Once they had finished their meal, they went to Karl's car and were in high spirits, laughing and joking about the events in the restaurant and suddenly, Bree leaned in and kissed Karl sweetly on his lips. As she pulled back, her eyes opened, fluttering a little as Karl looked to her, her cheeks were flushed softly and she looked to her lap, "Thank you for tonight…I really enjoyed it Karl"

"You betcha, it was perfect, so were you…a little blurred around the edges but the same Mason I remember" Karl replied to her, before starting the ignition and putting the car into gear. Bree watched him as he put the car into motion, driving her home, back to her loving husband and house. As he pulled up and parked outside 4354 Wisteria Lane, Karl turned to Bree and he leaned across, kissing the redhead until finally she pulled back and paid her farewells to him, he sat outside until she was inside.

The redhead slipped silently into her nightdress and joined her soon-to-be ex husband in their bed. When Bree's form sank into the mattress, Orson's arm linked around her body and he held her close to him, Bree's eyes closed instantly, indicating to Orson that she did not want to talk or be disturbed. Orson took the hint and he smiled before falling back to sleep once again now his wife was back, still unsuspecting of her latest deed, the upcoming divorce.

The following morning, Bree woke first and immediately went to the scales to find out how many pounds the meal she's shared with Karl had put onto her body. It came as a pleasant surprise that she'd actually lost 2lbs. So her current weight was now in at; 176lbs and she smiled gently, looking to herself in the mirror.

Orson came up behind his wife, smiling to her in the mirror, "How's that going? You're pleased at that result then?" he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed the back of her neck, "Did you enjoy your dinner last night? Any prospective new clients?"

Bree faltered slightly as she heard Orson ask this but she nodded and smiled gently, removing his arms and avoiding the questions, " Uhh…" she frowned, "Do we have any…ibuprofen or something for a migrane…darling?"

Orson nodded gently and gave her a knowing smile, "Too much wine last night" he kissed her temple and moved to get her some pills to take.

With Orson out of the room for a few minutes, Bree was able to text Karl and arrange another meeting with him for that evening, this time, it was strictly for business to see if he had gotten any further with her divorce settlement. By the time Orson returned with pills and water for Bree, she was smiling and told Orson, "Actually darling, I don't think I'll be needing those now…" she floated past Orson, giving him a gentle peck on the cheek before going through to their room and smiling to herself, as she left her bewildered husband alone in the en suite to ponder what was going on with her radical mood swings.