"Oh, so she's the bitch from 22." Claude replied to her new friend in the elevator, she had befriended the blonde on the way up from the forth floor. It was her first day of working on the twenty second floor, with Will Butler and her new friend was filling her in on all of the office gossip so she wouldn't feel so out of place with starting.

"Yeah, she's the bitch from 22." The blonde replied and smirked a little, the girl was clueless, she could tell this was going to be fun working with her.

"What's it like working with her?" the redhead asked.

"Well, she's a bitch. I already told you that red."

"It's Claude." The redhead replied and gave a shy smile to the blonde as she corrected her, not really sure if that was something she should have done.

"Claude. Hm, short for something? It's really quite quaint, isn't it?"

"It's actually short for Claudia, but my pop always calls me Claude…" the redhead replied before she decided to continue, "I think he always secretly wanted me to be a boy."

"Alright." The blonde held up a hand to shush Claude, "Didn't want your life story. I only asked…oh, what did I ask?"

While the blonde mused, Claude looked her over; boxy suit, stiletto heels, blonde hair. She looked like something straight from one of those office movies. Claude nodded and then looked up at the dial above the doors, noticing the floor number they were on, 21. She inhaled a deep breath before the doors pinged open. She went to step off the elevator, but the blonde blocked her and moved off before her, it was then Claude realized who it was.


"The bitch from 22!" she gasped, watching the blonde walk on away as she stood in the elevator still, her mini box in hand as the doors decided on closing over, leaving Claude alone.

The End.