(November, Year One)

Scene: Azula is sitting a room with Cheng; a large table is separating them. It is the same room that he and Azula had their first meeting in. On the table lays 10 plain pieces of paper and a pencil.

"Ok Azula. Do you know what we're doing here today?"

"Not even in the least but I suppose you're going to have me writing something."

"Right. You're going to write one name on each piece of paper. Each name has to be of someone that you know personally."

"Is this really necessary?" Azula corked a brow at the man in front of her.

"Yes. Now please, write."

She reluctantly picked up the pencil and wrote on four pieces of paper.

The first person she wrote was Zuko. Then, after picking up her pace, wrote Ty-Lee, Father, and Mai. She looked over the names and pushed them towards Cheng.

"Good Azula. Now one by one I want you to tell me how you feel about each of these people. Don't hold back; I want you to say whatever is on your mind."

"Once again: is this necessary?"

"It is necessary if you want to have a quick recovery. I've seen patients stay here for almost thirty years. I don't want that to happen to you too. So it would help if you cooperated with me."

"Ok, ok I get it… Zuko: he's such a swine. Not only is he the worst Fire Lord in history but he is the weakest. He put me here and he put father in jail. He even let the Avatar take away my father's bending without a second thought. Zuko has no place in this world and he needs to be expunged."

Sitting further back in his chair, Cheng nodded his head in contentment.

"That was good Azula. Do the next person."

"Ty-Lee: I truly thought she was my best friend. I was nicer to her than I was to anyone else. That should have said something. But she turned her back on me. I hope I never see her again."

Cheng wrote something on his note pad and signaled Azula to continue.

"Father: He is the only person on this planet that I actually respect. A strong, merciless leader and overall intelligent man; he didn't deserve to get his bending taken away. However, he was a bit too gullible for my taste. If I had the chance, I would bust him out of jail and we could retake the palace together. We will get our revenge."

"The only person left is Mai."

"I don't have much to say about that tight eyed sullen wench. She's with my brother and one day may bare his repulsive children. I hate to even think of her in my home, eating my food, using my servants. She doesn't deserve any of it."

"Thank you for telling me that Azula. It makes me happy that you're willing to share those thoughts with me."

"Well it wasn't optional remember?"

"Yes, I do. Now can you do another thing for me?"

She sighed in annoyance. "What?"

"I want you finish the names. Write six more names down on these pieces of paper."


Azula wrote six names: Mom, Lo, Li, The Avatar, Cheng and Iroh.

"Good. I know that you are capable of venting your feelings so you don't have to express them for the next six people. However, I want you to look at all ten names and go over everything that they could have ever done to you. Think hard because I want every emotion to be exposed."

She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. A waterfall of thoughts rushed through her mind in that split second.

"Now, Azula, I want you to forgive them."

Her eyes shot open. "WHAT! I will never forgive them. These people don't deserve to be forgiven!"

"Forgiveness is the first step to reaching true closure. You will never be able to be completely at peace with yourself if you have all of these demons inside of you. It isn't healthy to be angry all the time."

"That doesn't mean anything. Forgiving them won't change what they did."

"Azula, I assure you that these people have already forgiven you for anything that you've done in the past. If they didn't, we would have probably seen a few life threatening attacks on the facility already. It's time to let go."

"It's not that easy."

"I know it's not but it has to happen sooner or later. How about you sleep on it and we'll pick this conversation up in the morning. I had a feeling that this would take you some time to accomplish."

"Me 'sleeping on it' isn't going to change my perspective on this."

"Only time will tell."

With that, Azula silently walked out of the room; hearing Cheng talk all of that nonsense was giving her a headache that radiated from deep within, making its way outside at a rapid pace. Azula could tell this was going to be a long day.

*Sullen Wench is a phrase used in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". Look it up if you're interested.

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