Chapter Three—Adjustments

"Why would I trust you? Clearly you failed to protect the boy, and we've been doing just fine on our own."

Obi-wan sighed, glancing outside the window which showed a beautiful Alderaanian mountain range in the distance.

"I did fail Luke. And for that I won't ever forgive myself, but she is the last chance our galaxy has and she won't stand a chance against Vader and his son if she doesn't start preparing." He replied sadly.

Bail sat back further in his chair, "Don't you mean her father and her brother?"

"Whatever is left of Anakin is too little to distinguish and Luke too...he is now lost to us." Obi-wan's voice never wavered although he did speak quietly as if the words themselves cost him greatly to say.

"What if this 'dark' side corrupts Leia? Perhaps the family is susceptible to it, maybe it would be better to not train her at all—safer.

The Anakin Skywalker I knew, was not perfect, but he was a good man. If it could do that to him, than why take the risk of ever teaching her the force.

Besides surely there are other force sensitives..." Bail trailed off.

"She will be more at risk of being lured into the dark-side if she is untrained. Then she won't even know any better and won't be able to shield herself from Palpatine and Vader.

And if there is a force sensitive out there with her power, then they are probably already killed or in the emperor's hands!

The galaxy needs her, and she will always feel a part of her missing if she remains untrained, being untrained does not take away the force from her—it just leaves her unprepared for the consequence of wielding such power!" The Jedi stated vehemently.

Bail sighed deeply, rubbing a hand over his tired eyes. "How will you protect us from Vader, Palpatine, and now Luke? How will you keep us from being discovered, you know what will happen if we are." He said tiredly, resignedly.

Obi-wan knew he had won the argument, but he wasn't sure whether or not it was a good thing despite the false bravado he had put on with Bail. Force knew how much different the world might've been had they not trained Anakin.

"I don't know." He said, deciding on honesty. Bail just nodded again tiredly, he had already knew the answer to the question before he asked it.

Both men stood from the opulent office and made their way out into the palace. Neither talked to one another for the rest of the night, it was an unspoken agreement between them that, in the morning they would begin all the long tasks that would need to be begun. Until then, both tried to avoid thinking about it.

Elsewhere in the galaxy...

Stupidity was a very rare word to describe Darth Vader, perhaps the actions that had led to his alter ego that he now solely claimed, but not his actions since donning the monstrous suit.

But yet he underestimated his son, the son who inherited the genes of his father's tremendous force ability and mechanical aptitude.

A mistake that easily led to the five year boy dismantling the simple, not even standard grade lock, and escaping his guest room which had more been serving more in the vein of a prison cell.

Luke Skywalker was hardly what someone would call stupid, very young, certainly naive, and a little too eager sometimes, but never stupid. It was simply too easy for him to leave his quarters.

Dazed from just waking from his long, deep sleep, the boy's terror at the events that had last happened when he was wakeful were tremendously dulled and his wonder and excitement at being in what he was sure must be a ship, were on the other hand, overflowing.

Doing his best to walk quietly he continued to the right, the corridors all looked the same the same to him as he strolled about.

He was starting to become suspicious that he had not seen anyone when suddenly he turned the corner and came directly in front of, almost knocking into, a tall man in a boring grey uniform. Why anyone would insist on dressing so drearily was beyond him.

The man looked down at him suspiciously, he had beady eyes and a certain twitch about him, a certain feeling which made Luke automatically dislike him.

His Aunt Beru had always told him it was wrong to assume things about people and that one should not dislike someone for just any reason but a very solid one.

However after lecturing him for an hour last year when he had a bad feeling about the parts salesman, she was angered to discover the man had taken her money and given her absolute junk in the way of parts that he had supposedly been 'ordering' from off planet.

She never lectured Luke about his immediate dislikes again.

Thinking of all that however just made Luke feel empty, not so much sad as empty. It was almost a worst feeling than sad, at least sad you could release, you could cry, but this emptiness just sat in your stomach.

His musings were interrupted by the shrill, somewhat girlish really, voice of the dreary, beady eyed man. "Who are you and what exactly is your business on this ship?"

He sounded so old, Luke thought. And deciding he didn't like him anyways, he ran past him instead of answering. He ignored the shouts behind him from the man, and only running faster when he heard the pursuing footsteps.

Soon the halls he was running down became more crowded, filled with storm troopers and others all in dull uniforms.

Many stopped and looked at him, and by the time he reached the third hall they were reaching to restrain him. However with amazing agility and quickness he dodged them all and kept running.

Until one, or several, of them pulled out their blasters set on stun.

It was dark, and there was a strange sound in the room. It almost sounded like loud...breathing.

