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Tainted Kiss

The hospital was a madhouse. Of course, upon reflection, it usually was. Nurses scampered from room to room, preparing medicines. Patients rushed to their therapy classes while family members crowded into rooms to visit their infirmed relatives. Doctors waded through the chaos with good humor, by now accustomed to it.

Haruno Sakura, on the other hand, thought she would never be so lucky.

As she was spat out of the room by the family, clutching her patient roster to her chest, she had to agree she would forever be quite luckless. At least her shift was over; twelve grueling hours of blood, pain, and death could really bring a girl down. But now it was over, and Sakura had two days all to herself to enjoy. Her days off were few and far between, and she was going to make the best out of the gift of two in a row. The Konoha kunoichi smiled to herself as she slid her clipboard into her name slot and said her goodbyes to the staff.

The sun greeted her warmly as she stepped outside the hospital doors, its sleepy rays of light dazzling her eyes after being cooped up in the building behind all day. It was nearing sunset, the activity in the streets slowly dying down to nighttime revelers. Her mind was so preoccupied with planning out the rest of her night, namely the hot bath followed closely by her bed, she didn't notice Naruto until he was practically on top of her.

"Sakura-channn!" His prolonged whine finally caught her attention.

"Oh, Naruto! I'm sorry, it's been a hell of a day," her lazy smile brought out her blond teammate's as well, though Naruto's own was much more vibrant. A lot like the sun.. Her mind wandered once more. Naruto went on to gushingly describe his training that day, and what he had eaten for dinner. She was simply nodding and smiling, at which Naruto huffed and finally informed his friend that "baa-chan" was asking after her. Sakura groaned and resigned herself to forget about her relaxing night. Naruto cackled obliviously, continuing to chat to a mute Sakura as they walked towards the towering building where Tsunade resided.

"A new technique?" Sakura watched her sensei curiously.

Tsunade nodded philosophically, while Shizune attempted to keep her face composed in the background. She had listened to Tsunade explain said "new technique" to her, all the while attempting to convince the hokage what a very bad idea it was. But, of course, Tsunade had waved off her complaints and got down to other business. She had been concerned about Sakura since she had been brought back from the recent encounter with Sasuke. Namely, that he had attempted to kill her; twice. Sakura had done her best to remain cheerful, for the sake of Naruto, but Tsunade had seen the way her eyes clouded over when her pupil came for lessons.

"Yes, a new technique," Tsunade rounded her desk. "One you should have no trouble learning. It's a technique that can convey many things, but the way I'm going to teach you to use is with killing intent." The Sannin folded her arms as Sakura leaned her body forward with interest. "It's quite a formidable technique when a shinobi is in a dangerous, close range position. You don't use it with hand signs or chakra. It's.."

Shizune looked uncomfortable, while Tsunade's face split into a wide grin.

".. a kiss."

The trees were beautiful this time of year. They were blooming, bringing forth new life. Blood reds, lustrous purples, vibrant greens, and delicate pinks. One flash of color belonged, not to a flower or leaf, but to a young man; he had no interest in the forest around him. He had his dark eyes fixed on the sprawling urban village known as Konohagakure. If the trees could speak, they would say this young man visited often. He would lean against one of them and simply stare at the bustling place that lay below him. Never noticed, always silent. Then, just as the rising crest of the sun lit behind the mountains, he would vanish without a whisper of sound.

So it was, the moment the sun became its sleepy dark gold, its rays dying, Uchiha Sasuke turned his eyes of hate upon his former village.

Another long, horrific shift had seen Sakura out of the hospital's doors. Her muscles bunched painfully underneath her skin, a sure sign of chakra depletion. Oddly enough, she had no desire to wander back to the loneliness of her apartment. Normally just the thought of her bed could lure her home after a rough day, but tonight was different. As she watched the sun sink lower behind the trees, she thought it'd be wonderful to wander into those trees. Nighttime heralded a whole new dynamic to the forest life. A dynamic that she welcomed; the peacefulness would calm her mind.

The border guards paid the flash of pink no mind as it disappeared into the darkness of the trees.

A good five minutes saw Sakura deep enough into the woods that Konoha's noise was a distant murmur. She stretched like a cat, attempting to work the soreness out of her back when something tugged at her attention. The forest was wreathed in absolute silence. Not a peep of noise was coming from any direction. Sakura grew wary, sliding her hand in the direction of her shuriken pouch. Her awareness of her surroundings kicked in, though she felt nothing out of the ordinary. The moment her fingers closed around a kunai, a huge chakra slammed against her senses, sending her reeling.

