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CHAPTER. century.

SETTING: 4 years in the future.


"What more do you want from me?" Klaus bit out, frustrated.

Caroline crossed her arms. "You can't just give me something and expect – "

Klaus started pacing, ranting but not shouting. "Yes, I know. You don't want me to buy you things, you don't want me to talk to you, you don't want me to bloody fancy you."

Caroline remained silent. "Do you enjoy it?" Klaus asked cruelly. "Making me feel this way, denying me over and over?"

Caroline took a deep, angry breath. "Seriously?" she exclaimed.

Unlike Klaus, Caroline's voice grew louder with each word she spoke. "What am I supposed to do? My friends are my family, and you know how important they are to me! Did you forget you've killed, you've ruined lives, you've caused them hurt? And I'm just supposed to forget all that, forget my loyalty and love for them, because you buy me diamonds or tell me I'm full of light? Klaus, what would that make me?"

Klaus took a step towards her but Caroline, unsure whether he wanted to attack her or comfort her but not wanting him to have the chance to do either one, retreated. He stopped. "So there's nothing I can do?" Klaus asked. "I won't accept that."

Caroline wanted to scream in frustration – except for that tiny part of her that didn't. Because he had saved her life three times, and he had bought her expensive gifts, and he had given her thoughtful tokens, and he did always compliment her, and he had promised he wouldn't give up on her and he wouldn't. Everyone in Caroline's life gave up on her at some point. Usually it was because she pushed them away even when she wanted to bring them closer.

Caroline was starting to think that maybe Klaus meant it. Maybe he could love her, maybe he did want her. She was ashamed that a tiny part of her wanted that. How could she, after all he'd done to Elena? She would keep pushing him away. She had to, now – but did she have to resist him forever?

Caroline licked her lips nervously before saying, her voice quiet, "You told me once that I would show up at your door. In a year, or twenty years, or one hundred years. Right now I can't – I can't."

At Caroline's words Klaus moved forward and gripped her arms, struggling to keep his expression from showing the excitement suddenly coursing through him. "All right love. You'll have your century."

Caroline immediately regretted giving him hope. Had she just made a deal with the devil? Was Klaus going to disappear now, only to pop up in a hundred years to claim her?

Klaus let go of Caroline and gave her his usual smirk, all traces of his former frustration and anger gone. "Don't worry. I'll still pop in and visit. Wouldn't want you to miss me."

Caroline let out an irritated breath as Klaus sauntered away from her. "I won't!" she yelled after him.

But there was a hint of a smile on her face.