Chapter 3

"Jen!" Reens called, as she opened the door, giggling a little. "Your late again."

"Sorry, Reens." Jen said. "I was talking to Ash."

Reens walked out the door, picking her up in a small hug.

"I bet you were." She smiled. "But now is time for lessons. Come on, Alina's waiting."

She put her down, taking the small sun umbrella from her hands and closing it.

"Don't forget to use that when you leave, OK?" She said in a motherly way. "I don't want you getting a sunburn in this heat."

Jen giggled.

"It's not that warm, Reens!" She said, smiling.

"Oh, but it is." Reens smiled, patting the small girls head. "Trust me."

Balence looked on from behind a tree. The joy in Jen's eyes made her frown. She wouldn't be that happy again, when she knew the truth.

A small hand landed on her arm, waking her up.

"Sis, you were sleeping." Jen said, smiling. "It's night time, sis. Come on! Let's go hunting. Please?"

Balence shook her head, waking up.

"Uh- yeah. It's about time we did." She nodded.

"I hear there are some Chickencows in the woods near The Sand Sea." Jen said.

"You know that's too close to humans, Jen." Balence said harshly. "You know how you get while hunting."

Jen looked down sadly.

"Jen?" Balence placed a hand on her arm. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell. How about I get a Chickencow and bring it back? You can have it here. Sound good?"

Jen didn't look up. Steve rubbed against her leg, trying to cheer her up. Nothing.


Suddenly, a knock on the door startled them. Balnece stood.

"I'll be right back, sis."

She opened the door and saw Tomix.

Words made their way over to Jen.

"Elementals..." "Is everyone OK?" "They seem to be... Nythera has Lady C... sending heros, but they don't come back." "Getting stronger..." "Don't tell her about..." "I wont."

The two walked into the bedroom where Jen was still looking down.

"He's not coming back is he?" She said darkly.

"What do you mean?" Balence said.

He and Tomix brought themselves down next to her.

"Warlic. He's not coming back is he?" Jen said, cosing her fist.

"Hun, he is. Why would you say that? He'll be back like he was last time." Tomix said, kindly, placing a hand on her arm.

She shrugged him off.

"I heard you and Cysero talking. Somethings happened to him, and you wont tell me."

Balence sighed.

"He's just... a little hurt, thats all. Just a small burn. L-like mine." Balence pointed to the burn on her arm. "But a lot smaller. It was from a potion."

Jen said nothing.

"Jen, trust me. If some one had hurt Warlic, the whole of Falconreach would be after he- them." Tomix said, correcting himself.

Nothing. She turned her head away from them.

"Jen..." Balence tried.

Nothing she tried worked. She tried talking to her, she just kept moving away from her. She tried taking her out hunting near The Sand Sea, she wouldn't even leave Ravenloss. After a while, the two gave up.

"Come on, hun. Tomix needs to get back to Edelia soon. You know what that is, right Jen? It's the school of SoulWeaving."

Jen said nothing, not looking at them.

"Do you want to come with me? I'm sure you would make a great SoulWeaver. I saw what you did that time Hanna gave you her Looms." Tomix smiled. "And I just know you'll be able to Weave. It's not like Casting. Not really."


Both of them sighed.

"You know what." Tomix smiled a bit. "Just for that..."

He pucked her up, tickling her. She giggled a little at first, smiling, then stopped.

"Don't let Sorrow fill your heart completely, Jen. Bad things might happen." He put her down, softly.

Him and Balence started walking out of the houce. When they were gone, Aspar showed up behind Jen.

"They lied to you. Don't let them hurt you, Jen." He said. "You always have me. I'll be kind to you."

He placed a hand on her arm. This time she let it stay there.