"Why, Sakura," the way her name sounded as it rolled off his tounge, cold and lilting, chilled her to the bone. She watched with open apprehension as he morphed out of the darkness on to the branch she occupied. "I'm surprised to find you all alone out here."

He, the bastard, seemed amused as she raised her kunai defensively. Her heart still felt all the stinging emotions of their last meeting keenly. Sakura was acutely aware she had very little chakra remaining, her best option was to simply bolt. She had no time to sort out all of the feelings that assaulted her brain just by laying eyes on him again. She wasn't going to bother with words, either. She needed to run very quickly if she had any hope of surviving this encounter. The border guards would never be able to hear her screams if Sasuke got his hands on her. It seemed the moment that idea came into her skull, he knew. His amusement vanished instantly. He took a step forward. She sprang into action.

Sakura was quite fast, as most of Konohagakure's shinobi would say. Unfortunately, her former teammate was much faster. The last thing she felt before her back impacted with a tree trunk was a hard shove. When the pain finally registered, her eyes were already locked with his own. The Uchiha she no longer knew regarded her with alien eyes, a slight frown marring his handsome features. His silence disturbed Sakura, and she finally squirmed under the grip of his hands on her forearms.

"If you're just going to stare at me all night, let me go, Sasuke," his brow arched at the absence of the -kun, and he leaned closer, almost bumping her nose with his own.

"What's this? So I've finally gotten through that thick skull of yours, have I?"

Sakura inwardly flinched at his words, her head shifting dejectedly to the side. "I don't love you anymore, Sasuke. I'm not sure why you're hanging around Konoha like this, but I know it isn't anything good. I've given up on you.. I know you have nothing but cruelty left inside of you," he watched her eyes squeeze shut as something stirred in his chest at her words. Something unnamed. Something that irritated him. Her eyes remained closed, her heart battling with her head as she continued, very faintly, "So let go of me and fuck off."

That did surprise him, very much so. And it turned his aggravation into anger. Sakura felt it in the tightening of his hands, the further hardening of his features. She felt his killing intent as he reached for his katana. It struck her all at once that he was really going to kill her. Sasuke wasn't going to release her, he was going to spill her blood over the wood and leave her body to rot without a second thought. Her struggling barely shifted his frame, even though he subdued her one handed. Quite suddenly, Tsunade's lesson from months ago flashed into her memory.

"A kiss.. ?" Sakura regarded her sensei skeptically.

"Yes, a deadly tool indeed. Pour your hate and intent into this technique, and it can be used to kill."

Sakura didn't pause to think about the repercussions; what with wanting to survive, she barely had room to even feel embarassed. Her hands lashed out, her slim fingers curling into the fabric of his shirt. Before he could react, she slammed her lips against his own.

Sakura desperately reached into herself, bringing up all of the pain and fear his desertion had wrought upon her. The stab of betrayal.. The grief as her heart had splintered. She vaguely felt Sasuke's growl, the tension in his body. A thousand different emotions ran through Sakura, each one conflicting with the other. A very brief image of rumpled sheets and tangled limbs changed the cadence entirely.

Sasuke tore away from her like he'd been stabbed, his breaths coming out in jags. His Sharingan had activated, its blaze so bright the red reflected off of Sakura's forehead protector. He had no earthly idea what had gotten into the girl breathing heavily in front of him, but the images her kiss had called forth lodged into his brain and refused to relent. Such a short time ago, he had wanted to kill her, to see her blood. Now, however, all he could picture was her body sprawled beneath his own, her head tilted back and her eyes hazy. Her sea foam green eyes.

"What the hell have you done?" Even as he said the words, as both of his hands gripped her arms, as his body pushed flush against her own, he saw the confusion register in her gaze.

Sakura couldn't answer that question honestly, because she had no knowledge of the details, either. Her thoughts were scrambling against one another, caught between reluctance and desire. The latter had hit her so suddenly, her body quite uncaring about what Sakura wanted from it. The way Sasuke's weight settled in all the right places sent heat straight to her belly. She had no time to think about the fact she was being pressed against a tree by an S-class criminal, nor how this had happened before Sasuke was kissing her again.

