Chapter 24: Trials and a new life

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The next day, the Daily Prophet had told all about the closing of Hogwarts. The parents were outraged. They wanted the ministry to punish Harry for closing it, but the ministry had said that harry had complete authority to close Hogwarts, even if they didn't want him to.

The Death eaters were sentenced to life in Azkaban within one hour in their trial. Dumbledore and the Weasley's trials were today and Harry, Remus, and Sirius were happy that they were finally gonna get what they deserve. "It finally ends today" Remus said. Sirius nodded. "I can't wait to meet these friends of yours. That sound like a funny pack"

"Well they've been friends since they were in high school." Harry explained. "And James has been the least popular in the group." Sirius chuckled. "Sounds like the opposite of our group."

The chief auror interrupted their conversation. "Excuse me, but it's time for the trial." They nodded and went with him. While on their way down the courtroom, Harry asked the chief, "Excuse me sir, will Dumbledore be able to apparate out of the courtroom?" The Auror shook his head. "No, Dumbledore's title of Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot has been revoked. He has no power in the courtroom." Harry nodded and continued to follow the auror.

When they entered the courtroom, they saw Dumbledore and the Weasleys were in chained in chairs. Harry and Sirius sat in the viewing area. He found Hermione, the former professors, and Hagrid, also in the viewing area. Remus sat in the Prosecution table. Dumbledore and the Weasley's defense was surprisingly, Cornelius Fudge. "Perfect" thought Harry, Fudge will never be able to prove Dumbledore and the Weasleys' innocent, he barely even held the ministry together.

The Minister for Magic, Amelia Bones, took her position in her seat. "Ladies and Gentlemen of the courtroom, we are gathered here today, to discuss the means of a conspiracy over Gringotts bank, the ministry of magic, and Mr. Harry James Potter. The defenses of this trial are Albus Dumbledore, and the entire house of Weasley. Are the Prosecution and defense ready?"

Remus and Fudge nodded. Bones looked at Fudge. "Cornelius, you are defending this group?" Cornelius nodded. "Yes Minister." Bones had a stern face. "Cornelius, do you know what these people are charged for? They could get sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in Azkaban." Cornelius looked down. "I know, Minister. But Dumbledore has stood by me these past years, and I suppose that this is a good way to repay him."

Amelia nodded. "Very well, then. Prosecution you may call your first witness." Remus stood and said, "I would like to call Harry Potter, to the stand." Harry stood and went up to the stand.

Remus walked toward him. "Mr. Potter, how you explain the Conspiracy Miss Bones is speaking of." Harry thought for a moment. "Dumbledore and the Weasleys have been planning to put me in Azkaban for the murder of Cedric Diggory, so they would have complete access to my vault." Remus nodded. "Alright, now a few days ago, Dumbledore, the Weasleys and death eaters were working together in the department of mysteries, can you explain why?" Harry nodded. "Dumbledore and Voldemort joined forces so they could kill me. The Weasleys were in on it too." The entire courtroom gasped. Fudge looked a little worried.

"Thank you Mr. Potter that'll be all" Harry left the stand and Remus called his next witness. "I'd like to call Albus Dumbledore to the stand." Dumbledore made his way up to the stand. "Now Mr. Dumbledore, nearly a year ago, during Mr. Potter's trial, you apparated out of the courtroom, can you explain why" Dumbledore expecting this question said, "I didn't want to be sentenced for a crime I didn't commit. I simply wanted to look for evidence that I did not want the money in the Potter vault."

"Then why didn't you just simply call for a postponed trial or give a reason why you had to leave?" Dumbledore thought for a moment. "I thought that the Wizengamot wouldn't agree with my reason so I just went without saying a word" Remus rolled his eyes. "Mr. Dumbledore, you were chief warlock of the Wizengamot, you could call the whole trial to postponage for a minimum of a year, approximately the time you were gone."

"Mr. Lupin, are you accusing me of lying?" Dumbledore asked. "Yes, Mr. Dumbledore, I am. You knew that you could postpone the trial, so tell me, why did you apparate out of the courtroom?" Remus nearly shouted.

"Objection!" shouted Fudge, standing up. "He's badgering him" Amelia shook her head. "Overruled, I want to know this as well" Fudge sat down, disappointed. "Continue with the question, Mr. Dumbledore, we will use veritasirum if necessary"

Dumbledore was nervous. He didn't expect something like this to happen. He had to think of something.

"Mr. Dumbledore, I will give you 3 seconds to answer the question, or I will have the aurors force you to drink it. One…Two…"

"Dumbledore, very nervous, shouted, "Because I wasn't thinking! I was scared that I would get accused of something I didn't do, so I apparated out of the courtroom scared of what would happen to me!" Everyone went silent, until Remus shook his head, "That is all Mr. Dumbledore." The Wizengamot were not happy with Dumbledore's response. None of them looked as if they thought he was innocent."

