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(September, Year One)

Scene: Azula along with Cheng and two of Ankang's interns stand on the beach just outside of the facility gates.


"Do you really think it's smart to take a patient outside the facility to a place where they can easily escape? The Fire Nation isn't that far off."

"Trust me we are fine." Cheng said to Azula. "There are boats surrounding the entire island so if you try to escape they will catch you. Besides, once they catch you, you'll be kept in solitary confinement. I'm pretty sure that you don't want to sit inside of a room with no windows that only has a bed and a toilet. I know you're smarter than that Azula."

"So if we aren't planning my escape, why are we here?"

"We're here for a session."

"And the two street rats?"

"My assistants for the time being. And Azula they are not street rats they are interns."

"Is this really necessary?" Groaned Azula.

"Yes Azula." Cheng responded. "It's a very effective exercise that you need right now."

"Whatever. People are always telling me what I need and what I should do. I can make my own decisions."

"That is exactly why we are here. You need to trust people enough to let them help you sometimes."

Azula huffed.

"Ok let's begin. First I'll introduce everyone. Aya and Jiro, this is Azula. Azula these are the interns from my department."

"I don't care for their names. They aren't important. Can we just get on with the exercise?"

Aya and Jiro looked at Cheng with disgust. Aya was a short copper headed girl with chestnut eyes. Jiro was only an inch or so taller than Aya. He had spiky brown hair and gray eyes. Neither, Azula thought, could have been over the age of 19. They both had on a red and white tunic with black shoes. Azula made them both out to be commoners.

"Well they're important for today. You're going to have to rely on one of them for this activity."

Azula gave Cheng a deadly stare.

"In this activity, Azula, you will be blindfolded. One of my trusty helpers will take your hands and guide you around the beach. First it will begin as a slow walk. Soon they will begin to move faster and faster. Afterwards, I want you to tell me how it felt. Then we can talk about it. Sound ok?"

"Well obviously there aren't any other options so I guess so."

"Great. Let's begin."

Cheng tied a black piece of cloth around Azula's eyes and held up three fingers.

"Azula how many fingers am I holding up?"

"Well estimating from the amount of air that flew past me when you held them up, I must say that you have up three fingers."

Cheng sighed. "Ok let's try something a bit different." He opened his eyes as wide as a fist and raised his eyebrows. "What am I doing with my face right now?"

"How should I know, I have a blindfold on my eyes."

"Perfect. Let's get started."

Aya grabbed her hands first. Azula was a bit resistant to move at first touch. The two girls walked slowly over the clean white sand. Aya took Azula around several rocks and reptiles that were in their way. Then they began to jog. They jogged along the sea shore and in a few circles. Cheng and Jiro even stood in their way yet Aya led Azula around them. Soon the two girls were running at an incredible pace. At Aya's command, they jumped over logs and swerved around other obstacles. After a while, Aya slowed down and they soon returned back to Cheng and Jiro. They all sat at a nearby table.

"So Azula" Cheng asked. "how did it feel?"

"It was... unexpected."

"How so?"

"I didn't think that she would guide me so well. She looked too incompetent to take on such a precious task."

Aya was extremely insulted but relaxed when Cheng's previous words came rushing from the back of her mind: "Don't take anything that she says to heart. Azula can be very insensitive at times. So if she offends you just shake it off and keep your composure."

Cheng then began to speak in order to distract the girls from an argument he was sure would occur.

"Aya represents your family and friends; they are the people who will try their best to guide you in the right path. However, you must learn to do what you did with Aya today. You must learn to trust their judgment."

"How am I supposed to know if what they're telling me is right? What if they're wrong or they lie. Then going against my own judgment would have a foolish mistake."

"I'm glad you said that Azula because now we are going to try the exercise again. This time you're going to do it with Jiro."

Azula reluctantly stood up and put the blindfold back on. Jiro grabbed her scuffed up hands and walked with her. Then he made a smooth transition into a slight jog. They moved fluently around different obstacles until Jiro had her trip over a branch. She would have fallen hard on her face but Jiro caught her in time. Azula was infuriated. She swiftly snatched off the blindfold.

"What is wrong with you? I could have seriously hurt myself! I should have you banished for dishonorable acts against your superior!"

"Good Azula." Cheng said.

"What are you talking about? He made me fall over a branch!"

"Yes he did. You were supposed to trust him to guide you yet he let you fall over that branch."

"Well I'm glad you're aware of the obvious."

"Azula, Jiro also represents your friends and family. Sometimes they make mistakes that can do you harm. But they love you and just as Jiro did today, they'll help you back on your feet. It's better than having to get up there on your own."

"That makes no sense to me. What I'm hearing from you right now is to depend on other people all the time."

"That isn't what I mean. You may only need them sometimes but you'll still need them. A rose can't bloom without the help of the sun, Azula. Always remember that."

"You sound like my uncle Iroh."

"General Iroh is an incredible man. It is an honor to be compared to him. And I know that this isn't making that big of an effect on you right now but after a while it'll sink in."

"Ugh. Whatever."


That was Azula's very first physical/mental therapy session. It's going to take time for her to realize why she needs to learn to trust but we're getting there. Anyway, the next ones are coming soon but carpal tunnel is getting in my way.

P.s- May 30th the Promise part two cames out. Maybe we can find out what really happens with Zuko's mother. Oh and Legend of Korra is GOLD!