Her wordless noise of protest died in the frenzy of his lips. Sakura could feel his confusion, ringed with desperation. It made her chest clench painfully for him, unable to fathom the type of misery he carried around with him. He jerked away from her once more, his heartbeat erratic against her own. She was gazing at him with those eyes; eyes unlike he had ever seen on anyone but her. They shimmered, like she was trying to hold back tears. Tears for him. Her hands were moving, disengaging from his shirt to slide comfortingly upward. His face buried itself in her neck, his teeth clenching painfully.

"Why do you keep caring about me?" Sasuke wasn't sure what else he could do to try and break her from him. He had tried, against the stirring of his long dead heart, to kill her. Four times now, if one counted tonight. She suffered needlessly for him, and he could never understand why. It remained silent for what felt like an eternity, her fingers caressing the nape of his neck. Finally, she spoke, and he had to strain to hear her quiet murmuring.

"Because you deserve someone who does."

"So do you!" He looked at her then, red meeting green. "I won't come back to Konoha. I cannot. There is nothing but pain and sadness awaiting me here. So let it go," he was perturbed by the soft smile on her lips, returning his face to her neck just so he wouldn't have to see it. He couldn't say why he came here some nights, watching Konohagakure from the fringes of the woods. Feelings would assault him, running the spectrum from grief to hate, friendship to betrayal. He kept seeing the girl he held tight, smiling at him from below with those sparkling eyes. He wondered briefly, as he dragged his nose up her neckline into the warmth of her hair, if his mind had finally snapped with a single kiss.

She sighed heavily beneath him, tilting her head to the side, always offering more than he could ever give her. He breathed in through his nose, trying to find the will to push back from her and leave. All he got for his efforts was a nose full of her cherry scent. The lazy dance of her fingers on his neck did nothing to help his resolve, either.

"Sasuke," her breathy voice fanned out across his cheek, his eyes squeezed shut, "kiss me again."

Sasuke had sinned enough, as he knew. He also knew taking Sakura would break her more so than his attempts to kill her. These thoughts settled like a weight upon his shoulders, but when he lifted his head and saw her acceptance, his resolve to spare her faded.

It began innocently enough, her hands soothing his hurts, his lips feathering across her cheek. The touch of lips fanned the sputtering flame of desire, and as the kiss deepened the questions of their situation faded.

His tongue tangled with her own, his body pressing infinitesimally closer to her own. Sakura marveled at the differences, at the way his hard muscles felt against her softer skin. Her fingers twisted in his hair, her other hand gripping his shoulder for support. By the time his lips were moving downwards, her mind was mush. The grip on her forearms tightened once in reassurance, before they too began to move. His touch bypassed her elbows, palming the smallness of her waist briefly.

She's so different, he cupped the weight of her breasts, pleased with the throaty noise she offered him in reward. The way her hips suddenly rolled against him nearly undid his patience for foreplay. It seemed to be the same for Sakura, for she leaned in, smoothing her lips over the shell of his ear.

"I don't want to wait for you any longer."

Sasuke growled unintelligible words in answer, his hands flashing down to wrap around her thighs; she pressed closer to his growing erection, egging him on with sultry twists while he struggled to simply not rip her clothes from her body and bury himself between those wicked hips.

"I don't want to hurt you.."

Sakura wrapped one of her hands around his wrist, dragging his fingers up and under the hem of her shirt. They immediately fanned out across her belly, yet Sakura tugged and interlocked their fingers. She maneuvered beneath the band of her shorts, watching with hooded eyes as Sasuke's eyes widened at her audacity. He moved on his own, pushing into her further when his fingers slid through her wetness. Words were abandoned, the fire in his eyes speaking volumes for the both of them. He tested her gently at first, ghosting a finger over her clit. At her approving noise, he delved inside of her.

Sasuke thought he had everything he needed; his heart had chosen its path years ago. He had the strength he had so craved after years of torturous training and endless killing. But at this moment, when this girl he had abandoned tilted her head back and cried his name he thought himself a fool. When he had left her on that park bench with tears on her cheeks, he had forgotten himself. Now, he was remembering quite clearly.

A second finger joined the first, pushing her higher up the crest. As she came apart in his hands, quivering and crying tears for him, his chest constricted painfully. Her delicate hands framed his cheeks as he removed his fingers, latching on to the fabric that covered her from him. The way she was stroking him, caressing his cheekbones with her thumbs, increased his urgency. A great yawning abyss was threatening to pull him under, into a place he didn't want to go with Sakura in his arms. Emotions were crashing against the barriers he had erected. He tossed her shorts to the side with one hand while he worked on the sash holding his own pants.

