother's instruction, nut Dean turns to the side to hide his anger and then throws out his hand to stab Metatron with the Blade. Metatron blocks the blow and Dean punches him in the face with his left hand. Metatron stumbles back.

"Wow, that big blade and that... douchy tribal tat sure gave you some super juice. Whoo! Okay." As he talks Jamie flips her blade down and attacks, slicing Metatron's jacket, but he backhands her and sends her flying into the wall of another warehouse. Dean tenses, his eyes following his sister. Metatron motions with his hand to bring it on. Dean rushes him but gets thrown in the air and hit the wall about 10 feet up and falls to the ground with a crash.

Jamie coughs and spits blood, looking up from the pavement. "Dean!" She yelled, getting to her feet and rushing for Metatron again. He throws her against the nearest wall and punches her in the face. She slumps unconscious unto the pavement.

Dean gets up but Metatron flings him back against the wall and he falls to the pavement beside his sister. The angel then viciously kicks his right arm and the First Blade flies out of his hand. Metatron steps on his wrist with all his weight. "So, you took Abaddon's scalp, then you figured you'd take on little old nebbishy me. What could go wrong?" Dean groans in pain as the angel's foot crushes down on his wrist. "And you're powered by the bone of a jackass, and it is just awesome, right? Here's a tip - next time, try to be powered by the word of God." He kicks Dean in the chest.

He punches him almost unconscious and Dean slumps to the ground. There is blood pouring from his nose and mouth and ears. Jamie moans softly, coming to slightly as Metatron bends down and delivers one more brutal punch to Dean's face. He is barely conscious but he can open his eyes just enough to see the First Blade sitting on a grate a few yards away.

Jamie picks her head up, and looks around for her angel blade.

Sam rushes in from the opposite side of the warehouse at a breakneck run.

Dean, using the little strength he has, wills the Blade into his hand. Just as he goes to swing up and stab the Blade into Metatron, Metatron buries Jamie's angel blade deep into Dean's chest with both hands. DEAN gasps horribly as the sound of his blood pouring out of his body reverberate in the open warehouse.

"DEEEEEEEEEEEAN!" Jamie screams.

"No!" Comes the sound of Sam's cry as he reaches his brother and sister.

Dean gasps for air. Metatron pulls the blade out of his chest. Dean's eyes slowly move to meet Sam's across the warehouse. Big brother and little brother share a gaze. Metatron turns and looks at Jamie, holding the blade dripping in Dean's blood. Jamie whips her hand out and Metatron, caught off guard is thrown to the ground by her telekinesis.

Dean's near lifeless body falls over. Sam races to his big brother completely ignoring grabbing his upper arm and pulls him back into a sitting position against the wall. "Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey."

Jamie crawls over to Dean and Sam, using Sam's arm to pull herself into a sitting position beside Dean. Dean's eyes shoot open as the warehouse starts to shake. Sam then remembers Metatron. Taking Jamie's hand and pressing it to Dean's wound, he gets up and goes to stab him with an angel blade, but Metatron disappears. "Damnit." He hisses, and then bends back down to Dean and Jamie.

"We got to stop the bleeding." Jamie's hand is drenched in blood. Sam pulls out a cloth and presses it against Jamie's hand to put more pressure on the wound.

Dean struggles to talk. "Sammy, Jamie, you got to get out of here before he comes back." He mutters weakly.

Sam shakes his head. "Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. Shut up. Shut up. Just save your energy, all right? Oh, man. We'll stop the bleeding. We'll - we'll get you a doctor or - or I'll find a spell. You're gonna be okay."

"Castiel!" Jamie shouts, her eyes looking up at the sky. Sam takes his brother's hand and presses it to his chest to keep the cloth and Jamie's hand in place.

"Listen to me. It's better this way." Dean tells them.

"What?!" The twins reply in unison.

Dean gasps for breath. Tears pour down Jamie's face. Sam looks on in horror. "The Mark. It's making me into something I don't want to be."

Sam shakes his head. "Don't worry about the Mark. We'll figure out the Mark later. Just hold on, okay? Get you some help. Jamie can you get up?" Jamie nods, using the wall to brace herself. Sam pulls their brother's arm over his shoulder and grabs him around the waist and hauls him up. Jamie slides up against the wall. Dean moans in agony.

Sam and Jamie struggle to keep their brother upright as Sam practically carries him toward the exit. Jamie is weak but able to keep Sam's pace. She keeps her hand tightly against Dean's chest just over the wound. Dean gasps for air and tries to hold the cloth over Jamie's hand to his chest. Sam's hand covers his over the cloth and the wound.

