Bree looked down to the dial on her bathroom scales and sighed. She'd put on so much weight since Orson had been up to no good. She'd sit and eat most of the pies she baked, she'd snack on chocolates in secret when she thought Orson wasn't around and also she had began to drink again. It had all been a huge stress and her body was the evidence of it, so on this day looking down as the scales read 178lbs Bree made a vow to herself.

I MUST lose the weight again!

It was as simple as that. Bree had a naturally high metabolism, but all of a sudden it had kind of broken down and was laying dormant as if hibernating for winter. She sighed thinking of her old figure. The figure that had gotten her into a lot of trouble as men used to fight over her. She needed that figure back and she knew exercise had always been easy for her so this would be so good, and easy. Or was it going to be that easy?

Since Orson had began on his kleptomaniac surge, Bree decided it was time to take action and fast before her body could absorb more weight and she'd be 180lb. She needed to get back down to her lithe and luxurious 126lb. She discovered Orson was lying to her and so, out came the Yellow Pages so she could research into divorce lawyers and attorneys, she'd definitely need one. For all she knew, Orson could try and rob her blind! Their marriage had hit rock bottom, he paid no attention to her and when he did it was only for one thing...

Bree had had enough of it. She wanted out of her now loveless marriage to a burgling fiend. It was embarrassing! For Heaven's sakes, the man had stolen a mug of musical theatre merchandise from their gay neighbours and he'd claimed it to be his own. Maybe Bruce was right with his...penis shaped voice recorder. 'Idea for book: Woman married to a gay guy and doesn't yet know it, he could also have a totally gay name, something like Orson...' she sighed harshly as she flicked through the pages to reach the D's.

She reached them finally and took her pen and notepad as she perched on the floor, hovering above the pages. She jotted a few numbers down before she came across one that immediately caught her eye on the next page; DIVORCE LAWYER/ATTORNEY K. MAYER. CALL 874-337-568 she stared at the ad and frowned a little. Karl Mayer? It had never dawned on her that Susan's ex husband was a lawyer, and a damn sh*t hot one too. This man would make it all good, Karl was brilliant at his job, she'd seen him at work and he was amazing. She had to have him represent her. And so, it was settled, Bree was to get Karl Mayer as her divorce lawyer in the battle against Orson that he had no idea he was fighting, let alone losing.

Bree managed to make her way over to Karl's offices and she sat in the reception, waiting to be called into the room, it was humiliating as there were job interviews going on for the new receptionist job that Karl was holding open, all of those girls were slim and gorgeous while Bree looked like some flump, dressed in an oversize sweater with her slacks, three sizes larger than what she usually wore. She looked over the leggy blonde who had just been called into the room before Karl looked out of his door at the commotion going on in the reception area, it was then he noticed Bree sitting there.

'Jeez! That's Bree Mason…' he thought as he eyed her over, she was looking down now as Justina, the leggy blonde had given her back some glare and Bree sat there now like a pup with its tail between its legs cowering. Karl couldn't help but notice her because one; Bree stuck out like a sore thumb dressed in that apparel, and two; it was Bree, she'd been one of the most lusted after women in college, especially by him.

"Nuuuh…Bree…?" he questioned, making sure it was her.

The redhead looked up at Karl from her daydream, she gasped as he'd recognised her right away and she gazed into those intense eyes as they stared back at her, boring into her own eyes willing to read what she was thinking about at that moment.

She cleared her throat, "Yes…it's me" she smiled a little, her cheeks bulging and her eyes hiding behind the extra weight on her face.

'Wow…she's…changed' thought Karl 'What happened to her?' he raised his brows and invited her into his office, smiling as she passed him, turning to the side as she slipped through the door.

"So I came here to talk to you about getting a divorce from my husband" Bree said confidently, looking to Karl and smiling as if she spoke about the price of bananas.

"Uhh…you want to divorce your husband…what happened?" Karl questioned, offering Bree to sit down as he pulled out the chair in front of his desk, before he walked around the desk to sit down in his own chair and he took his scotch glass as he sat down, looking to her still.

"Oh my husband is a kleptomaniac and a liar" Bree replied, "And I don't love him"

'Wow…surely it's gotta be the other way round…' Karl thought, he sighed and set down his glass, "Right, does he know you've come here to seek advice on this?"

"Are you kidding?" Bree questioned.

"Woah, okay" Karl chuckled, "Stupid question!" he smirked.

Bree smiled to him, noticing the twinkle in his eyes, she blushed a little and she gently fixed her sweater.

"Okay so…let's see, I'll need to look at your assets" Karl said to Bree.

Bree's eyes widened and she looked to Karl, 'You can look at my assets anytime…let me lose the weight first' ] she thought and she blushed, letting a giggle slip out before she bit her lip and looked down to her chest, "That's fine…should I have everything written up for the next time I come along?"

Karl looked over Bree, she was adorable, "Uhh…that'll be an idea" he nodded.

Bree then stood, "Well, when's good for you?" she questioned him.

He opened his diary, "How about…uhm…Friday, 2:30?" he suggested.

Bree nodded a little and dug in her purse for her Blackberry to record the date and time of the next meeting with Karl, "I'll see you on Friday" she smiled and left the office, "Goodbye Karl"