"Please, Sasuke, please.." Her pleading changed to a breathy gasp as the tip of his erection slid against her, trailing a molten path between her labia to lodge against her core. He pressed harder, the first inch of him sliding inside of her heat. His breath became caught in his throat, mentally counting to himself to prevent the explosion of pleasure that was waiting to consume him. Sakura pulled him closer, inadvertently causing more of him to enter her body. His breath released on a groan, his hands gripping her hips to prevent movement. He had never experienced feelings so profound with any other woman he had trifled with. No other woman taxed his stamina this badly. None other made him feel. He needed more, needed to be embraced wholly by her comfort for just this one night.

With that motivation, he thrust hard, seating himself entirely within her. He thought instantly that it must have hurt her. He had felt the muted pop of her virginity breaking. However, she gazed at him with no pain flashing in her green eyes. The only evidence were her fingers tightening in his ebony locks. He fought to hold himself steady, yet Sakura simply smiled lovingly and proffered another one of those sinful twists of her hips. The damn inside of him broke. Slowly, inch by inch, he withdrew from her body, watching her with calculating eyes. She answered his look with a whisper of a moan. He wanted her to scream for him.

Just as the last of him exited her core, he shoved back upwards.


He smirked devilishly. Again, the slow exodus from her body. She gripped his hair to the point of pain, arching her body like a feline. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He thrust again, covering her mouth with his own as she screamed his name once more. He grabbed her hands, lacing their fingers together as he pinned them to the trunk above her head.

Sasuke worked her slowly, never once giving in to her pleas for more, harder, nor faster. His hands gripped hers, as much for her as it was to keep his focus. It was torturous, but he wanted her to experience what he could offer her. Perhaps not love, but something awfully close to it. As she climbed higher, he watched with glowing eyes, pure satisfaction weaving with lust. He felt her body begin to shake, her head tilting back against the wood behind them. She clutched his length deliciously, nearing the crest of pleasure. One final viscous thrust sent her headlong over it.

Sakura felt it through all of her body, singing across her nerves. It collided in her brain, flashed to her toes and back, before impacting where he was inside of her. Sasuke himself had no idea how he had survived. Her walls gripped him rhythmically, destroying what little scraps of control he still possessed. His hands released hers, reaching down to her thighs. The moment he hitched her up, her long legs snaked around his waist. She tightened minutely inside, causing his breath to hitch. This girl would kill him.

Sakura arched once more against him, breaking the fragile control remaining. She gasped, unable to even get a noise from her throat as he gave her the hard and fast she had craved earlier. She held him with her arms and legs as he abandoned himself, giving her a wordless form of his apology. Words did finally escape from the lump in her throat. He buried his face in her neck as she hugged him tight, whispering things in his ear he thought he'd never hear from her again.

"I need you."

"Come back home to me."

"I love you so much."

One final hard thrust sealed his fate. She cried out, the glorious noise triggering his own release. He pushed as far inside of her as he could, unconsciously hoping it would help her conceive. He continued to raggedly move inside of her, enjoying the last residual clutches her body offered him. Sakura's hands stroked through his hair, her bright green eyes meeting his own dark pair.

"I'll always love you, no matter what," she said sleepily.

"I know," he responded quietly as the blaze of his Sharingan reactivated.

"Please, stay here.."

Indecision fleetingly crossed his features as the tomoes in his eyes began to spin. The conflict remained in his heart as he dragged the girl who loved him deeper than he could understand into sleep.

The glare of the rising sunlight behind her lids brought her out of her sleep. The memories of the previous night came back to her abruptly.

"Sasuke!" Her body jerked upright, her eyes adjusting to the light. He had gone. The grief threatened to come back twofold, her hands clenching against her thighs. She paused, stricken, as she realized her hands were gripping cold metal. There was a forehead protector in her hands, a thin scratch slashing through the middle of the Konohagakure symbol. It was his.. Sasuke's.

Tears welled in her eyes as she lifted it. A piece of crinkled parchment paper fell into her lap. It was a note, written in red ink.

"Keep this safe with you for now."

The Uchiha clan symbol was signed at the bottom of the words.

Sakura gathered herself and stood, the pieces of her shattered heart realigning with new hope. She pressed the two gifts dearly to her chest as she headed towards home.