A/N: Even if you've never seen BBC's Robin Hood, you can still read this. This story is a mesh of the show, books, tales, and my own strange imagination. Enjoy and please review a possible name for the OC (in my head she is called Ghost or Shadow and those aren't very good names.)

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Chapter 1: spying

"Gisbourne why are you so useless!" My father shouted, ranting to Guy of Gisbourne who stood completely out of my field of vision. I could see half of my father through the key hole of the room's heavy wooden door. Gisbourne had just told my father about Robin Hood's most recent victory over the castle guards.

It seemed like my father was obsessed with capturing the ex-noble. I am glad he never did, for two reasons. One, the people needed a hero; they were starving and unable to right the injustice. Two, it was entertaining. Watching him steal from the pompous Sheriff of Nottingham, and then hearing my father yelling at Gisbourne. The drama adds meaning and hope to my boring life.

"This means that they'll comeback tonight, double the guards!" said the Sheriff in a hushed voice. They'd be coming back! My father was pretty good at predicting when the next heist would occur.

The sound of Gisbourne's shoes against the stone floor was my cue to move out of the circle of light and away from the door. Gisbourne passed, muttering obscenities that he would never dare to utter if he knew there was a lady in the vicinity, especially not me. Once he was gone, I silently made my way to the spot.

I was careful not to be seen, if anyone else found the spot, then Robin Hood, his men and woman, would be finished. I successfully made it there without being caught. From here I could see the courtyard, the gate, and all four walls. Meaning that I could watch for the outlaws and then follow them as they stole into the castle.

(v)(v)(v)(v)(v)(v)later that night (v)(v)(V)(v)(v)(v)

I was so thankful that I had brought my dark cloak. The night was extremely chilly for mid-October. I had a few more hours of waiting in the cold before they arrived.

They were earlier then usual, arriving at half past ten instead of one o'clock in the morning. This afternoon they had stopped Gisbourne's men from collecting taxes, but most of the coins already collected had made their way to the castle. I guess Robin was here to return the coins to their proper owners.

They scaled the left wall silently, not waking a single of the sleeping guards, and headed in my direction. Heading towards the treasury. I let them pass me, they were close enough to touch. When the short one, the woman judging from her gate and size, walked past I counted to ten then stepped out, mimicking the silent strides from years of practice.

I had only walked seven paces when I remembered the joy in my father's voice as he said "double the guards!" He hadn't meant of the walls, he meant in the treasury! The tax money wasn't in the treasury. I'd followed Gisbourne's men as they stowed the money in a broom closet.

'Time to make my presence known' I thought, regretting that after tonight I may never encounter these outlaws again. I strode quickly to the end of the hallway, lifted the hood of my cloak over my head, then whistled. I saw the outlaws freeze, it was a simple tune that they used to communicate without waking the guards, it meant "watch out."

Warily they turned around to face me. I whistled the four notes again and then ran down the corridor on my right. I wove through the castle taking sharp turns, but keeping my footsteps silent. After two minutes of dashing I stopped and turned around.

For the first time in my life I saw them, while they ran to catch up with me their hoods had fallen. I saw the tall one's ragged hair, the small woman's dark Saracen face, Robin Hood's prickly beard, the talkative one's cap, the ax welder's mustache, and the liar's long nose. I lifted my hand from off my own hood; I put it there to keep mine from dropping, and pointed at the broom closet without taking my eyes off from them.

When their heads turned to the door, I replaced my hand to my hood, and ran for all I was worth down the hallway on the right. I heard a whispered shout, then the noises of pursuit. I quickly hid in the shadows. The footsteps kept getting close to where I was hiding, they stopped when a voice rang out.