"I'd like to call Mr. Ronald Weasley to the stand" Ron went up to the stand. "Now Mr. Weasley, why were you at the department of mysteries a few days ago?" Ron answered, "I was trying to help Harry to defeat Voldemort" Remus shook his head. "I find that, impossible, because according to Mr. Potter, he was only with Mr. Longbottom and Ms. Lovegood." Ron nodded, "Well, I knew he was still mad at me for the misunderstanding, so I followed far behind him on my broom.

Remus looked sternly at him. "Mr. Weasley, it is said that you were said that you were working with death eaters, trying to kill Mr. Potter"

Ron thought for a moment. "That was a misunderstanding. I'm loyal to the Order of the Phoenix." Remus sighed. "Well Mr. Weasley, if you're loyal to the order, as you says, than May I see your wand record?"

Ron looked frightened. He knew what was on the record. He then relaxed realizing he didn't have his wand. "I would let you, but unfortunately, I don't have my wand"

Remus smiled back. "That's alright, the aurors have your wand right here" the Head auror gave Remus his wand. Ron widened his eyes in fear.

Remus opened Ron's wand record. The first thing that came up was a red curse that represented the cruciatus curse. Everyone in the courtroom gasped. "Interesting Mr. Weasley, it seems that you used the cruciatus curse." Ron panicked, "I didn't cast that, a death eater did!" Remus smirked. "Oh really, now Mr. Weasley, wand records have an interesting feature. It allows you to see the spell being casted. Let's see who cast the curse." Ron looked very frightened.

A little screen appeared in front of the whole screen. They saw Ron fire the curse at Neville. Everyone gasped. Remus smiled and turned to Amelia Bones. "That is all Ms. Bones."

Amelia Bones, angered by what she just saw, said, "Thank you, Mr. Lupin. You know, I may be skipping the defenses witnesses, but I think we all already agree on a verdict, those in favor of conviction?" for the first time in Wizengamot history, everyone raised their hands. "Well I guess there's no need to ask who is in favor of clearing of charges. I sentence Albus Dumbledore and The entire house of Weasleys to 35 years in Azkaban. Mr. Ronald, Fred, George and Ms. Ginevra Weasley will have their wands snapped."

The Weasleys struggled to get out of their seats. "NO, WE'RE INNOCENT WE SWEAR!" Molly cried. Not one Person listened to her and they took Dumbledore and the Weasleys away.

Fudge looked disappointed in himself, he should have objected more. But he should have known they were guilty.

Harry and Sirius made their way to Remus. They hugged him. "Well done" Harry said. "Thanks" Remus said. "Now let's leave this place." They left the courtroom Hermione and the professors tried to come up to him, but Harry looked straight ahead and left, generally cutting them out of his life forever."

Back at grimmauld place, they were packing their things preparing for their flight. Neville and Luna came and packed with them. "Are you sure your parents are fine with this?" Harry asked Luna. Luna nodded. "Of course, they think me leaving this place will help me get away from the nargles." Harry just nodded.

The next day, Harry wrote a letter for the entire wizarding world, saying that he had left the wizarding world and was never coming back. He said that he did what they wanted him to do, so it the front page.

At the airport, they all sat in first class because of Harry and Sirius' wealth. It took nearly 12 hours but they finally arrived in New York City, where the four impractical jokers were waiting for them.

"Hey Harry" Brian Quinn said. "Hey Brian" Harry said hello to all of them. "These are my friends, Neville, Sirius, and Remus and my girlfriend, Luna."

"Wow Murry" Sal said. "It's hard to believe that a 15 year old has a girlfriend and you don't" James glared at his friend. Joe laughed at his face. "Stop being jealous, Murr, we all know you like young girls. They all shared a laugh left the airport and left for the jokers' apartment, where a new life was waiting for them.

-1 year later-

Harry was the happiest he had ever been in his life. The show was a big hit on tru tv, Sirius, Remus, and Neville could finally sit back and enjoy their lives, and Harry and Luna were still deeply in love.

The jokers loved having a wizard around. They took advantage of Dobby and Winky, but had to pay them every time they called for them.

Harry and Hagrid still wrote to each other. Grawp had finally stopped beating him and got a new job as a creature keeper, where he looked after animals. Hagrid had to admit, that this was better than his teaching job.

According to Hagrid, the whole wizarding world was a mess after Harry left. The ministry employees were ashamed of themselves after Harry had left, they finally saw what damage they had done to the poor boy. The parents had to hire tutors for their children taking away their half day pay.

Hermione became head of the DMLE, after Bones became minister, but Harry refused to talk to her anymore.

Harry was on the beach with Luna, their hands together. He looked up at the sun. For once in his life he was the happiest person alive.

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