Luke soon realized it was dark because he had his eyes closed, and abruptly opened them to find he was momentarily blinded by the harsh artificial lights.

He blinked a few times, trying to gain a sense of his surroundings.

Finally he noticed the huge, dark, hulking shape beside him.

He blinked curiously at his companion before his memories came back to him that this was the thing that drug him away from Aunt Beru.

He sat up, scooting along the bed until he sat away in the opposite corner from the thing.

"You were not permitted to leave your room," it finally said, in a deep baritone voice.

Luke glanced up at it, he was not entirely sure what 'permitted' meant, but he was guessing it wasn't good.

"In the future, you will go anywhere unless I command you to," it continued.

Luke bristled slightly at the word 'command.' He was a full five years old after all, a big boy, he even helped Uncle Owen with the vaporators the last few months...

Uncle Owen—where was he? Why hadn't he come and gotten him? Was he alright? Luke wondered.

'It' had continued talking but Luke wasn't paying much mind.

"Where is this?" Luke finally asked, interrupting something it had been saying about 'secrecy.'

"This is the Star Destroyer Command," it answered.

Was everything revolving around commands here? Luke thought distastefully.

"In the future you would also do well to never interrupt me," it said menacingly.

Luke cringed slightly, nodding as he looked again at the hulking thing.

Luke waited tensely in the silence that followed.

"You will begin training tomorrow. Until then you will be escorted back to your quarters where you will stay. Do not leave again, I will not be so tolerant next time." The thing said it made it's way to the door.

Luke stared for a moment before calling out more boldly than he actually felt, "What do I call you?"

The thing seemed surprised and stopped for a moment.

An irrevocable second passed of hesitation before the thing replied, "Master will do."

And then Master was gone.

Not a minute later a storm trooper came and with a few silent gestures escorted the child back to his room never responding to Luke's attempts at conversation.

Back in his room Luke sat on his plain bed and stared at the blank wall. It was cold in his room, and he shivered as he wrapped his arms around himself, bringing his knees tightly to his chest.

No one ever came for him. Some food was brought later in the day but the droid left as soon as it arrived.

Luke had never been solitary, always there had been his Aunt, his Uncle, Biggs, Cammy, Fixer, always there had been somebody.

He let a few tears fall as he continue to hold his knees to his chest.

Uncle Owen had told him that big boys didn't cry.

But maybe five wasn't so old after all, and either way; Uncle Owen certainly wasn't there.

Elsewhere in the galaxy...

"Yes she's through here Mr—"

"Yes thank you Milady," Obi-wan said not answering the head house keeper's unasked questions. Even his alias he was now keeping closely guarded.

She blushed slightly at the term and nodded, leaving while Ob-wan put his hand on the pad and entered after it confirmed his identity.

The little girl was turned away from him, her back to him as a hand maiden so tenderly arranged her short soft brown hair.

The room was opulent, everything expected of a Princess's quarters. So different from his little sandy haired desert dweller that had been with Owen and Beru, Obi-wan thought sadly.

It was covered with dark wood from Alderaan's own famous Chebaska trees that grew in the mountains. Through the window there was a stunning view of a large clear lake that sat on the south side of the palace.

The maiden looked up at his entrance but the girl did not turn.

In a moment that seemed to last much longer Obi-wan locked eyes with the hand maiden, who's entire face but her eyes was obscured in a blue veil.

She had looked up from where she was delicately braiding the girl's hair, her eyes were such a haunting brown.

There's still good in him

The words rang in Obi-wan's head, for a moment drowning out the other sounds of nature that had been drifting through the window.

She looked down, and whispering something to Princess quickly left the room without looking at the Jedi again.

The girl turned to him and looked at him with identical eyes.

"My father said you're going to teach me," she asked with a raised eyebrow much older than that of a five year old.

Obi-wan chuckled, a slight pang in his heart at how much in one second she already reminded him of her actual father.

"Yes, I suppose I will try." He said.

"Father says a friend told him that there is no try, only do and do not," Leia said in the same challenging tone.

Obi-wan nodded, slightly abashed for if anyone should have known that friend's words between he and Bail Organa, it should have been him.

"Your father's friend was right. I am here to teach you Leia," He said more somberly.

She nodded slowly, seeming to pick up on his change of mood.

Obi-wan sighed, and remembering some nagging curiosity he felt about the hand maiden before asked Leia, "Who was the woman here just a moment ago?"

"Oh—most people call her Naberrie," she said simply, still looking at him intently as if the answers to his character would be solved that way.

"Most people? What do you call her?" He asked.

"That's a what exactly are you here to teach me? Because so far I can't say I've learned anything."

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