Thor and Loki © Marvel. I'm just playing with them.

AN: An AU take on the end of the movie Thor. It's short, but it demanded to be written.

So I Kneel

"I only ever wanted to be your equal!"

Those words ring in my ears, and I feel the breath catch in my chest. For the first time since I arrived back in Asgard, I feel like I'm looking at my brother again. There are tears in his eyes and desperation in his voice, and I can only think of one thing. One thing to fix this, and for once I don't care what Odin will say.

Only one of us was meant to be king.

In the words of Darcy, screw that.

I drop my hammer and kneel. "Then be my equal, Loki." I whisper. "Be my equal, and rule by my side. We will do it together."

He didn't expect that. I can tell. For once his words have failed him. "Odin will not approve."

"Odin doesn't have to." This feels odd, kneeling before someone other than Father, but at the same time it feels right. It is something I should have done long ago. "Shut down the Bifrost, brother."

Something dangerous and desperate flashes in Loki's eyes. I might have said the wrong thing. "Why should I do that?" he demands.

I simply look at him. "Because I want to know why before I allow you to destroy a world." I sigh. "Please. Stop. Let's talk for once. I'll listen – I promise."

For a moment, Loki just stares at me. Finally, he reaches over and removes his staff, shutting down the Bifrost. I can't help but release the breath I had been holding. What would I have done if he said no? Could I have really attacked him again, just to save a once-enemy race?

Suddenly he's in front of me, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me to my feet. The hammer stays on the ground, the staff forgotten as well. Loki looks me in the eye, and I can see the trepidation and hope in his face.

"If we are to be equals, I will not have you kneel before me."

This isn't going to go over well with Father, but I don't care. I hug him tightly, ignoring his small protest (besides, it's not like he doesn't hug me back).

I have my brother again.