"What happened with you being okay with this?" Dean finally asks.

"I lied." Sam shoots back.

"Ain't that a bitch?" Dean mutters.

They take a few more steps but it becomes clear that Dean can no longer make it. "Sam. Jamie. Hold up. Hold up." Sam sits him down on a piece of equipment, Jamie slumps down at his side. He has fresh blood covering his lips and mouth...he can barely breathe. "I got to say something to you. Both of you."

Sam holds Dean upright. "What?"

Dean's hand rests on Sam's shoulder but as he talks he moves it to hold his head. He squeezes Jamie's hand under his, and Jamie puts her other hand over Sam's. The siblings' eyes never leave each other. "I'm proud of us."

Jamie bursts out into tears. Sam's eyes tear up as he looks into Dean's fading green eyes. His hand falls from Sam's face and he closes his eyes and falls into his little brother's chest, his other hand slipping from Jamie's grasp.

"NO!" Jamie screams.

"No, no. Hey, hey, hey. Hey, wake up, buddy." Sam pulls Dean back up but he's is already gone. Sam grasps his bloody face with both hands and gently shakes. "Hey. Dean. Dean!"

Jamie buries her face into Dean's shoulder, her body wracked with uncontrollable sobs. Tears fall down Sam's face as he breaks down completely. He gathers Dean's head to his chest and holds him tightly as he sobs. Both siblings hold their older brother and their sobs echo into the night.

She walks into Dean's room first, followed by her twin, who carries in their brother's body. She takes a moment to look around, realizing that Dean has removed all of her things. Even her comforter is gone. New tears well up in her eyes. She hurries into the bathroom as he sets Dean down unto the bed, arranging him comfortably. Jamie reappears with a wet rag and crawls unto the bed, gently wiping the blood away from Dean's face. After a moment Sam puts his hand over hers, stopping her motions.

She glances back at him and then tosses the rag unto the bedside table, wiping her face impatiently with her hand as she slumps back unto her knees.

"You should clean that." Sam pressed delicate fingertips to the side of her face. Blood cascaded from the grit-infested broken skin and fell unto his fingers. He rubbed his thumb over the droplets.

"Leave it." She slapped his hand away, her sapphire gaze locked on the broken face of their elder brother. Sam said nothing more, but he dropped something silver on the bed before leaving the room with heavy footsteps that crushed his twin's heart. She glanced down to see her mother's charm bracelet, her charm bracelet, laying prone on the sheets.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this." Fresh tears ran down her face, mixing with her blood and tainting the sheets pink. "It was supposed to be me." She confessed. "You were going to kill Abbadon, and I was gonna kill Metatron. But I was too weak. Just like I was too weak to see the truck. Too weak to stop Jake. Too weak to kill Lilith. Too weak to stop Sam. Too weak to kill Lucifer. Too weak to see through Cas. Too weak to stop you from killing Dick. Too weak to see Metatron's plan. I'm weak, Dean. You're strong. I can't do this without you. I can't. I am not strong enough!" She wrapped her fingers around her charm bracelet, slamming the fist down on the bed.

"I know what I have to do, Dean." She finally said, moving her hair back from her face. "I talked to Robin, a couple days ago. I've been watching the kids. I know we agreed if one of us died and the other couldn't take them and run that we'd just walk away, but I can't walk away. Sam can get along without me, I know he can, he has been. I promise to look in on him every now and then, but I'm gonna take Mark and Emmy, and just disappear. Mark will be old enough to start school soon, and Emmy…Emmy needs her mommy. But…oh Dean, I wish you could have seen them grow up."

Jamie looked up out of blurry eyes to see Crowley standing in the doorway to Dean's room. She gasped softly, quickly wiping her eyes with the palm of one hand, the other she kept firmly in Dean's. "Did Sam call you here?" She asked.

"Get out." The demon hissed, gesturing for her to leave.

She swallowed thickly, watery gaze on her eldest brother. Slowly she unlaced her fingers from his cold ones and rose from her chair by the bed. "You will bring him back, won't you?" Her voice was nothing but a hoarse whisper. However the King of Hell had no more words for the young hunteress. His words now were for her brother and only her brother. So the sister hurried from the room.

At the end of the hall she paused. One hand flew to her breast, the wrist now holding her charm bracelet shimmering just over her heart, the other gripped the edge of the wall as she turned and looked back. And in that moment Jamie Winchester realized that her greatest fear was now a reality.